8 Best Baseball Video Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Baseball Video Games

Baseball is a game that many people around the world enjoy. Baseball has been made into a video game many, many times because it has a long history of fans, great players, and nail-biting tension. It’s hard to pick the best baseball games because there are so many.

Like people who love baseball in the real world, people who play baseball video games want to have different experiences. Is it possible that all you want to do is smash dingers all day? Or maybe you’d rather have a real-life experience. Maybe you’d rather be a manager and work your way to the top. It doesn’t matter what you want to do. There is a baseball game for you.

Wii Sports (2006)

Wii Sports (2006)

While it’s a very simplistic take on baseball, Wii Sports capitalized on its place as the pack-in title for the Nintendo Wii to provide hours of fun to everyone who bought the console. Players of all ages and skill levels could gleefully swing their Wii Remote for the bleachers and watch their custom Mii run the bases, then go for a round of golf, bowling, or tennis before heading back to the ballpark. It may not seem like much now, but when the Wii first came out, this little sports game made it feel like the future of the medium. It was a lot of fun.

New game Switch Sports is based on this Wii game, but it doesn’t have baseball. That means there’s still a good reason to get out your old Wiimote and swing for the fences now and then.

Bottom of the 9th

People who like tabletop games like this one can play it on their computer at the bottom of the 9th row. There are many people who think that a game of baseball takes too long. If you’re one of them, try this one! The game only focuses on the last half of the ninth inning in a game. Pitchers must strike out their opponents to keep their lead small. Batters must think ahead and hit enough runs to make a walk-off.

Card and dice-based mechanics are a nice change from most sports games. It’s a great game for when you don’t have much time. There is no better deal than the 99 cent price.

Totally Baseball! (2021)

Totally Baseball! (2021)

Seeing the rise of VR gaming over the last few years has been a treat for many gamers. A well-made VR game lets players fully immerse themselves in a game. There is a game called Totally Baseball! for the Oculus Quest that lets you live your baseball dreams in the first person. Most people will never get to play on the field with the best players in the world. It can be a little weird to be teleported around the field to play every position. Nobody can say for sure how the next generation of VR and baseball video games will look.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (1994)

Ken Griffey Jr., a star of the Seattle Mariners, was the star of this SNES game. It had a lot of great features for baseball fans of the time, like being able to play all of the major league teams, even the now-defunct Montreal Expos. Despite the limitations of the hardware, the game even simulated the weather and conditions at each of the parks in the game.

A player could easily switch between two players or throw runner out from the mound. They could even change a pitch’s speed while it was in the air. There are small things like players protesting umpire calls or stopping to play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch that make it a piece of 16th-century nostalgia. Baseball Players’ Association was the only thing the game didn’t have that the other games did have. There were players from every team, but only one of them was real. Griffey was the only real person on the team.

Baseball Highlights 2045 (2016)

Baseball Highlights 2045 (2016)

This is another tabletop game that has been faithfully ported to mobile. Baseball Highlights 2045 is a great game to play while on the go. This game is a great compromise for your gamer friends who don’t like “sportsball.” You can play it alone or with other people online. The game can be played in half an hour by only focusing on the big plays. Planning your pitches and your lineup, as well as predicting your opponent’s moves, makes even the most ardent baseball hater forget they’re playing a game.

Beyond the gameplay, the look of Baseball Highlights 2045 is what makes it a real treat. Robotic and cybernetic players, some of whom look like aliens, add a sense of fun to the game. To top it all off, the game has an old-fashioned look that makes you think of old-fashioned baseball and works well with the futuristic people.

Ultimate Pro Baseball GM (2021)

Games2rk’s Ultimate GM series has been great for spreadsheet fans who have a lot on their plate. Apps that let people play as team managers in the sport they like are part of a new series that lets people play as them. Like its brethren, the franchise’s baseball iteration challenges you with setting ticket prices, upgrading the ballpark, and filling your team with talent (or specifically avoiding doing so to stay under the salary cap – no judgment here, it’s your game).

You’ll need to have faith in the players you sign, though. Even though Ultimate Pro Baseball GM simulates each game, it does so solely on the strength of the players. Watch from your luxury suite and hope that your promises to the team’s owner, which you made at the start of this season, come true.

R.B.I. Baseball

R.B.I. Baseball

Release Year: 1987

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System

Since Major League Baseball started the R.B.I. Baseball games again in 2014, we don’t want to talk about any of them that have come out since then. To say it another way, none of them are very good.

We’re talking about the O.G. R.B.I. Baseball, of course. The game, even though it wasn’t the first of its kind, was important because it was the first console game to be licenced by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Consequently, it was the first game to use the names and looks (as they were) of real people.

Another thing: Players’ abilities in the game matched up with the abilities they had in the real world. They threw hard. Vince Coleman was a good runner, and he ran quickly. In a fight with Darryl Strawberry, he hit very hard. For the first time ever, gamers were able to truly live through their favourite players.

Though the original R.B.I. Baseball game is very old now, it still has a certain thing that the reboot series doesn’t have. As Chris Getz might say, it could be that the classic game’s wonderful theme music can’t be beat.

Earl Weaver Baseball

Release Year: 1987

Platforms: Amiga, MS-DOS, Apple II

He was a real-life manager who was ahead of his time, but he also came up with one of the best baseball games ever made.

Earl Weaver Baseball was made by designers Don Daglow and Eddie Dombrower, who talked to Weaver about his time as Baltimore Orioles manager during the 1985 season. The Athletic reported that Dombrower told Keith Law of The Athletic that Weaver didn’t hold back when he told them what to do in baseball.

In the end, there was the first truly realistic video game of baseball. Earl Weaver Baseball also let gamers play by the rules by changing everything from the starting lineups to the defensive lines. This way, they could play by the numbers. To top it off, it even made digital versions of stadiums from major league baseball games.

Even if Earl Weaver Baseball wasn’t lost in time, it would probably be too old-fashioned for today’s gamers to enjoy. It’s sheer audacity should not be forgotten, though.