10 Best Games Like Gardenscapes That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Playrix brings a terrific game to play, however it lacks the farming component that Township has. You are greeted to a gorgeous world where your goal is to embark on a trip through a plot full of surprises.

It’s not an easy undertaking to restore a ruinous place. To progress, you must make wise decisions and solve difficult riddles. Match 3 and Adventure game features are beautifully combined to ensure that you’ll never be bored again.

1. Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

Cooking Fever Restaurant Game

Developed by Nordcurrent, the Restaurant Game is a free arcade, simulation, and casual video game. Fast meals and sweets of various cuisines must be prepared by the player in this game. There are many delectable ingredients available to the player in the game that may be used to make the best dishes. The player’s restaurants can be decked out in a variety of ways in addition to the dishes they can provide. Rewards and in-game points are given out to players who complete the game’s 1000 levels. These incentives allow the

2. My Story: Mansion Makeover

Game developers ZenLife Games Ltd. have released a free puzzle/simulation/casual game called Mansion Makeover. Renovation and defense of one’s mansion are the main objectives of this game. Allows players to create their own character for the game. The player can choose from a broad variety of furniture to decorate the mansion in this game. Additionally, the player can solve puzzles in the mansion.

3. Candy Manor: Home Design

Candy Manor Home Design

Juicy Candy Studio created the free video game Home Design, which combines elements of simulation and puzzle gameplay. In this game, the player is given the task of remodeling and decorating his home. Along with furnishing and remodeling the house, the player must also work through a variety of difficult riddles. The game consists of numerous difficult levels that must be completed by the player. Single-player mode is supported, therefore the player must engage in the game alone. This game has a wide range of features.

4. Bubble Shooter: Home Design

Bubble Bear game has created a free puzzle, casual, and simulation video game called Home Design. In order to clear the bubbles, the player must match three of them together. More than 2,000 levels await the player in this game. The player receives gifts and earns points for clearing bubbles. Single-player mode is supported, therefore the player must engage in the game alone. Because of the offline mode functionality in this game, the player

5. Penny and Flo: Finding Home

Penny and Flo Finding Home

Tactile Games created Finding Home, a free puzzle, simulation, and casual video game. The player is tasked with restoring the mansion of a Hollywood star in this game. The mansion’s rooms can be completely redesigned using the game’s numerous customization tools. The game offers a broad variety of furniture from which the player can choose his or her favorite. Multiple tough challenges can be solved in addition to the renovation of the mansion. It’s a fact.

6. My Café: Restaurant Game

Melsoft Games Ltd. created My Café.Restaurant Game, a free video game that combines elements of simulation with casual gameplay. Grow a cafe or restaurant and decorate it in this game. The player has complete control over the interior design of the café or restaurant, as well as the selection and pricing of the food. From a vast selection of furniture, the player can choose his favorite piece of furniture in the game. It allows players to compete against one other in a social setting.

7. Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures is a free video game produced by VIZOR APPS LTD. that combines construction, simulation, and farming. The action takes set in a remote wilderness, where the player must establish a farm from scratch. The user can cultivate crops for food and raise livestock on this farm. This is an isometric open-world game in which the player has complete freedom to explore the whole game universe. Multiple tough quests must be completed in order to gain points in the game.

8. Cooking City

You may download Cooking Games for free from MAGIC SEVEN’s website. The player’s goal in this game is to demonstrate his culinary prowess by whipping up delectable meals for his friends. The game lets you explore a variety of dining establishments, including a happy café, a shop, and a bakery. The player must accomplish up to 300 levels in this game. Players are given huge bonuses and awards for finishing these levels. Incorporating these incentives and benefits, the player

9. Candy Puzzlejoy: Match 3 Game

Candy Puzzlejoy Match 3 Game

Developed by Bigcool Games, Match 3 Game is a free video game that combines elements of strategy, simulation, and logic. The player must match three or more candies to complete different riddles in this game. The player receives coins for completing these riddles, which he can then use to customize his house. To gain access to new locations, the player must first complete the game’s hundreds of hard stages. Playing this game is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly design.

10. My Home: Design Dreams

ZenLife Games Ltd. developed Design Dreams, a free casual, simulation, and puzzle video game. The player assumes the position of a fantasy decorator in this game, which takes place in a fantastical world. This game challenges the player’s ability to use imagination to transform a plain house into a luxurious palace. The player has a plethora of options for furnishing his or her home in this game. There are many levels to the game.