10 Best Games Like Diablo 2 That You Should Know Update 12/2023

Games Like Diablo 2

Other dungeon crawler games are available for fans of Diablo II to try out, and many of them are excellent.

As one of the best dungeon crawling video games ever published, Diablo II has a devoted following among fans. It drew inspiration from the genre’s earliest games while also building on the original’s gloomy mood and gameplay. As a result, it rose to the status of titan, influencing many of its contemporaries.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from Diablo II, there are a number of other options available. For those who can’t get enough of adventure RPGs like Diablo II, these dungeon-crawling hits are a certain way to satiate the craving.

10 Victor Vran (2015)

Victor Vran (2015)

Despite being released in 2015, Victor Vran has subsequently been released on PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t break new ground in the genre. A classic style in many respects, this film borrows elements from its predecessors to tell its own story.

That isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, especially when combined with a few new features that are available. Ancillary mechanics are used extensively by the hero to tailor the gameplay to the preferences of the user. As a co-op element is included, Victor Vran becomes a strong challenger for the title.

9 Path Of Exile (2013)

Groundbreaking developer Grinding Gear Games launched Path of Exile on PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and macOS. Diablo II-style overhead dungeon crawler with a few unique features like randomly generated regions to keep the game fresh across numerous playthroughs.

With 86 on Metacritic, the game was well-received by critics and fans alike. The new gameplay mechanics, setting design, and ambiance were all lauded. Beginners who are unfamiliar with this type of game may find the challenge level too much for their taste.

8 Titan Quest (2006)

Titan Quest (2006)

Since its initial release, this game has been available on other platforms, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Many of the game’s aesthetic and ambiance elements came from well-known RTS games like Age of Empires IV and Age of Mythology.

As a result of Titan Quest’s great performance, the franchise has received many expansion packs over the course of the last thirteen years. Replayability, a strong single-player campaign, and a wide range of multiplayer choices were all lauded, but some technical issues derailed the celebrations.

7 Torchlight (2009)

Torchlight should be familiar to Diablo II players while also offering something unique to them. Dungeon crawler aficionados may not be familiar with it because it has been released on PC, MacOS, Linux, and Xbox 360.

To distinguish Torchlight from other role-playing games, it has a unique retirement system that allows players to leave stuff to a new character. Music, art style, and controls were all praised by critics who found it to be a delight to play.

6 Sacred (2004)

Sacred (2004)

This Diablo clone has been around for a while, but it’s still a contender. Everything about it was well-received, with praise for the RPG themes, compelling gaming mechanics and great production qualities. Sacred is an homage to the classic dungeon crawlers of yesteryear. Including those that predate Diablo.

As a result, purists didn’t miss out on the game’s appeal. The game’s steep difficulty curve, retro art style, and fantasy immersion made it successful enough to spawn two expansion packs that continued the plot..

5 Dungeon Siege II (2005)

One of the most popular Diablo-like games ever made, Dungeon Siege 2 was a major hit with players and critics alike. The addition of strategy to Dungeon Siege II’s gameplay made it more interesting than its predecessor, which had a more clear approach to combat.

In this case, a sequel was able to outperform the original simply by identifying and addressing its own flaws throughout the revision process. It’s not the best plot, but it can be saved. Dungeon crawler fans will get a lot more enjoyment out of this than storytellers will.

4 Grim Dawn (2016)

Grim Dawn (2016)

For fans of medieval fantasy games like Diablo, this one will be a welcome change of pace from the game’s vague Victorian translation. Humanity is on the verge of annihilation due in large part to a power struggle between two factions.

Successfully, it earned three DLC and a commendable score. The gaming mechanics, compelling storyline, and distinctive universe of Grim Dawn were praised, although the lack of replay value and randomized locations were heavily criticized.

3 Warhammer: Chaosbane (2019)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a new rival to Diablo II, and it’s based on the popular Warhammer universe. That so, this game is an excellent option for people who are looking for a big-name license-based RPG that isn’t as well-received as some of its rivals.

The game’s advancement system, level design, and fighting divided several critics. Many players felt it held its own against Diablo II and was a good choice for those who prefer games with old elements but don’t want to see them reinvented.

2 The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing (2013)

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing (2013)

Van Helsing is a well-known character in popular culture vampire shows and movies, and his name lends instant credibility to this dungeon-crawler. A top-down action RPG based on Van Helsing and Dracula’s long-running feud was the goal of the game, which was released in 2012.

It’s a well-balanced mix of magic, science, and otherworldly horror that received decent reviews. Additionally, the game’s Hollywood-inspired visuals, clothing, and creature designs, as well as its witty comedy, make it an enjoyable experience.

1 Hades (2020)

Hades is one of the newest and best-received Diablo clones available across all major platforms. In addition to its engaging tale, lovable characters, and atmosphere, the game’s new and lively gameplay was hailed by critics everywhere.

The characters in the game are based on Greek mythology, but they feel real and genuine. Hades is an excellent example of how Diablo-style games can be updated for the present era, thanks to its bright visuals, intense gameplay, and exploration.

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