10 Best Games Like Age Of War That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Age Of War

Do you want to destroy everything in 2D or do you want to use some strategy?

Whatever the case may be, we’ve always enjoyed these kinds of games. In order to overcome the opposing forces, you can mobilize hordes of soldiers, each equipped with a unique power. Artillery and men will be used to eliminate their base before the enemy invades your own safe zone. What do you think? If you want to learn more about the various games that fall under this particular umbrella, then have a look at our selection.

1 Crystal War

Crystal War

To get things started, we’ve chosen a game designed specifically for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Apple fans, rejoice! You’ll be able to take full advantage of the Crystal War on the go, wherever you may be. As a real-time simulation game, it has elements of strategy and defense that make it appealing to players. Humans and elves form an alliance to retake the country from the goblins in this tale of adventure.

For example, you can mine the crystal, perform different spells, collect blue orbs for brief skill cooling time, and enhance the crystal skill and mine workers to acquire that key advantage over your rival. New units and upgrades can also be unveiled and unlocked by using gold. Earn these gleaming works of art during the battle. You can buy the Crystal War video game for less than three dollars.

2 Age of Defense

Age of Defense is the name of a new online game that joins the portable market. As a result of this addition to our Age of War-style games, your courageous warrior now has access to arrows, firearms, and the ability to hurl objects. ‘Protect your base from the enemy onslaught at all costs’ is your primary goal.

Be on the lookout for an attack at any time, whether it’s on the ground or in the air. Along the way, you’ll find a variety of bases, sceneries, weapons, special effects, and more. You can unleash your wrath on the advancing foes by pressing the keys on your keyboard or using the mouse.

3 Stick War

Stick War

There are nations called Inamorata in which Stick War takes place that all employ different methods of defense and attack. The ‘Order nation has elected you as its new leader, and you must now invade the neighboring lands in order to seize their knowledge and technological resources for your own. Magikill, Speartons, SwordWrath and No Man’s Land can be conquered. Other states to conquest include Archidon and Westwind. To find out how far you can push yourself when the odds are stacked against you, you can experiment with different levels of difficulty, such as easy, hard, and mad. The in-game characters, meanwhile, are all stick figures.

4 Trenches II

Continuing our list of Age of War alternatives, we’ve included a new iOS game. There is a new game called Trenches II that encourages players to partake in the battle and to ‘dig for victory.’ You’ll be able to see more nations and more dangerous battlefields in this exciting sequel from EA, as well as new troops and artillery.

A campaign that spans more than 50 European places is upon you, so it’s time to get back in the trenches. Global Multiplayer campaigns and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer modes are available for those who desire to join forces with the Germans, French, or the British.

5 Army of Ages

Army of Ages

The Army of Ages has four difficulty levels to choose from: easy, regular, hard, and mad. To top it all off, there is a fascinating tutorial that serves as the game’s first chapter. The alien invasion that erupts from a spooky-looking spaceship in the form of terrible monsters is your main objective in this game.

More than 50 units and turrets must be built and controlled by you in order to advance your base. Gain money and experience points in order to defeat the menace at hand and move on to the next age.

6 Epic War 3

Epic War has had roughly five editions to far. But only the final part of the trilogy makes it onto our list of games that are similar to Age of Ware. Epic War 3’s creators allow you to ‘storm into combat once more,’ and you take command of the attack on the opposing troops yourself.

Using your deck’s comets and other devastating strikes, you can decimate your opponent’s castle and army. While hacking and slashing your way through the title, you will earn money and experience points.

7 Cartoon Wars 2.Heroes

Cartoon Wars 2.Heroes

There were a few comments of apps that only worked on iOS devices, but here’s one to bring out the warrior in Android users. The second installment of Cartoon Wars. More stick figure action, as well as real-time strategy and defense mechanics, are included in Heroes.

There are six upgradable heroes, 80 unit kinds, 10 20 levels of defensive Castle improvements, and three game modes: Hell, Quick, and Special. It is free to download from Google Play, but Apple devotees would have to fork up just under a $1 to have the same experience. “


Age of War and similar games allow you to take on the enemy one at a time until they are all eliminated and the opposing base is infiltrated. Defense and strategy aspects can be combined in a variety of ways, from your PC to your mobile device, making these games ideal for both platforms. So go ahead and erect turrets as you prepare to launch an assault. Give it your all and then come back here with stories of your triumph. Your adventures and favorite options can be recorded in the space provided here.