9 Best Linux Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Linux Games

There have been many false dawns for Linux gaming, but in the last few years things have been getting better and better. New games for Linux are also coming out, thanks to the Proton compatibility layer. Thousands of DirectX-only games can now be translated to Vulkan and work on Linux.

1. Unturned


It’s not for everyone, but if you can get your head around the Lego-like aesthetic, there’s a very interesting survival game here. And the best part is that it’s free, and it’s a lot better than most free Linux games.

In the game Unturned, you and maybe a lot of your friends are trying to stay alive during a zombie-infested apocalypse. They find weapons and supplies and keep an eye on bars that are running low. They also have to be careful not to run low on things like food or radiation or water. The map-maker lets you make a lot of different levels and new game modes, like paintball and battle royale, that you can play.

2. Friday Night Funkin

It’s time to show some love to the great indie scene on Itch.io, which is full of free games. Some games make their way to Steam, but some become cult favorites for the Itch community.

Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the big names on the Itch scene right now. In the style of the PS1 game, Parappa the Rapper, this game is all about rhythm and action. It has a cheeky sense of humor, a lot of fun songs, and a savage retired rock star dad who wants to kill you as you try to kiss your girlfriend.

It’s very easy to play, but it’s very addictive. And did we say that it’s free?

3. Valheim


The viking-themed survival game was all the rage in 2021. Valheim is still in early access, but it has already been a huge hit. There are a lot of things you have to do in Valheim to stay alive, but its co-op focus and pretty PS2-style graphics make its randomly generated worlds a lot of fun to look around in.

A lot of new things are being added to the game as it moves closer to a full release. The game runs very well on Linux. Story and exploration are still not fully developed, but you can already go through its main quest of hunting down several legendary beasts as you try to keep order in the monster-infested hell of Valheim.

4. RimWorld

So not only can you play this sci-fi colony simulation on Linux, but you can even run it on a low-end Linux machine (probably even without a dedicated GPU, depending on how good your iGPU is).

Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics. RimWorld is a very complex game that was worked on for years in Early Access before it was released in full. It shows you running a colony of people who are trying to stay alive on an Earth-like planet with other tribes.

Each in-game character has their own complex personality, relationships, and needs, and it’s fun to watch them chat, play, and even get married while you deal with delegating tasks around your colony. Not only do you learn how to farm, build a settlement, and raid others, but each character has their own unique personality, relationships, and needs.

5. Factorio


Here we go: Let’s get rid of all the people in RimWorld and replace them with conveyor belts, production chains, and processing plants. You can enjoy the little human stories while also taking care of the bigger picture in RimWorld. In Factorio, you make complicated production chains and then watch them all become automated because of your work.

Is big and complicated, and it’s all about getting resources and processing them in the best way possible. There’s also a wildcard in there, because the planet’s people aren’t going to like how you’re taking advantage of it and will fight back against you.

Factorio is a great game to play alone, but it can also be fun to play with friends on the web.

6. A Short Hike

When we started this list, we thought it would be fun to start things off with an indie game. Even though there are a lot of deep and challenging games on this list, we thought it would be fun to start with this one.

A Short Hike takes you on a walk, a flight, and a base-jump through a beautiful national park as an anthropomorphic hawk. You can go at your own pace through the park, climb mountains, talk to other hikers, and have a great time running around the bright and cheery landscape. As you free-fly around the park on your birdy wings, it’s both relaxing and beautiful.

You can go on a short hike when you want to get away from the stress of everyday life and relax.

7. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3

It’s not very often that a new game that everyone is excited about works right out of the box on Linux. But medieval dynasty simulator Crusader Kings 3 does just that. This might be because it’s a game that doesn’t have a lot of graphics. You hover over a map of the medieval world and look at moody kings and queens as you plan your next move.

The game puts you in charge of a noble or royal bloodline. You can arrange marriages, kill rivals, and lead armies as you try to spread your family’s power and keep your bloodline alive. It’s the best tool for making dynamic stories.

8. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of the oldest multiplayer shooter games for Linux that you can play with friends. Even though the game came out in 2007, there are still a lot of people who play it every day. This makes it one of the top 10 steam games that people play every day.

People keep adding new content to the game, so you shouldn’t get bored. Lots of game mods are available. You can also make your own character with hundreds of weapons to choose from, and you can also make your own character. The cosmetic items aren’t a way to pay to win. They’re just simple things that you can use to make your character look unique.

9. War Thunder

War Thunder

In War Thunder, you can play as a soldier in World War II. People can play it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is a game about planes, tanks, and ships from World War II and the Cold War.

It’s clear that this is a very different way of looking at WWII and the Cold War, because it looks at the different types of vehicles that were used. If you think this game is just a simple simulation game with multiplayer action, you’re right. The game still has great graphics, though!