7 Best Fishing Games For PC That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Fishing Games For Pc

At first glance, fishing might not be the exciting sport that most people want to do. It’s not a secret that sports like football and basketball have bigger fan bases than other sports. This is why there aren’t many “AAA” fishing games out there, and fishing is usually just a small part of games that people play. That doesn’t mean that fishing can’t be a fun hobby that works well in video games, though.

Fishing was in some of the first video games, but some fishing mechanics haven’t changed at all. Fishing in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Final Fantasy XV adds more depth to the whole thing, making it more interesting. Who can catch a big one?

The Catch: Carp & Coarse

Available on PS4, Xbox One & Windows

The Catch: Carp & Coarse doesn’t just focus on how many fish players can catch or how much their total haul weighs. Instead, the game looks at how many fish each player can catch and how much their haul totals. There are lakes and rivers and oceans all over the world where you can play this game. You must reel in one of the game’s 35 different types of fish.

The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete against each other, as well as more than 100 “Boss Fish” that are designed to put your skills and knowledge to the test. There’s also a lot of licenced equipment in the game, which adds to the sense of realism. The graphics are also impressive for a game with a low budget.

1. Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3

Available on PS4 & PC

At the time it came out, there were few video game series that gave players as much freedom as Shenmue did. There are a lot of fun things to do when players aren’t looking for sailors on the streets of the city of Dobuita. The list has only grown with each new game. When Shenmue 3 came out in 2019, fishing was added to the series for the first time. Duck racing came first, but fishing was added in 2019.

It’s true that Shenmue 3’s fishing mechanics are very simple, but there’s something calming about fishing in the game. Trying to find new places to fish, either on your own or by asking the locals, can be a lot of fun. If you want to make money, this is a great way to do it. You’ll need a lot of money to finish the game’s main story.

2. The Sims 4

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Sims 4 is another game that crams in a lot of different ideas and mechanics. Fishing is one of the many ways to make extra money. As before, there isn’t a lot of depth to the fishing itself, and there isn’t a lot of player interaction, either. But it does have one thing that very few other games with fishing mechanics have: you can make your own fishing rods.

You and your friends can make your own bodies of water. You can choose what kinds of fish live in your water, as well as how many there are. They can also improve their Sims’ fishing skills to get more valuable fish later on, which will reward them more and more over time. Some things are a lot easier than they should be, but this makes the mechanic a lot easier for people to figure out and use.

3. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One & PC

If you make a game, you can add as many different mechanics as possible to make it look like you have a choice. Players, on the other hand, are only getting a bunch of half-baked ideas that don’t add much to the whole experience. Many modern games have lazy fishing mechanics because of this. Tales of Arise isn’t one of them.

In the game, there are 44 different kinds of fish spread across 12 different places. Each one reacts differently to certain lures and the way that players shake them. Afterward, players can sell the fish for money or use them to make a variety of meals that boost their stats and other things for a set amount of time. It doesn’t take long to find all 44 types of fish, and fishing can be very relaxing. This is a great way to spend time.

4. Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Available on PS4, Xbox One & Switch

Even if you don’t fish very often, chances are you’ve heard of Rapala lures already. For people who don’t know, they’re thought to be some of the best in the world. When you think about that, it’s easy to see why a video game developer would want to use the Rapala name in its fishing game.

The Rapala Fishing series looks great and really captures the subtleties of fishing. It may not be as revolutionary as the lures from which it was named, but it looks great and really captures the subtleties of fishing. Tournaments are held every day to keep things interesting, and those who want a real-life experience can choose to play in real-world weather conditions.

5. Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet

Most importantly, the fishing planet allows gamers to play with a real-life interface.

The Fishing Plant game’s graphics are the best I’ve ever seen. It will also take you to a lot of places where you have to use your skills and talents to catch fish. Consequently, one’s skills and timing can be fine-tuned, so one can be better at what they do

It also taught you that not all fish will like the same baits. In this way, players must learn how to use different types of lures. Because it would give the players a lot of chances, it doesn’t make sense to be worried about it.

6. Sea of Thieves

Besides being one of the best fishing games for PC, Sea of Thieves is also one of the best. It was still a good game even if it didn’t have fishing.

Beautiful waves, white-sand beaches, and the quiet creaking of a ship all make you feel calm and at ease.

At least until a Kraken shows up or other players show up and break your boat. In the same way, fishing is the same As long as you don’t get hit by another ship, get hit by a volcano in your neighbourhood, get chased by a skeleton ship, or get flooded by a storm!

Each of the game’s 10 types of fish has a rare variant, which adds to the excitement. For example, after a few hours of fishing for Ruby Splashtails, you might catch a rare Snow Wrecker or Trophy Forsaken Devilfish.

7. Far Cry 5


Brush and long waits are gone from Far Cry 5. Instead, a character who can throw a line across the football field with the grace of an Olympic javelin thrower is in charge of the game.

It looks and feels great thanks to a good picture of Montana. In addition, fishing is fun and easy, but Far Cry 5’s obsession with making you laugh suffocates any meditative qualities.

You should expect to find as many dead cultists, bears, and mountain lions as trout when you fish. And any philosophical ideas are likely to turn into nihilism because it’s hard to see your place in nature when you’re covered in blood.