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How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In a School Bus

How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In a School Bus

How many golf balls can perfectly fit in a school bus? This is definitely a question that many people have come across. To get the answer, we will have to use a mathematical approach since both the bus and golf balls have actual measurements. Read on to know the number of golf balls that can fit into your average school bus.

How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In a School Bus

What Is a Golf Ball?

A golf ball or a ‘tee’ is a specialized ball that is designed for use in the game of golf. Just like best golf clubs, golf balls are dependent on testing and approval by organizations like the United States Golf (USGA) and the R&E the Association (previously part of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews). You cannot enjoy a game of golf without golf balls and this makes it a major element in this sport. There are set regulations regarding the design of golf balls and those that do not adhere to these regulations cannot be used in golf competitions.

The Actual Size of a Golf Ball

Actual Size of a Golf Ball

To determine the number of golf balls that will perfectly fit into a school bus, we need to know the actual size of golf balls. The R&E and UGSA have set the minimum dimensions that a golf ball should have. According to these rules, golf balls should have a diameter of about 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm and a weight of not more than 1.620oz or 45.93grams. Such balls perform within the specified distance, velocity, and symmetry limits.

Golf balls that are bigger than this size are still acceptable in golf games, however, smaller sizes are disqualified. To avoid complications, especially for professional games, most golfers opt for the standard size of a diameter of 1.68 inches. Ensure that you fill your school bus with the standard-sized golf balls when counting the number of balls that can fit into an average school bus.

School Bus Size and Volume

For all those years you were in school, have you ever wondered about the volume or size of your yellow school bus? Well, this is a question that never crosses the minds or though patterns of many people. An average school bus has a length of 20ft, a width of 8 ft, and a height of 6ft. therefore, this means that your school bus will have a volume of 20ft x 8ft x 6ft =960 cubic feet.  One cubic foot has 1728 cubic inches. So this means that 960 cubic feet will translate to 1.6 cubic inches.

The Volume of a Golf Ball

For us to find the actual number of golf balls that can fit into a school bus, we need to determine the volume of the golf ball. The standard size of golf balls is a diameter of 1.68 inches. To find the radius of the golf ball we divide the diameter by two, which gives us 0.84 inches. So we can now calculate the volume which equals to 4/3 * 3.1416 *0.84 = 2.5 cubic inches. Keep in mind that the value of pi here is 3.1416

The Solution

To find out the number of golf balls that can fit into a school bus we take the volume of the school bus divided by the volume of the standard golf ball. So, when we divide 1.6 cubic inches by 2.5 cubic inches we get 660,000 balls. Since a school bus is not empty and has some space occupied by the engine and seats, it is best that we round off this figure to 500,000. This means that a school bus can accommodate 500,000 golf balls.

Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up


Coffee is, without a doubt, one of the most popular beverages in the world. The history of coffee dates back to many centuries ago in the Ethiopian plateau. Since its discovery, coffee has continued to gain popularity worldwide because of its immense benefits. Some of the most impressive coffee benefits include weight loss by burning excess fat, providing the body with some essential nutrients, and lowering risks of some diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and type b diabetes, among others.

Another significant benefit of coffee is the ability to provide an energy boost and keep them awake. However, some people claim that they do not have the same effects from coffee, which leads them to ask why doesn’t coffee wake me up?


Why Coffee Wakes People Up

I like to start my mornings with a steaming hot coffee cup, and so do many other people from different lifestyles. One of the reasons I like my morning coffee is that it wakes me up. I am not alone in this because when you ask many other people why they start their day with a cup of coffee; they will give you the same reasons. How does coffee manage to accomplish this feat? The brain creates adenosine, a natural compound that acts as an RNA building block.

Adenosine connects to a receptor that slows down the brain cell nerve’s activity, causing blood to dilate, which leads to drowsiness. When you drink coffee, the caffeine gets into the system and bonds with the natural brain adenosine receptor. The nerve cell treats caffeine the same way it does the natural adenosine receptor.

However, caffeine does not slow down the brain cell’s activity as adenosine does, and instead of drowsiness, the blood cells constrict, and nerve cells work much faster. Besides this, caffeine also releases neuron firing, which the pituitary gland senses leading to more adrenaline production. Adrenaline chemical produces a fight or flight response that helps to keep you awake.

Why Does Coffee Not Wake You Up?


The possible reasons why caffeine in coffee does not keep some people awake include:

  • Caffeine tolerance, after too much consumption of coffee leads to the body getting used to it. Tolerance leads to failure to stay awake.
  • Too much consumption of coffee leads to dehydration, which in turn fails to keep one awake. You should ensure that you hydrate your body by drinking enough water alongside your coffee.
  • The body gets a sugar crash from too much sugar or whipped cream in the coffee is another factor that leads to failure to stay awake.
  • Some people have fast genes that lead to caffeine metabolization. Caffeine has minimal effect on such people, which may cause it not to keep one awake.
  • If you are too tired, drinking coffee to stay awake may not help due to the high rise of adenosine during the day with lows at night.
  • If you change your best coffee beans, brewing technique, or coffee specialty, you may have problems staying awake.

Wrapping it up

If coffee fails to wake you up, you can try other alternatives such as eating an apple, chewing chicory roots, or chewing gum. You can also do yoga, use a light alarm clock, listen to soft music, drink alternative beverages, and plenty of water.



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