9 Best Horror RPG Maker Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Horror RPG Maker Games

When it’s time to make a game, there are a lot of tools you can use. Unity, Source, Twine, and other engines let designers make all kinds of virtual worlds, from those that are friendly to those that are not. Horror can have the most realistic blood and gore or psychological thrills with no blood or gore.

Since the first RPG Maker game came out in 1992, it has inspired a lot of other games. Independent developers of all kinds have used its easy-to-use tools to make scary and disgusting stories. In fact, this set of tools is what has made some of the best and most interesting horror stories possible.

Space Funeral

Space Funeral

Space Funeral is scary in a calm, almost calming way, like waiting for the end of the world on a beautiful beach. The soundtrack is a big part of it, and the way it goes with the strange dialogue is great. In a cartoony way, the style is ugly, with bloody skulls and weird-looking creatures all over the landscape.

Some of the strange dangers inside include Dracula, hypnosis, swamp knights, and muscle hedonists. Space Funeral is a little bit weirder than most horror games, which is to its advantage. Here, being strange works.

Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror is a horror game made with RPG MAKER VX ACE in which symbols are very important. Because of this, people who want a simple game with a plot that goes from A to B should look elsewhere. Pocket Mirror is the best kind of nightmare for everyone else.

Almost everything in it can be taken in different ways. In some games, ambiguity is a sign of laziness or that the designers don’t know what they want to happen in the end, but in this game, figuring out what the symbols really mean is half the point. Pocket Mirror is better than most RPG Maker games because it has its own artwork, music, and visual novel elements.

Ouija Sleepover

Ouija Sleepover

Aiden goes to college and is 19 years old. Dan, the guy he likes, is coming over to watch a movie. Aiden finds the Ouija board in the trash at that point. Anyone who has seen a horror movie knows that Aiden and Dan shouldn’t be happy about what they found. Like the best horror games, Ouija Sleepover starts with a simple idea and keeps making it scarier as you play.

Its world looks soft, like you’re looking at it through stained cotton, but that doesn’t make the horrible things that happen in it any easier to take. With its different endings and interesting characters, Ouija Sleepover gives players a few good reasons to stay up late.

Why Do You Do This To Me?

What kind of game can be made in five hours? The correct answer is “great.” The people who made the movie Why Do You Do This To Me? I used RPG Maker MV to make the game for the 2nd RPG Maker Game of the Month Jam, and I’ve been adding to it since then.

The design, programming, charming pixel art, and solid music are all the products of a single creator, leading to a consistent and powerful vision. Without giving anything away, the game has a dark theme in ways that most games don’t. It is also smarter than most things.

Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki

The imagination can be a scary thing, and a child’s imagination can be just as confusing as it is scary. Yume Nikki is a weird look inside the head of the game’s main character. It starts when the player goes to sleep and ends when they pinch themselves awake.

The game’s avant-garde style goes well with the game’s great sound design, and this is not an indie game that takes a long time to beat. Rather than compromise itself by leaning upon a convoluted plot, Yume Nikki leaves much to the player’s interpretation. Just like with dreams and nightmares, sometimes it’s best not to try to figure out what they mean.

Blank Dream

Kanawo’s Blank Dream has more than one ending, so even though it’s a short RPG, players may want to stay in its world for a while. The game deals with heavy topics, like suicide, so it’s not for everyone. However, it’s one of the best of its kind thanks to its clever puzzles, scary moments, and twisty plot.

Mishiro Usui’s quest to remember what happened before she died is well-paced, and Blank Dream is one of the few games that can deal with hard emotional topics without talking down to or manipulating its audience. In Blank Dream, heartbreak and scary things go well together.

The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man

Moving into a new house is a popular theme in horror movies, and The Crooked Man uses it to great effect. David Hoover moves into his new apartment, only to find out that the building might be haunted. David is not the type to let an apparition go unchecked, so he sets out to figure out what’s going on. In doing so, he sets himself up for a series of scares that keep getting worse.

Even though the situation is getting worse, he doesn’t give up even when he keeps running into the Crooked Man. The Crooked Man is the first installment of The Strange Men Anthology, a four-game collection, and is arguably the best of the lot, though The Sandman, The Boogie Man, and The Hanged Man are all worth a play, even if they are not major indie success stories.

Dreaming Mary

Dreaming Mary is the opposite of how scary games look. It looks like everything is fine because it is pink and kawaii, but nothing is. Dreaming Mary is a great casual RPG that is angsty and full of secrets without being too hostile. It takes a lot of exploring and figuring out what’s going on to figure out its mysteries, and its puzzles are more creative than most.

Mary dreams a lot, but one night she has a dream that is different from all the others: everyone is nice to her. When her dream friends ask her to sleep longer, Mary has to decide if she wants to go deeper into this strange new world or if she wants to wake up and go back to her normal life. You can’t say much about the game’s twists without giving away the story, but let’s just say that it’s not a game for kids, and some adults should be wary of it too because it’s about sad things.

The Witch’s House

The Witch's House

The Witch’s House is a horror puzzle game made in 2012 by the Japanese company Fummy. It was made in RPG Maker VX. The player takes control of a girl named Viola who needs to solve different puzzles to get out of a magical house that a witch named Ellen has taken over.

The Witch’s House is different from most RPG Maker horror games because Viola is alone in the house, except for a black cat that can talk. This adds to the creepy atmosphere of the game and makes the jump scares throughout the experience much scarier.