10 Best Survival Games Xbox One That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Survival Games Xbox One

Looking for something to do? Survival games are all about getting resources, keeping your vital signs up to date, making useful items, and trying to survive the elements. In the survival genre, there are new video games coming out all the time. If you have an Xbox One, there are a lot of classic games you can buy right now. To start, I always say there’s no real “best” list because we all have different tastes and interests. With that said, here are some video games that we think you should play.

1. We Happy Few

We Happy Few

We Happy Few takes place in an alternate history of Europe, where people are forced to take a daily drug that keeps them from seeing the real world. Meanwhile, the game’s protagonists will be people who haven’t taken the drug, which allows them to see the world as it really is. Now, when they go out to solve their own mysteries, they’ll have to be very careful not to draw attention to themselves.

When you play this game, you’ll need to avoid fights as much as possible, because you could get surrounded and need to get out of the public eye quickly. The same goes for your vitals. You may need to find something to eat when you can. It’s a unique game, but it’s not clear if the developers will be making more games. Microsoft bought them in 2018.

2. Fallout 4 Survival Mode

It’s possible that you didn’t play Fallout 4, which is a game about having to stay alive. While the main game has a lot of important things to keep track of as you explore the wasteland, there’s also a Survival mode in the game that’s a real challenge. This mode can be turned on before you start a new game, but it can’t be turned off in the settings after you start a new game. In this mode, there are many changes that make the game a little more difficult, such as adding weight to ammunition and not being able to travel quickly. You also can’t make a quick save, and there is no fast travel option. Instead, the only way to save the game is to go to sleep.

3. DayZ


DayZ is an open-world survival video game in which players have to stay alive in a fictional post-Soviet Republic during a zombie pandemic. The game is called DayZ. It’s up to the players to find some useful items when they start the game. The video game, on the other hand, places a lot of emphasis on human interaction. Players can work together or compete against each other. Players can also expect to be able to switch back and forth between first-person and third-person mode.

This game is similar to Ark: Survival Evolve because it’s a game where people play together to stay alive and healthy. Ultimately, it’s hard to know who you can trust, especially if you don’t have a group of friends to play with. With voice chat turned on when players are close enough, you might be able to make friends and try to stay alive together, or you might backstab someone in order to get some resources to keep your player’s vital signs in check.

4. Ark Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game that lets you fight to stay alive. Players can play the game from either a first-person or third-person point of view, and they’ll find themselves on a dangerous shore full of creatures and even other players who aren’t friendly. Player are put into an open world where they must build a base, make fire and gather resources in order to stay alive. Players will have to make sure that their health, stamina, oxygen, hunger, and thirst are all in the green, so that they can play.

It’s important to build places where you can stay safe in this game. That’s how you make things like walls and doors. However, no matter how good you become, there’s always the chance that someone else will try to steal some goods from you.

5. Chernobylite


In Chernobylite, you play as a former employee of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant who has lost a loved one. The game puts you in their shoes. Three decades after the Chernobyl disaster, our protagonist decides to go back into the exclusion zone and try to figure out what happened to their partner. However, it’s not as easy as just walking around and going where you want to go. This is still a very contaminated area where you’ll find all kinds of mutants, stalkers, and even military forces. In the meantime, keep track of their gear, make new gear, and keep an eye on their health and radiation levels.

6. State of Decay 2

Back in 2013, State of Decay came out, and it was a new action-adventure survival horror game that had never been done before. It was a game that took place in an open world, where the protagonists built up their base defences and found resources to use during the zombie apocalypse. State of Decay 2 is the most recent game in this series. It came out in 2018. The gameplay is the same in this game. Players have to build a community and fight off the undead hordes that have taken over the world again.

Then, in order to stay alive for a long time, players will need to find useful resources to keep their character alive. People will be able to find goods in the wild, but when they start a community, they’ll also be able to build outposts that deal with different resources, like food and medicine. For many people, the best thing about State of Decay 2 is that it lets you play with other people. This means that you and some friends can play the game together. Now, when other people are building things and making a lot of noise, you’ll have people to help you keep zombies from getting into your base.

7. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, but the story will not follow Conan. Instead, players will choose their own unique character to play as in the game. From the start of the game, players will learn that their character is going to die by crucifixion in the middle of a hot sun. As you lay dying, Conan comes by and saves your character, leaving the players to deal with the harsh and unforgiving world on their own.

Players are now outcasts, so they’ll have to go through the wasteland where the weak are killed to get to the next town. People in this world are going to try to kill you, so you’ll need to get resources, make things, and win fights. Stamina and hunger and thirst are things you’ll learn about early on in the game.

8. Grounded

The size of an ant has always been a question for people. Well, this early access game helps to satisfy that desire to find out more about the game itself. It’s your job to stay alive in a backyard full of bugs and other creatures. You play as a shrunken human. They all have their own reason for being, but some are more useful than others, like a dog.

There is no point in having spiders around because their goal is to kill you. Also, the game has a mode called “Arachnophobia Safe Mode,” which lets you change how the creatures look. To stay alive, you need to eat and drink.

9. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

People say that No Man’s Sky had a hard start. However, the game has gotten better over time. In it, you can go to a lot of procedurally generated planets and find materials that you can use to build up your gear.

If you think it’s peaceful, think again. These planets don’t all have no life. There is almost always something out there that wants to kill you. And you have to use your brains and whatever tools you have to stay alive while making the planet as habitable as possible.

10. Frostpunk

Frostpunk is different from a lot of other games in the same genre because you’re not just looking after yourself or a small group. In place of that, you have to run a whole city of people whose world has been ruined by global cooling.

This game isn’t just a survival game. It’s also a city simulator where you have to manage resources and your people, so you have to think about how to do that. Making hard decisions is part of the process. People may not always like you for them. There are times when making a decision that isn’t popular will help keep people alive in the long run.