7 Best Match 3 Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best match 3 games

There are a lot of Match 3 games that make things pop out of the ground. No, I don’t want to know about new Match 3 games to play on your phone or on your computer. Is this true? Then you’re in the right place. The 10 best Match 3 games in 2022 are here.

In the internet, there are a lot of great Match 3 games. But, at one end, the internet is full of Match 3 games. At the other end, the truth is that they aren’t good enough. These Match 3 games either don’t have good features or they’re way too pricey. Then how do you pick the best one for yourself? It’s a big problem! Let us take care of everything.

What makes them the best? What makes these games different from other games? Why did you pick these? No, these aren’t available on the PC or on mobile phones. Is there an App Store or Google Play store for these? Hang in there! To learn about all of this, read on! Below is a guide to the features, size, compatibility, and a lot of other things you need to know about it.

Best Match 3 Games For Android, iPhone and PC

What can be more fun than playing the best match 3 games? You can pop the elements and match them on your screen to have fun. Our list is for you, too.

Not at all! The king of match-three games is on the list.

But, there are many more interesting games for you to play. A lot of different things make them the best.

Millions of people have played these Best Match 3 Games in 2022 on platforms like Steam, Microsoft, Google Play, and the App Store. They aren’t just our favourite, though.

The full description of these games, as well as other important information, can be found here:

1. Secrets Of Magic 2: Witches And Wizards

Secrets Of Magic 2 Witches And Wizards

When the game has a story that goes along with the theme, it’s more fun to play. It is for this reason that Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards are better than the other two games.

This game has a storyline that is all about Victoria.

A true witch is someone who is good at magic. After becoming more powerful, she goes after Agnes and frees her parents from their prison.

You play as a Witch or Wizard in this game. All of them work together to fight against evil.

Talking about the game, there are a lot of unique and interesting things to do in it. You can switch between the relaxed, expert, and casual modes to make it more difficult for the other people to play against you. To get better, keep collecting rewards.

In Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards, the only thing you need to do is grab your magic wand and get ready for a fight.

2. Candy Crush Saga: King Of The Match 3 Games

The best match-three game is here!

Is Candy Crush Saga one of the best Match 3 games in 2022?

With Tiffi and Mr. Toffee, you will have a lot of fun with the game. They will help you get to magical lands and other wonderful places if you give them jelly in exchange. You can take your friends on this fun journey and see who makes it to the top of the leaderboard.

Because of all of the candy, you’ll never run out of the pretty bitter challenges that come your way. Match three or more candies of the same colour together and make little miracle candies out of them, like a rainbow.

And you can play more than 7,500 levels, so you’ll never run out of things to do. Well, that’s a vast challenge that drags you to play with no end in the challenge and the constantly increasing difficulty levels.

With Tiffi and Mr. Toffee, you will have a lot of fun with the game. They will help you get to magical lands and other wonderful places if you give them jelly in exchange.

3. Last Resort Island

Last Resort Island

Like the other games, it is a paid puzzle game.

You can play this alone, but it is thought to be one of the best match 3 games for PC in 2022. This is a single-player game. The storyline of this game is also interesting, and it’s set on a very faraway island. On this island, there’s no other choice but to spend time alone. But now, you can play the Last Resort Island game on your PC.

In the game, if you match up all the right elements and pop them, you can start to fix up the island a little bit at a time. Daily life at the resort is very difficult because it’s not very nice.

But there are a lot of hunters and people who used to be vegans at the resort. You might not be able to get your life back to normal if you have these things. You can take part in a lot of different challenges each week and look for interesting and creative things to do.

4. Storyngton Hall: Match 3 Games; 3 In A Row

Match three and decorate a house at Storrington Hall: Match three and decorate the house is the right game for you if you like exciting challenges, stories about gentlemen and ladies and casual games like this one and romances.

The game is free to play, but there are also in-app purchases that you can make. The game is also good for people who like to decorate their homes.

Play this game as part of a story. Take a look at the Greens, who recently moved and need to get their house ready right away. In order to help her daughter find true love, Mrs. Green hosts the most extravagant parties and balls. She likes to be the centre of attention.

5. Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days

This movie is called “Around the World in 80 Days.” It’s about going around the world. In this game, we play as Jean Passepartout, a valet for an English gentleman named Phileas Fogg. It’s based on the adventure novel written by Jules Verne, and it puts us in his shoes.

In this game, Jean is supposed to help Mr. Fogg travel around the world in 80 days. He also has to help him with a lot of other things as he goes. These tasks can be done by solving match 3 boards or other types of puzzles that can be hard.

This match 3 game is true to its roots as an adventure story. As you play, you learn more about the backstory of the game. He wants you to help him find his diary so that he can reach his goals.

6. Cradle of Rome 2

Love match 3 games? Ancient Rome was a great place to learn about the history and legends. Afterward, you should play Cradle of Rome 2.

To write your own story in Cradle of Rome 2, you can choose from a number of different historical events. Take a trip back in time to the days of the Roman Empire and match your way to victory in this fun match and puzzle game. As you grow your small settlement into a thriving empire, you’ll have to solve hard mini-games and puzzles.

Take a look at new game modes and win trophies to show off your match 3 skills so that you can build your own Roman Empire and become the best Emperor ever! One of the best match 3 games you’ve ever played!

7. Fishdom 3

Fishdom 3

In Fishdom 3, you play a match 3 game and a pet simulator. In this case, you play as a fish tank manager. To make your own fish tank, you’ll get gold coins from the game’s main gameplay, which is called “Match 3.”

This version of Fishdom is a lot better than what you might find in an app store. Because Fishdom 3 has better graphics, but it is also a free PC game and there are no microtransactions at all, that means it is better than Fishdom 2. For PCs, there is even “screensaver mode,” where you can enjoy your little fish friends while you look at other things on your computer.