9 Best Racing Games For Mac That You Should Know Update 07/2024

DiRT Rally

It can be hard to find good racing games for Mac because a great game on Windows might not work well on MacOS or might even be broken on Mac.

So, the racing games for Mac that are listed in this article are great and work well with MacOS.

Also, don’t worry, we know that everyone has different tastes in games, so this list has games from many different styles and subgenres.

Some Mac racing games include;

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally is one of the best racing games for the Mac. It came out after DiRT 3, which was also a great game. But this game is a million times better than DiRT 3.

It has better graphics and is more complicated and risky. Some people have said that it is the best rally game that has ever been made.

Also, it’s a lot of fun to choose between a hard and accurate simulation or a fun and easy racer.

This game has great graphics, and the cars are real. They race at full speed through snowy forests, deserts, and plains, which are all beautiful places.

Also, this game works well on a wide range of computers, even older Macs with built-in graphics.

F1 2017

F1 2017 and DiRT Rally are two of the best racing games for Mac.

Also, F1 2017 is harder than DiRT Rally because of its loud V8 engines, extreme handling, and chess-like strategy.

But if you work hard and take your time, you will enjoy the game. Also, this game has every car and track from the 2017 Formula One season.

There is also a career mode, invitation-only events, and a new way to play. It has everything a fan of Formula One could want.

F1 2017 is much harder to play than DiRT Rally, and it can’t be installed on any device. This is because it has great graphics that make it a great game.

Absolute Drift

Absolute Drift

Well, as you might guess from the name, this game is all about drifting. The game is one of the best racing games for Mac, and all you do is drift.

Still, the game gives you a lot of different cars and challenges to make drifting fun. Also, there are big open worlds in the game that can be accessed when certain goals are met.

Also, there are three challenge modes: Driftkhana, Mountain Drifting, and Drifting.

Each challenge method has 34 levels and six different cars that drift in different ways.

You would also never run out of places to explore and float, since you can sail in free-roaming areas such as airports and dockyards.

GRID: Autosport

This Mac racing game is a mix of a racing game and an arcade game. This game has something for everyone, from open-wheel racing to endurance racing to street racing and much more.

On the game, you can live out your dreams of winning a motorsports championship. The game also has a huge career mode where you can mix and match different series and styles.

You can also choose to focus on just one type of race or play all of them. You can move from team to team, from teammates to opponents with other players.

Besides, you can win races or sponsors races so you can upgrade your cars. Last but not least, this game will satisfy all your racing game needs, and you can play it by yourself or with other people online.

Road Redemption

Road Redemption

Road Redemption is one of the best racing games for Mac. It is the sequel to the game Road Rash, which was popular in the 1990s.

Even though it’s a new version of an old game, the graphics are pretty good and look even better on medium settings.

But this game is hard on older computers, especially the ones with built-in graphics.

Also, this game tells the story of how the player leads his motorcycle gang on an amazing trip across the country.

Along the way, they compete in races, murders, and robberies, and the money they earn or steal is used to improve their game character, weapons, and bikes.

Also, you can play this game with or against your friends in a mode called “multiplayer.”

Horizon Chase Turbo

This is another good racing game for the Mac. This game was based on racing games from the 1990s.

Even though this game isn’t really like F1, it’s fun, has bright colours, easy controls, and the car doesn’t slow down when it crashes.

Also, this game is all about arcade-style fun for up to four people in a split-screen mode.

The game also has a large single-player mode, though. In addition, you can unlock 31 cars and 109 tracks in 48 cities around the world.

Also, Barry Leitch, who is known for his work on Top and Lotus Turbo Challenge, did the music for Horizon Chase Turbo. Also, this game doesn’t ask for much from your computer.

Race The Sun

Race The Sun

Race The Sun is a different kind of racing game for Mac. You have to race your solar-powered craft against the sun instead of against other craft.

In the game, the sun is your death clock. As soon as the sun goes down, your car’s power goes out and the game is over.

Although the sun will eventually develop, you have to avoid obstacles furiously and catch speed boosts to reverse the sun to delay the sun from setting.

Also, the game controls are pretty simple, which lets you fly at an insane speed for as long as possible.

Also, the game’s graphics are clean and easy to understand. The game doesn’t need much from the operating system because everything in it is geometric and has little or no texture.

So, even if you have an older version of macOS, you can play Race the Sun on it.


Distance is one of the racing games for Mac that is also an arcade game. This game has crazy tracks and cars that can fly. Also, the graphics in this game make you want to drool.

The vehicles can do amazing tricks to get through laser fields, spike attacks, and more.

This game is futuristic because you can drive the car upside down on buildings, walls, and even in the air to find shortcuts.

This game also has an online mode for up to 12 players and a split-screen mode that will keep you entertained for hours.

But an adventure mode can help you learn the basics of the game and gather things for single players. This game is still being made, but you can buy it and play it through Steam Early Access.



Most racing games are about cars, but MXGP3 is based on the official Motocross Championships and lets you put on your leathers and get ready for some muddy bike racing. The game has 18 different Motocross (MXGP) tracks from the 2016 championships. You can ride bikes from the Motorcross (250cc and up) and MX2 (below 250cc) classes. You start with one of each type of bike and 1000 credits that you can use to buy upgrades and unlock new bikes. And, of course, you’ll get more credits as the season goes on and you win more races.

The game takes racing pretty seriously, especially in the main Career mode where you have to get sponsors, sign contracts, and deal with transfer windows. And if you don’t know how to control your clutch or land your jumps smoothly, you might have trouble at first. In four-wheel racing games, you don’t have to worry too much about your weight, but in Motocross, you need to lean forward, backward, or to the side to control your bike. There are “tutorial” files to help you out, but they’re just pages of text that explain how these racing techniques work. The game doesn’t have a simple tutorial track to help you get the hang of things.

But once the engine starts revving up and the dust starts flying, the game does a great job of capturing the high-speed thrills of racing, as you tilt over and go screeching around a hairpin bend and weave through the field to get the lead. In addition to the Career mode, the game also has Monster Energy mode and Championship mode. In Monster Energy mode, you can race for your country, and in Championship mode, you can make your own series of races. You can also do individual races in the Time Attack and Grand Prix modes for a quick fix of two-wheeled action.

The steep learning curve and system requirements for new riders mean that this isn’t the best choice for casual players who just want to do some high-speed heroics, but if you like Motocross, MXGP3 is probably the best two-wheel race on the Mac right now.