Top 10 Big Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Big Anime Characters

Shows like Naruto, Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, and One Piece contain unique characters that are enormous in size and with brilliant minds.

Not judging a book by its cover is a lesson imparted to most individuals from a young age. Yet, preconceptions regarding the IQ of individuals with huge physiques still remain. Thankfully, there are anime characters developed to contradict these prejudices.

The evolution of clever anime characters isn’t confined to the ones that are slim or wear glasses or carry books, theyall come inall kinds and sizes.

In reality, many smart persons are the antithesis of what one would assume when thinking about intellect; they’re actually called giants. Shows like Naruto, Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, and One Piece contain unique characters that are enormous in size and with brilliant minds.

1. Operating As A Double Agent Required A Certain Level Of Skill & Intellect For Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)

Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)

Standing at twenty-two feet tall, Kuma is the largest Warlord introduced in the series thus far. During his time as a Warlord, Kuma was the powerful and silent type. This is a result of the different positions he held; whereas he was a representative of the World Government, he was secretly a member of the Revolutionary Army.

Operating as a double agent needed a certain amount of expertise and intellect. His ability to embed himself among numerous organizations while acquiring information for the Revolutionary Army without being recognized was nothing short of amazing. Through his perceived intimidating and harsh treatment, he is largely responsible for the advancement of the Straw Hat Pirates.

 2. Zeke Yeager’s Complicated Upbringing Turned Him Into A Master Manipulator As The Beast Titan (Attack On Titan)

The Beast Titan debuted as the show’s most ominous and fearsome villain to date. Suddenly, Mike Zacharias saw the fifty-five-foot ferocious Titan come on the screen, attempting to engage in a dialogue with him. Viewers are introduced to a rotating door of identities and intentions after learning about the man behind the beast.

For Zeke, the complexity of his past shows how well he can hide his genuine intentions. Zeke is a master of deception, warfare strategy, and war tactics, just like a government agent would be. Regardless of his beliefs, his intellect and ability to carry out his plans are undeniable.

3. Once Sealed Inside A Shinobi He Trusted, Gyuki Unveiled His Ability To Analyze His Opponents & Create Successful Battle Strategies (Naruto)

Gyuki (Naruto)

For centuries, the Kumogakure village has held the nine-tailed beast Gyuki in its possession. After being trapped inside countless Jinchuriki, his intelligence was on full display when he was imprisoned inside Killer B. Chakra can be blocked from being used by the tailed beast’s hosts. Gyuki and B learnt to work together after becoming close friends. During a conflict, Gyuki takes the opportunity to strategize with B.

To counteract resurrected Jinchuriki during the Fourth Great Ninja War, B spoke with Naruto on counterattacks. Gyuki also took the time to teach Naruto about the rules of the tailed beast and the Jinchuriki they are sealed in. As one of the largest and most intelligent of the nine tailed beasts, he’s established himself as one of the calmest.

4. Annie Lockhart Kept Her True Identity A Secret & Evaded Capture Multiple Times As The Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

Annie Lockhart’s deeds as the Female Titan have included some of the most heinous and deliberate atrocities in the series. At all times, she maintained her goal of kidnapping Eren Yeager as an undercover soldier in the Scout Regiment. Annie’s Titan form made her extremely accurate.

Annie pulled off an amazing feat of brains and willpower by surviving the Scouts’ most well-thought-out and nearly infallible strategy. Despite being paralyzed by a barrage of arrows, she managed to keep her head covered (the main weak point on the anatomy of a Titan). Furthermore, in order to avoid being apprehended, she coated her body in crystal during her final confrontation with Eren.

5. Once He Allowed Himself To Connect With Naruto, Kurama Displayed His Talent For Strategizing During Battle (Naruto)

Kurama (Naruto)

Kurama is the most infamous tailed beast, as he is imprisoned within Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the Naruto series, in a locked cage. Kurma, at first, is perceived as abrasive and prickly. When Naruto was in a life-threatening position, he refused to link with him and simply turned away.

With his newfound ability to communicate with Kurama, Naruto proved his supreme strength and strategic prowess. When it comes to his skills and abilities, Kurama knows just how to use them in the best possible way. He also advises Naruto on how to use chakra and how to attack in warfare.

6. Gamamaru Remained A Great Source For Wisdom For Thousands Of Years As The Great Sage Elder (Naruto)

Mount Myoboku’s Great Lord Elder didn’t begin as the enormous toad he is now. Gamamaru was born a toad’s size, but he got bigger as he grew older. Over the course of this time, he regularly discussed Kaguya’s loss with Hagoromo Otsutsuki and even taught him the Sage Jutsu.

As he became more intelligent, he also expanded physically. He’s still able to recollect a great deal of what he’s seen over the course of his millennia on the planet. Not only did Gamamaru continue to give advice to individuals who sought him out, but he also gained a reputation for being able to predict the future with accuracy.

7. When Summoned, Shenron Has The Ability To See Innumerable Outcomes & Is Able To Advise Anyone Who Seeks Him (Dragon Ball)


Almost everyone in the Dragon Ball saga wants Shenron to show up in front of them. The summoner’s every whim will be satisfied if he or she is able to meet this godly figure.

When summoned, Shenron maintains his neutrality and grants any wish that is expressed in the proper manner. Shenron, on the other hand, advises against wishes that go against one’s best interests. As a result of his innate wisdom, he is also a godlike figure who wields tremendous power.

8. As The Last Living Lion Turtle In The World, The Ancient One Is A Unique Source Of Information (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The lion turtle is the world’s largest and oldest animal in Avatar’s fantasy realm. Lion turtles created a relationship with people thousands of years ago by providing them with protection and temporarily given them the capacity to influence one of the four natural elements. This goes on for a long time until they are almost extinct.

One lion turtle remains when viewers meet Aang, the main character in Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Ancient One. The Ancient One not only gives Aang guidance on his current predicament of not wanting to take a life, but he also teaches him how to bend the energy of the universe. Currently, the Ancient One is a one-of-a-kind source of wisdom and advice that no other living being can provide.

9. After Learning About The True History Of His People, Eren Began Creating Secret Plans Of Action (Attack On Titan)

Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

His strategic abilities have improved after learning the ability to turn into the Founding Titan. Over training, he developed a skillful approach and overcame his doubts about his combat abilities. Eren has always had the tenacity and tenacity to take on Titans with his bare hands.

As soon as Eren discovered the truth about the Titans’ origins, he began carrying out espionage operations, devising offensive strategies, and manipulating both his allies and his enemies. Despite his friends’ disapproval of his tactics at the moment, his most recent infiltration and mission success were historic.

10. Orochimaru’s Sinister Experiments Made Him Extremely Knowledgeable On the Subjects Of Medicine Abilities & DNA (Naruto)

Orochimaru is one of Naruto’s most known foes. This dark character’s sophisticated and immoral experiments, as well as his great might as one of the legendary Sanin, make him so fascinating. Because he’s trying to find a means to live longer, Orochimaru has studied the human body, medicine, and the diverse powers of many clans.

His real form is a gigantic white serpent because of the frequency with which he experiments on himself. As a result, Orochimaru is an exceptionally difficult target for his enemies to take down.