10 Best Games Like Treasure Of Nadia That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Treasure Of Nadia

Discovering the treasures of Nadia is a single-player video game created by NLT Media and released by NLT Media. The player assumes the character of Henry, the protagonist, who resides in Cape Vedra, the most sensual village on Earth. While on a trip to discover the town’s secrets, the player meets a woman named Idaho Johnson.

As the player progresses, he visits libraries, pubs, supermarkets, rainforests, and other locales to investigate. To ensure that they are having an enjoyable time, the player is able to pick the ideal combination of images and animations. Adult content is formally incorporated to the game, unlike other adventures in this genre. Multiple Secrets, Great Graphics, and Lots of Interactions are just some of the highlights of Treasure of Nadia.

#1 Lake


One-on-one adventure game with a female protagonist and open-world exploration. Developed by Gamious for Windows. All through the time, the player takes on the role of Meredith Weiss, the main heroine, who has come to her hometown from a bustling city and gets relaxed from a busy career at a software company.

At various points, the player must determine who he will befriend, who he will become friends with, and who he will fall in love with, all of which are up to him. It’s a game with two distinct endings: the female protagonist can either go back to her stressful career or stay in town with her family and friends for the rest of her days. Different activities are available, such as hanging out with friends and helping those in need. The player can also encounter a variety of characters with unique advantages.

#2 80 Days

Created and distributed by Inkle for several platforms, 80 Days is a single-player and interactive fiction video game. Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Berne is the inspiration for this game’s narrative. The protagonist, Phileas Fogg, is tasked with traveling the world in just 80 days, according to the story. A three-dimensional world allows for numerous modes of transportation, including submarine, airship, and steam train, to get you to your final destination.

Over 170 cities are accessible for you to visit throughout the world. To meet the deadline, you’ll need to look for new technologies. Choosing your route from city to city across the world while keeping an eye on your health, time, and budget is key. Replayability, Real People, Plan Your Strategies, Explore the Globe, Complete Tasks, and Share Your Journey with Friends are just few of the fundamental aspects in 80 Days. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

#3 When The River Runs Dry

When The River Runs Dry

Zwinzler Games created and published When the River Runs Dry, an adventure, choices matter, exploration, and single-player video game. Throughout the game, the user is tasked with guiding Luna on a quest to discover what’s causing the major river to go dry. She makes new friends and tries her best to fend off the hazards of the wilderness as she travels.

While there are many options, the player has to decide which one to go with because each of the buddies will bring either good or bad effects. The player’s abilities will get stronger as she makes friends, and she will be more equipped to face up against hazardous foes. Players can also solve challenging environmental puzzles, each of which has a unique function. As a result, When the River Runs Dry is a game that has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and features.

#4 Life is Strange 2

Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment developed and published Life is Strange 2, a single-player and graphic adventure video game on several platforms. Released in 2018, it serves as the second major installment of Life Is Strange and the first of five episodes, which will be released in 2019. The protagonist, Sean Diaz, can be played as a third-person viewpoint character in the game. The protagonist and his brother, Daniel, are on the run from the police, according to the plot.

Using discussions and obtaining items, Sean, the player, can interact with the environment and the game’s non-player characters (NPCs). The player’s actions in the game will have an impact on Daniel’s personality and the tale as a whole. A adolescent guy and his younger brother form the core of the plot. It’s Sean and Lyla Park in the first episode, and they’re the main emphasis. Life is Strange 2 is a beautiful game to play, thanks to its prominent features, excellent mechanics, and eye-catching aesthetics.

#5 Resort


Backwoods Entertainment created and released Resort, a single-player adventure game with elements of choice, exploration, mystery, and exploration. Laburnum Creek, a little town in the middle of nowhere, is the setting for the game’s protagonist, Laura Tanner. The goal is to visit a resort and speak with as many residents as possible in order to determine why they refuse to go.

This village has a rotting core, and bizarre encounters will frighten the female player as she gets deeper into it. The player must find the truth by not taking the difficulties seriously while traveling between the worlds of dreams and reality. He can uncover hidden treasures in a 3D setting as the player progresses. Compelling characters, an interactive storyline, a variety of options, and a 3D colored world are just some of the game’s enticing aspects.

#6 Endling

In Endling, Herobeat Studios has created and published a single-player adventure game with a variety of gameplay elements, including exploration, choice, and side scrolling. This time, the player is back to protect his adorable furballs from the forces of evil by exploring a variety of 3D environments. As a result, the player must feed and care for them, as well as monitor their growth and development. To that end, the player must assist them in order to ensure their long-term survival.

Since no one knows what would happen to the main character and her puppies, the player needs plan his future moves wisely. A survival challenge awaits, and the player must make crucial decisions that will have a direct impact on the game’s fate. Features such as Detailed Environments, Survival Quests, Open Fields, and a variety of possible outcomes make Endling a valuable game.

#7 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead The Final Season

Final Season is a video game developed and published by Telltale Games that combines elements of adventure, survival, point-and-click adventure, horror, action, and single-player and multiplayer gameplay. The Walking Dead 4 features the same gameplay as the previous games in the series. Zombies have taken over the town of West Virginia, and the entire population has been transformed into zombies.

It’s the player’s job as Clementine, a young female protagonist, to save the city from zombies and discover why the inhabitants are acting so strangely. Alvin Jr. is there to help. To learn more, the player can gather objects and speak with characters who aren’t in the game. Everything the player does will have an impact on what happens in subsequent games in this series.

First-time players of the game can use a web-based tool to create a cloud save for the game. It is possible to participate in the zombie adventure with other online players in the multiplayer version of the game. If a zombie assaults the player, their health will deplete, and the game will finish if the health bar is completely depleted.

There are a variety of tools the player can employ to take down the zombies and survive in the playfield. The player takes a third-person view of the world while exploring it. Zombies, open world, third-person view, health, multiplayer mode, decision-making, NPC interaction, female protagonist, and collectibles are only some of the game’s important aspects.

#8 The Town of Light

LKA has created and published The Town of Light, an adventure, horror survival, and single-player video game. Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra is the name of a fictional Tuscan hospital in Italy. You assume the character of a little girl named Renee, who was a patient at a fictional 1940s hospital. A 16-year-old girl’s world is shattered in this narrative. The girl’s ignorance of her place in the world was her own responsibility. She had become a danger to herself and everyone around her, according to the police. The game’s plot is based on the true story. To progress through the game, you must first-person-view the hospital’s universe and try to solve puzzles, locate clues, and accomplish your goals. To fulfill the tasks, you can interact with things and the surroundings. For example, the Town of Light has a wide range of elements, such as realistic graphics, a story based on true facts, an interesting narrative component, and exhilarating soundtracks. Try it out, and you’ll be taken to a new level of fear.

#9 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange Before the Storm

Developed by Deck Nine and released by Square Enix, Before the Storm is a graphical adventure video game. It serves as the second Life Is Strange part, a prequel to the first one, and centres around the relationship between Chloe Price, a 16-year-old high school student, and Rachel Amber, a 17-year-old high school student. It’s set in an interesting setting and is experienced from a third-person viewpoint. Aside from not supporting time travel, it’s essentially the same as its predecessor. The Backtalk feature in the game allows the player to contact Chloe in order to escape the dangerous scenario. While in third-person, the player can interact with the world around them, completing quests and racking up points. Playing and unlocking new stuff grows increasingly difficult as one advances through the game. Life is Strange has been updated with improved gameplay, graphics, and user interface. This is a nice game to play before the storm.

#10 Beyond Two Souls

Quantic Dream’s Beyond.Two Souls is a third-person shooter with elements of suspense, action, and adventure. The game’s heroine, Jodie Holmes, is accompanied by a ghost named Aiden. There is a spiritual connection between Jodie and Aiden. As a result of this connection, Jodie is able to interact with others through Aiden, as well as execute paranormal acts and affect physical objects. Due to Jodie’s Psychic powers, her foster parents give her up to Dr. Nathan Dawkins, who further cares for her in the US Department of Paranormal Activity Facility. She is further honed by Dr. Nathan and Cole Freeman, who requests her help in opening a portal to a different realm. Confronted with weird entities, Jodie warns Dr. Nathan about continuing with the condenser project but it remains open and the mayhem ensues. Dr. Nathan develops another condenser, but the connection to the odd new world remains open. An investigation by Agent Ryan Clayton is launched after the gateway remains open for an extended period of time. After meeting Jodie, Agent Ryan persuades her to join his team. While playing as Jodie, you will travel on a series of missions, kill opponents, and take out hard-to-reach targets. When the agency uses you for illicit purposes, it’s time to rebel against the agency and find the real perpetrators. This film noir drama is a work of art in and of itself, with a captivating storyline, excellent gameplay, and stunning visuals. Beyond Two Souls is a fantastic Action-Adventure-Shooter game that you should definitely check out and get a kick out of. You should definitely play this game if you like a good mix of action, adventure, and drama.