12 Best Roblox War Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Roblox War Games

Roblox lets people play all kinds of games, including the popular military-style genre.

In the past, military simulation games were some of the most popular and popular games ever made. Medal of Honor and Call of Duty made this happen. Naturally, the creators of Roblox took the genre and ran with it, which is what they did.

There are a lot of military games in Roblox. They range from simple shooters to games that make you think about how to fight in a war. Those games have really stood out and are great.

You don’t have to buy the newest Call of Duty to get your war experience. You can start playing Roblox right away and find a lot of games there that will give you that experience. In Roblox, you can do just about anything you want, thanks to the game’s emphasis on having fun. As it doesn’t have a war games discovery page, here’s what you should look for if you want to find a good game.


D-Day The Sixth Of June (1956)

It’s called D-Day, and it drops two groups of players on the beaches of Normandy for a Roblox version of this dangerous fight. People who play this game can only use a limited number of operators and weapons, just like in the Battlefield games. Then, to win this shootout, players will have to think about which role their team needs the most.

Military Tycoon

If you want to play as a general, Military Tycoon is the game for you! Rather than being a soldier, you will now be in charge of your army’s strategy. As you build up your base and army, fight countries on the other side of the map to get a bigger piece of the war.

War Simulator

War Simulator

With its wave-based game modes, the War Simulator is different from the rest. Players can fight in any major war they want, and the game lets them do so. Maps and weapons that match the historical accuracy of each war can be found in War Simulator. It has maps and weapons from World War I and II to Vietnam and more. To get to the end of the enemy’s base, the goal is to kill each person who could be a threat. If you play War Simulator, the AI soldiers should not be underestimated. The game gets more difficult later on in the game.

Zeppelin Wars

Zeppelin Wars was one of the first war games to be made on Roblox in 2020, and it showed that the genre was still getting some attention from some of the best developers. There will be two teams on the decks of each other’s Zeppelins in this title. They are trying to win each round by getting rid of enough people. It has also added World War I-style planes to the mix so that people can run their own war machine.



As far as sci-fi shooters go, BedWars is one of the better ones out there. The game is a great mix of Valorant and Minecraft. Two teams will build their way to each other and use their different powers and guns to get there. Even though the main thing that makes the game fun is collecting rare gems on each map to get even more abilities.

Battleship Battle

Battleship Battle is the best naval simulator on the site, even though its name doesn’t say “must play.” With their ships a few hundred yards apart, two groups of people will each get their own weapons and try to see which one of them can sink first. To make things more interesting, the ships do tend to move closer or farther away from each other, which makes it hard for sailors to choose their weapons.

Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike

If you want a game that is more kid-friendly, Nerf Strike is an adorable arena shooter that has a lot of multiplayer content. There’s no matter what the game is called. It’s great for a group of friends to play together and have a good time. To be able to use attachments and special abilities with your Nerf blaster, you’ll need to level up your weapon.

Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare is one of the most visually appealing game names of all time. It doesn’t have any fights between people on the ground and instead has huge 8-on-8 tank battles in beautiful settings. Tank Warfare looks like a simple game, but its in-depth progression system is the heart of the game itself. Because of this, players can get and buy some of the bigger tanks in the game, and they can also decorate them.

Counter Blox

There are a lot of things that make Phantom Forces better than Counter Blox, but they aren’t the same. For one thing, people who enjoy completing tasks might like this game more. To get more points, you’ll need to win each game mode over a number of rounds, not just get killed. If that wasn’t enough, every map in Counter Blox has a lot of places where you can shoot and hide.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces

An FPS Roblox game called Phantom Forces looks like it was made in the 1980s or today. It is one of the best-known games on the platform. Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill are two of the game modes. There are about half a dozen. For people who like shooting games from the last few years, this is a game for them.

Armored Patrol

Armored Patrol is a military-themed game in Roblox that is all about vehicles. Players fight for control of different flags around each map. These people use military vehicles and other things to attack other people and defend their own. Think of it as Call of Duty’s Domination with cars. It’s like that.

Call of Robloxia

Call of Robloxia

In the Call of Robloxia, it’s just what you think. These are Call of Duty games on Roblox. Take a look at the COD games that have been released, like Black Ops and World at War. There have been a lot of them. Each one has a lot of different game modes, with team-based gameplay and the military FPS feel that COD has.