8 Best Merge Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Merge Games

There are a lot of great merging games on the market. There is no need to worry! This article has you covered!

There are a lot of merge games for Android and iOS that you can’t get away from. These games are more than just a waste of time because they train your reaction and help you think more strategically. These games come in a wide range of styles, from simple domino and number games to fantasy and city-building ones, so there’s one for everyone.

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List of games that are worth your time: Look around!

1. Merged!


Let’s start with Merged. This is a game where you have to move dominoes and put together the same coloured ones.

In the game, there’s a square field with a lot of square cells. The domino blocks appear at the bottom of your screen and fall down. Build a chain of three blocks that are all the same colour. This is what you want to do here. It may seem easy at first, but as you move through the levels, it gets more and more difficult to do well.

Besides that, you can get a lot of cubes that don’t match. Once the whole field is filled with blocks, the level is over. If you want, you can also match the dominoes by their number. It also lets you play against your friends.

There are no paid items in the game, so you won’t have to spend money on it. Ad banners are still on top of your screen, but that’s not a big deal. For a one-time fee, you can get rid of all the ads. As a bonus, the game can run offline, so you can get to it no matter where you are.

2. Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle

Another game called Drag n Merge is a block puzzle game that helps you improve your attention and reaction speed. It’s called Drag n Merge.

You want to move the blocks that have the same number together. You’ll be done when you do this. The blocks start to merge together and become a bigger number. So the more you get at the end, the cooler you are. It’s the same as Tetris, but there are numbers instead of shapes. It might sound easy, but it’s not.

But the first levels aren’t that important. They’re only there to help you get used to the game, and they’ll be quick and easy. When you move through the levels, the blocks will show up faster, so you’ll need to be faster with your reaction. So you can’t set how quickly blocks show up on your screen. If you get tired of playing on your own, you can ask a friend to join you instead.

Rewards can be bought with the money you earn when you finish each round. These can be used to get more free hints. There is a wood-themed look to the game. In addition, you can play the game anywhere you are. Honestly, it’s better for you to play it without the internet because there are a lot of ads that show up when you’re on the internet.

3. Merge Shapes

Merge Shape

This is another merge game that you can play to pass the time and improve your mental abilities. Merge Shapes is one of the games.

If you want to connect the same domino bricks, this is a sliding puzzle game that you can play. Bricks should be the same colour, shape, and number of dots. As you can see from the title, you need to match the bricks until you get to infinity. The game has two modes.

When you start with the basic one, all you can do is connect two bricks together. As an expert, you can also match three, four, or five bricks together at the same time. It means that the more bricks you match, the bigger your score will be. In the game, there’s a leader board that you can look at to see how other people are doing and to get you to keep going.

Some guys are having a lot of fun with this game, but you’ll have to come up with a plan to beat them. As a bonus, you can earn coins that can be used to buy the hammer that broke some blocks. You can also buy a rainbow that gives you the bricks that match the one you choose. Besides that, the game doesn’t have any deadlines, so you can play it at your own pace.

4. Merge Magic!

Adventure merge game Merge Magic takes place in a beautiful magical world where you have to merge things together.

People and things that look like each other have to be connected in order to break the curse of the world. Even though they are the same eggs, you can put the same eggs together to make new magical creatures and raise them. The same is true for magical objects, planets, stars, and creatures that you get when you match them up with each other, too. The end of each round, you bring all the things and animals in your garden to grow.

There are more than 500 objects you can match in this game, so you can’t blame it for not having a lot of different things to do. The first few layers of the game will be easy to play, but when you start moving through the game, it will get more difficult. There are also more than 80 rounds and the number is always going up, so it will take a long time to go through them all.

There are rewards for each round that goes well, as well. These rewards can be used to buy hints and other things that will help you get through the game’s different levels. Every now and then, you can also take part in a challenge to get more rewards and magical creatures for your garden. You can also meet the bad witches on the upper ground, and you’ll have to fight them off.

5. 2048


2048 is a popular puzzle game that will help you improve your brain power.

People like this game because it is easy to play but hard to get a record in. So if you enjoy a good challenge and like games that look simple, this one is right up your alley. The game might look boring at first, but then you’ll spend a few hours trying to get a record and not get it at all. Thus, the game makes you want to try again and play more because it is so hard.

Here, the game is a lot like chess, so you’ll need to think about every move and plan ahead to move forward. There are four cells in the game’s field, so there are sixteen cells for moves. Your goal is to make the number bigger by putting together bricks with the same number.

It’s more difficult than you think to get your own record each time you play the game. If you move the bricks diagonally, it makes it harder to get a high score. This is what you should know. People must get a score of 2048 before they can move on.

6. Triple Town

You can’t get away from Triple Town, which is another puzzle game.

If you want to grow a city in the game, you’ll need to solve puzzles. So the more points you get, the bigger your city will be. To make the city, you will need to put together three pieces that look the same. These could be trees, grass, or anything else. So, you’ll need to match things up until you build the city stone by stone, street by street.

When you move forward in the game, you’ll come across huge bears. These bears will try to stop you and make it hard to build a city. And you’ll have to play pranks on the bears to keep building.

In the beginning, you play simple games that show you how the game works, but they get harder and harder. The coins that you get from each round will be used to buy hints for the next one. This is how the game works. If you run out of turns, you can also spend coins on it. There is no charge for the game. If you want to help the developers, you can buy extra turns or hints with real money to do so.

7. Merge AirPlane

Merge AirPlane

An arcade game called Merge AirPlane is very interesting. You’ll have to start an airline and make money with virtual money.

Buy planes and send them flying. Keep track of how much money you make from them, too. Learn how to run a business and make more money.

This is an interesting arcade game that is based on the history of the airline. Starting as a captain in a small air harbour, you will need to build and improve the airport.

The goal of the game is to build an empire that will get flights from all over the world. The game is meant to be a waste of time, so it doesn’t have a clear goal or a clear plot. In this game, all you have to do is move the planes and keep an eye on the money.

The game has bright two-dimensional graphics and easy-to-follow instructions. In the settings, you can change the sound, music, vibration, battery-saving mode, and language. You can also change the language.

8. Merge Mayor – Idle Village

My favourite match and merge puzzle app is this one. It was a game I couldn’t stop playing for a long time.

It’s always hard to make a big city out of a small village. The game is very immersive and has a lot of features, so you can play for a long time if you know how to increase the energy resorts.

Having fun with Merge Mayor, a merge city building game!

How to play Merge Mayor?

Turn a small town into a big city.

People should put industrial objects and fruit or bread on a board together.

Complete tasks by making the things that are needed.

You can get to the next level faster by combining experience points together before you accept them.

There is a place to store the things you don’t need on the board.

With the diamonds you get, you can add more to your collection.

You can open up boxes of loot and take advantage of the rare items inside (and merge them together).

The most important thing on this list is this one, and there are a million reasons why. So many things have changed in the last 10 years. You can now play mobile games whenever you have a few minutes and come out refreshed and with the sense that you did something.

And Merge Mayor will give you more than just a puzzle. It’s a strategy game, too (the board is limited and you need to decide which objects to keep, which ones to sell or store in the inventory).

This game is the kind of game that will give you a few well-used minutes of merging and making plans. It’s a life simulation and a match game at the same time, but not in the sense of a farming game.