10 Best Games Like Toon Blast That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Toon Blast

Toon Blast alternatives are necessary if you’ve already matched up all the characters and completed all stages; the game has left a hole that must be filled.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re just passing the time until your lives regenerate and you’d rather play something comparable.

Regardless of why you’re looking for a replica of Toon Blast, there are plenty of options out there. Not all of them, though, are outstanding. Some of them aren’t even worth the space they take up on your hard drive.

1 – Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days is the best option if you’re looking for a game with great visuals. Even though the game only has 80 levels (thus the name), you won’t be able to complete it in a short amount of time. Some of the later levels are quite challenging. There isn’t just one way to play the game. Phileas Fogg will accompany you on your journey.

Even though there aren’t many levels, you can tell that the game’s aspects were meticulously designed.

2 – Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

Bejeweled launched the match-3 craze that eventually led to Toon Blast as one of the most popular video games ever. Bejeweled 2 Delux adds additional modes and features to the original game, making it feel fresh and exciting.

There are secret levels that can only be unlocked by chance in this app (or by looking up spoilers online).

Easy to pick up, but extremely tough to master, is the general sentiment. The first few stages are rather simple, but things gradually get more difficult.


Spectacular prizes await you at every level. excellent images and sound. you’ll never run out of games to play thanks to regular updates


Some of the stages are quite insurmountable, and you may find yourself bogged down for an extended period of time.

3 – Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

You’ve probably heard of Bubble Witch before, and with good cause. It’s one of the best puzzle games on the market now in terms of overall quality. Developed and released by King, a name that most people are familiar with. Stella’s journey to vanquish Wilbur is chronicled in the app. Matching and shooting the bubbles helps her.

In Bubble Witch, each level has a new objective, which makes each level feel unique and interesting. Even though the assignment is simple, you must pay attention to what is expected of you Playing too rapidly can lead to a different objective being attempted, wasting your life in the process. Playing against your friends and competing on a Facebook-integrated scoreboard is possible because this game is so widely popular. Highlights.Take on your pals in a friendly game. stunningly beautiful visuals and endless gameplay.

4 – Cupcake Mania: Canada

Generally speaking, Canada is an excellent country. Foods must be arranged in a way that progresses you through the game. In each level, the number of moves you have remaining determines how many stars you receive.

In this game, there are 800 (!) levels, which means that you’ll be playing for a long time. Throughout the game, there are bonuses, power-ups, and unique levels. Even on a regular basis, there are incidents that shake things up a bit.

5 – Gardenscapes: New Acres

Gardenscapes New Acres

New Acres is one of the most engrossing Match 3 games out there. One of the most popular games is developed by Playris Games and there is a good reason for that. You begin in a small farming community and work your way up to being the mayor of your own town.

However, it appears to be more than simply one lot. Each level has a restricted number of movements. As you go through the game’s stages, you’ll earn stars. The stars you earn can then be put to use on other tasks.

This one features a compelling plot, a cast of likable people, and even moments of humor.

6 – Family Guy: Another Freakin Mobile Game

For fans of Family Guy, this app is a must-have. Even if you don’t recognize any of the show’s characters (such as Meg and Brian), you’ll be able to take on their roles in the game. To be fair to the show, it’s an excellent game. Even though there are just 160 levels, the ones following the first 30 are quite challenging. There are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get your hands on some of the most amusing clips.

7 – Mystic Marbles

Mystic Marbles

In the event that you’re the type of person who loses hours of time playing games, this may be the app for you. Mystic Marbles is a match-three puzzle game in the usual sense, but it only lasts for 60 seconds each time you play. This program like Toon Blast features both multiplayer and single-player modes, which sets it different.

Similar to Toon Blast, there are several stages, a wide variety of characters, and more. It’s a good substitute because it’s engrossing and addictive.


It’s a blast playing it. “Multiplayer mode.” Boosts are one-of-a-kind.

8 – Scrubby Dubby Saga

Scrubby Dubby Saga, a match 3 game from King, is the latest in a long line of similar games. Dixie Duck takes you on an adventure. Puzzles and storylines can only be solved by matching soaps. The game features several universes. There aren’t as many levels in this game as in some of the others, but there are still quite a few.

Despite the fact that this game isn’t as popular (yet), there is still a friend leaderboard where you can compete and earn extra points by beating your Facebook friends.

9 – Tower of Saviors

Tower of Saviors

Look no further than Tower of Saviors for games like Toon Blast with more robust in-app purchases. This game combines a match-3 puzzle with a role-playing game. However, you must also make decisions concerning characters and how the game progresses in order to win.

The plot is simple, but it holds the reader’s attention.

People construct an ancient tower (the Tower of Saviors) in an attempt to locate a god. As you progress through the game, you become a participant in the conflict. You can choose to be a hero or a victim in this situation.


You won’t want to turn the volume down on this soundtrack. really well balanced. a range of difficulties

10 – Wizard of OZ: Magic Match

On several levels, Magic Match resembles Toon Blast. Both the gameplay and the backstory are the same. Because you’re familiar with them from Wizard of Oz, there’s no need to introduce them again. The game takes place in the Emerald City, which is a well-known tourist destination. Moments from the 1939 film are revealed as you play.

A cautionary tale.

The difficulty curve in this game quickly rises. Some gamers reported being unable to progress for weeks on end on certain levels. But it’s also a lot of fun and intriguing. Using movie snippets, amusing facts, and even insider knowledge, you can learn a lot.