7 Best 3DO Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best 3DO Games

What is the 3DO?

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, or the 3DO for the rest of this article, was made by the company called “The 3DO Company.” It was first made by Panasonic.

This thing should have gone far. A lot of times below, I’ve said that this game was only available on 3DO. In 1993, it had amazing technology that wasn’t even possible at the time!

All the alien games might have said that alien hands were working on the production line. Who knows?

It was a big hit with Time magazine, and I’m sure Panasonic was a big fan, too. Even so, gamers didn’t like the price tag, and like many consoles that could have been great, it became part of the “could have been great” pile and was never made again.

In the same way, the 3DO is now a sought-after collectible. The games that came out during the console’s short life were great and had some of the best graphics in the business.

It’s possible to get your hands on a 3DO, and these are the 15 best games to play on it. Your credit card might cry, but this stuff doesn’t come cheap.

1. The Horde (1994)

The Horde (1994)

The Horde could win the award for the weirdest cover art in the history of video games. Do not judge a book by it’s super weird front; this 3DO original is one of the most interesting games out there and has some great graphics and cutscenes to go with it.

FMV scenes are also shown on the cover. For people who don’t know, this means that real actors appear in video sequences to make the game look like a movie clip.

Among the best Sega CD games are some examples below. If you want to learn more about this type of game, bookmark the best Sega CD games page.

As a cross between Harvest Moon, Sim City, and Golden Axe…

… So, what should not work together, but it does.

This game lets you control a guy who was raised by cows, which is very “amoosing.” I thought it was very funny.

This is what the Lord wants him to do: build a village, take care of crops, and then protect it from a group of demons called “Hordlings.”

It gets easier to buy more land as the seasons go by, with new building styles and tougher Hordlings to fight.

If you like 3DO games, you should check this one out!

2. Road Rash ( 1994)

Our list of the best 3DO games ever is getting longer. Road Rash is coming up next. This 1994 version has better graphics, music, and gameplay. Some of you may have already played the original 1991 game on the Master System.

This is another game that first came out on the 3DO, then went on to be played on Sega and Sony games.

You should look at the background on the track below. The scenery is beautiful. There is no doubt that the 3DO was a powerful machine.

When Panasonic was successful, we could all be carrying Panasonic Jungle handhelds and fighting people who want to buy the 3DO Series S or something else from them now.

Having Soundgarden as part of the soundtrack was the first thing that made me awestruck. Nothing helps you punch other racers into the ground more than Chris Cornell playing some of the best grunge songs from the 90s.

Racers must finish first, second, or third in each race to move on. It’s not always about how good you are at racing. Making riders fall off their bikes with fists, chains, and other weapons is just as important as speeding out of corners to stay in the game.

It’s the goal of this game to play dirty!

3. Wolfenstein 3D (1995)

Wolfenstein 3D (1995)

Trying to stop the Nazis from taking over the world, getting into castles, and having huge weapons sounds like Wolfenstein 3D to me.

It’s not a secret that this game has been one of the most important shooting games of all time. A Windows 98-style maze screensaver feel isn’t the only thing this game has going for it, though. Look at the gameplay, the story, and the fact that without Wolfenstein 3D, games like Halo and Fortnite wouldn’t be possible.

Sometimes, Animal Crossing isn’t enough. You have to wield a machine gun through the Nazi base and show Hitler and his savage minions who’s boss.

Players take control of an American spy with Polish heritage as they go through Doom-style missions and kill bad soldiers. Before he shoots, this guy isn’t likely to ask any questions.

Wolfenstein 3D isn’t like the other stealth games. It’s all about shooting. ‘Die Führer Die’ might give you an idea of how the game will feel.

4. Alone In The Dark (1994)

Alone in the Dark is on this list of the best 3DO games of all time. It is number 11. Fans of Silent Hill will love this survival horror game that’s full of mystery and dark power, like the one from the game.

As soon as I think about writing the piece below, I get chills.

People who want to learn more about Jeremy Hartwood’s dark thoughts should get ready to go inside his mind, too. When you hear about his death and see a veil of dark secrets, you are drawn into a scary and foreboding mansion full of monsters and demons.

Ok, so it’s not as scary as Resident Evil, but it still has scary moments and a scary vibe that will make some people reach for the light switch. If it wasn’t for it, games like Kuon might not be here today!

In this game, each player has a say in P.I David Carnaby was very alone and in the dark when he went to dark corners and long hallways. Check out the old piano that the dead man used to play. Why? How? Where? What?

There is a question: Is the piano the killer or something?

Alone in the Dark is one of the best 3DO games with a great story, and at $15 for the disc alone, it’s a great deal!

5. Theme Park (1994)

Theme Park (1994)

For people who like tycoon-style games that require a lot of attention to resources and business decisions, Theme Park is the best game for you.

Your park will be filled with fun things to do. You will make money from people who come to your park and put that money back into your theme park.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. That’s not even my favourite part. I love the beautiful spritework on your park’s attractions. People at a theme park should be bright and colourful, just like they should be at a park.

6. PGA Tour 96 (1995)

Golf games are a lot of fun, even though the real game moves very slowly.

In 1996, there was no difference.

Because the ball physics were a little off, some golfers didn’t like the game very much. It was easy to start playing and enjoy without a lot of practise.

7. John Madden Football (1994)

John Madden Football (1994)

A lot of people liked sports games on the 3DO.

And John Madden Football was one of the games that helped make that reputation even stronger.

It wasn’t that the 3DO was better suited for these games, but that EA kept making great sports games for the 3DO.

Exclusives have always been the most important thing in the console wars.

This amazing Football game had teams from the current NFL and some from the past, as well as a few all-star teams for when you wanted to see two teams fight to the death.