10 Best Games Like Cards Against Humanity That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Cards Against Humanity

In this card game from 2009, players take turns coming up with absurd responses to absurd prompts. A self-described “bad game for terrible people” has been entertaining people for over a decade..

But after you’ve had your fill of CAH, where do you go? As a result of its tremendous popularity, there have been a slew of successors attempting to replicate some of its viral success. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite card games, including Cards Against Humanity.

1. Bad People (2016)

2 to 10 players

20 to 40 Minutes

Mike Lancaster is the designer.

Self-Publishing House

Theme: Putting One’s Friends Down

This violent party game identifies the group’s scumbag. When it comes to deciding who’s most likely to join a cult or give a drunken train-wreck speech at a wedding, this game pits players against each other.

You might learn certain things about your pals that you’d rather not know if you get into a fight with them and start pointing fingers.

2. Apples to Apples (1999)

Apples to Apples (1999)

4 to 10 players

An hour and a half

Matthew Kirby and Mark Alan Osterhaus were the designers.

Mattel is the publisher.

Its subject is the evaluation of a description

Apples To Apples is widely regarded as the game that sparked the practice of online voting. When it comes to family-friendly party games, this one is ahead of the curve. Players must match the description card with one of the things they have in their possession.

A description card is placed on the table for each round. Various adjectives have been used, ranging from “hairy” to “spooky,” as well as many other variations. From there, each participant chooses a thing card that they believe best fits the bill. The answers are then read out by a judge, who selects their favorite.

3. Guards Against Insanity

Players: 4 to a maximum of 20

Approximately 30 – 90 mins

David Moore is the designer.

Guards Against Insanity is the publisher.

Theme: CAH Expansion without CAH permission

You can’t get any closer to games like Cards Against Humanity than this. It’s also possible to utilize this game as an unofficial CAH expansion by simply mixing it in with the existing set of cards. However, the backs of these raunchy cards are a little different, so you’ll know when they arrive.

This game claims to take your CAH game into a darker and weirder realm. This unofficial addition, which is jam-packed with explicit cards, is best suited for players who enjoy a good laugh.

4. Profanity : A Card Game For Smutty People

Profanity A Card Game For Smutty People

4-16 players

Allow 15-90 minutes.

David Moore is the designer.

Guards Against Insanity is the publisher.

Theme: Smutty Fiction

It’s a terrific game for those with a taste for the naughty. Players in this filthy party game mix and match cards to create new obscenities. As a result, there are some hysterical outcomes.

It’s ideal to play this game with folks who aren’t afraid to argue their point and explain why their response is correct. Profanity is as filthy as you want it to be because each participant has to explain what their fresh profanity signifies. You can’t get any better than watching one of your pals try to explain what a “Catholic Teabag” is.

5. KinderPerfect

Four to 12 players

Allow 15-90 minutes.

The Vota Family is the designer of this item.

Self-Publishing House

Parents Vote in a Voting Game

This party game for parents is one of the best ways to relieve stress from having young children. With circumstances like “Another damn fundraiser is worse than walking on a lego” and ‘School guidelines now forbid vodka bottles in the diaper bag,’ this voting game provides a welcome break from the stressful life of parenthood.

This one plays very much like CAH, as do many others on this list. It’s important to note that this game was created by parents for other parents, as opposed to professional game designers. A welcome change of pace for anyone in need of a relaxing respite.

6. Cards Against Disney

Cards Against Disney

Four to 12 players

Approximately 30 – 90 mins

Have Some Fun With It, Designers!

Self-Publishing House

Theme: Disney’s Voting Game

Cult favorites such as Mickey Mouse and the Powerpuff Girls are juxtaposed with bawdy humor in Cards against Disney. Make your childhood come back and then spoil it all in one sitting by playing this game.

Despite its name, this is not a game for children. Before you bring this box out, make sure that all of the children are fast asleep. Like CAH, but the cards are all themed around your favorite Disney films.

7. Exist

4 to 10 players

Allow 15-90 minutes.

Artist/Secretary/Project Manager/Project Manager:

Runmee, LLC is the publisher.

“Survival of the Fittest”

The goal of the game of existence is to stay alive as long as possible. With the help of a resource card in their hand, players must navigate a variety of unpredictable situations. Finally, the Supreme Decider gets to decide which of the available resources will best help them get out of a tight spot.

Create the scene by flipping three cards in each round. A setting, a foe, and a surprise. For example, you could be fighting an angry mob on the International Space Station while experiencing double vision. In order to survive, the players will need to select the right resources from their own hands.

8. You’re an Idiot

You’re an Idiot

Three to ten players

How long will it take?

Two Point Oh Games is the designer.

Self-Publishing House

Issues at Stake in the Voting Process

People with a weak constitution should avoid You’re An Idiot. The object of the game is to make fun of your pals by speculating about how they got into a given circumstance.

When the spinner is spun, a card is flipped to determine which player will be called the “idiot” of the round. Everyone then takes a turn to reveal how the moron got them into this pickle.

9. Bards Dispense Profanity

Players: 4 to a maximum of 20

Approximately 30 – 90 mins

Initiator and Designer: Why So Ever

Self-Publishing House

Theme: Shakespeare’s Voting Game

Playing like CAH, but with Shakespearean quotations, this game is for those who enjoy classic literature. It’s easy to see how this may rapidly get out of hand with cards like “A German from the waste down” and “Cupid’s butt-shaft.”

Similar to CAH, players use the cards in their hands to find the most appropriate response to the question. “The best porn rendition of Moby Dick is…” is an example of a humorous prompt that you’ll have to match phrases from literary masterpieces with.

10. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Three to ten players

Approximately 30 – 90 mins


Breaking Games is the publisher.

Theme: Comic, Voting Game

Based on Cyanide and Happiness, Joking Hazard allows participants to create their own comics. When the comedy is finished, players fight for the judge’s approval by playing a punch line that best suits their hand.

The first card from the deck is dealt face up, and the judge then deals a second card. In order to continue the game, each player must now deal one card to the judge, who will then judge the suit and value of the card. All cards are dealt face-up and a winner is selected by the judge based on his preferred punchline.

Cards Against Humanity is one of our favorite card games, but have we missed it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.