11 Best Dress Up Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best dress up games

For kids, one of the most fun games to play is dress-up games. With no stages or many challenges, this type of game is very good for kids to use their imaginations because it doesn’t have any. These games have different themes, even though the main idea is to dress up a digital doll with a lot of different clothes.

There are a lot of different ways these titles can be used. They can be based on real life or be inspired by clothes made by famous designers. The best dress-up games for Android and iOS can be found in this list. You can choose the ones that match your style.

1. Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is for people who want to be famous on the catwalks from a young age. It’s based on the world of fashion, with real brands and clothes.

More rewards are given out if you have a better style score. This means that you can get more clothes for your character to wear. Can be found on the App Store and Google Play. You can get it there.

2. Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique was released in 2012 and is still going strong today! It has a less realistic look than the previous game, but it is still based on real fashion items.

This means that people who play the game can make their own clothes for the game’s models, who also have their own preferences and needs. It only works on iOS.

3. Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star is more like a celebrity simulator than the other games on this list. It brings a lot of what people think a star’s life would be like to life in the form of games.

You will start to build your own persona, define your style and clothes, and start climbing the steps to stardom. You will also meet great artists and run away from the paparazzi! Hollywood Star is a dress-up game that can be played on iOS devices. It is one of the best and most complete games.

4. Style Me Girl

In the same way that you play with dolls, Style Me Girl brings three-dimensional characters to help you make your own style. If you want to play a game that isn’t just fun, this one is it.

In them, you’ll be told which style to go with, and you’ll have to dress the character in that style, send them to photo shoots, and score them based on how they look. Make sure to check out more of Style Me Girl on the App Store or Amazon, two of the best replacements for Google Play.

5. Pretty Ballerina

Pretty Ballerina

In addition to being one of the best games to dress up, Pretty Ballerina also lets you make ballet dances for your characters. You start the game by making a dance for your dancer to perform. Then, you dress her up for the performance and show off your dance moves. The game has three stages.

It’s important to be careful, though, because your dancer could get hurt if it gets too intense. Take a look at Pretty Ballerina on Android and iOS devices to learn more about the app.

6. Music Idol

Music Idol comes from the same company as Pretty Ballerina. It’s for people who like to make styles and choreography in a more “rebellious” way.

As well as learning ballet steps, you can also put your character through her paces and make her look unique before the big show. This makes it one of the most creative dress-up games. Use the Play Store or App Store to get it

7. Nikki UP2U

Nikki UP2U

In the style of Japanese cartoons, or “anime,” Nikki UP2U uses the mechanics of dress-up games to tell a story to its players. The game is called Nikki UP2.

The game has a lot of different styles and combinations, so you can make your own to deal with the game’s problems. Can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play store.

8. Glu’s dress up games

Because so many people play fashion games, Glu is a likely winner. Among them are Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kendall & Kylie, Nicki Manaj: The Empire, and Britney Spears: American Dream. Click on the button below to learn more about each of these games! The first two are real-life games of fashion. You make a character, dress them up, and do other things. meanwhile, the rest of the games are celebrity simulators with a little bit of dress up in them. As long as you don’t mind the celebrities, they are some of the most popular games in this type of genre.

9. Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Prince Dress Up is a simple, but fun, dress-up game that you can play with your friends. Dress him up with many different kinds of clothes. You can change the colour of your skin, mix and match different looks, and even change things like your facial expressions and body size. This is actually very good at making characters for a tabletop RPG, which is how I tried it out. It’s fun to play around with no matter how you use it. The developer also has two more fashion games if you want something a little more old school.

10. PitzMaker

People can play PitzMaker, which is a different kind of game where you can dress people up. This one lets you make characters for different things. Tabletop games and webtoons are two examples. The idea isn’t very different, though. You make a character, design them the way you want, and that’s it, that’s all. You can make as many as you want, and you can even make webtoons with things like speech bubbles. For people who just want to make their own characters but don’t want to play dress-up games, this is a good app.

11. Pocket Clothier

Pocket Clothier

Pocket Clothier is a little bit different from the other clothes. A fashion game lets you start and run your own clothing store. In this game, you can do things like strategically place mannequins, choose what clothes to sell to customers, and even help them get a job with an interview outfit. This one is also a lot faster, so be ready for some challenges as well. Bugs can be found here and there, but the game doesn’t seem to run well on low-end phones and tablets. It costs $5.49 and there are no in-app buys. We think you should play it as soon as possible to make sure you like it before the refund time runs out.