9 Best Sega Dreamcast Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best sega dreamcast games

They show that a console doesn’t have to last a long time to make an impression. Sega took a big risk when they launched the Dreamcast in 1998. They made a cheap console with a lot of emphasis on online gaming because it had a built-in modem. As it turned out, the Dreamcast didn’t have a long life. Sega did everything they could to make it work, though.

Great versions of arcade classics like Crazy Taxi and The House Of The Dead 2 can be found in the library, as well as single-player games like Shenmue and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as well as games like Seaman and Jet Set Radio. We’ve got all the best Dreamcast games right here, so you can play them for yourself or just reminisce about your favourite games from the past.

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1. Headhunter


There aren’t many stealth games for the Dreamcast, but Headhunter does a good job of filling that need. Jack Wade is a top bounty hunter who wakes up in the hospital with a bad case of amnesia. You play as Jack Wade. Having learned that his former boss in the Anti-Crime Network has been killed, he sets out to solve both mysteries at the same time. The game does a great job of showing what the Dreamcast could look like, and the soundtrack by Richard Jacques is just as good. Besides, the story has a lot of twists and turns that will keep you interested until the end.

2. Seaman

The Dreamcast is known for having some very weird and unique games, and this virtual pet game made by Yoot Saito is one of the most weird. Seaman asks you to care for a fish with a human face by making sure its tank is clean and warm, as well as talking to it with the Dreamcast microphone. The Seaman isn’t very pleasant to look at, and it can be rude and insulting to talk to, but that’s all part of the game’s very weird charm. There’s also Leonard Nimoy, who reads the book.

3. Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing

During the Dreamcast era, Sega’s arcade teams seemed to be able to make just about anything fun, and Sega Bass Fishing is proof of that. This game is very different from other fishing games in that it is very fast-paced. You feel the pressure of being constantly against the clock, with your fisherman anxiously exhorting the fish to “bite it!” and rock music kicking in when it does, providing the perfect soundtrack as you fight to reel it in. Great no matter how you play. The fishing rod controller, yes, really, is the best part.

4. Pace Channel 5

The Morolians have invaded, and they’re making people dance. Ulala is an intergalactic news reporter. Before zapping the Morolians and freeing their captives, you have to match them move for move, then zap them and free their captives. In Space Channel 5, you’ll hear a lot of 60s music and see a lot of places that look like they were from that time. You’ll also meet a lot of interesting characters, like Jaguar and Pudding. There are also a lot of people who have been saved dancing with Ulala. It’s a short but sweet game, and it’s not likely to be made into a port because of the FMV-based backgrounds.

5. Quake 3 Arena

Quake 3 Arena

Sega decided to promote the Dreamcast’s online gaming abilities a lot. At the time, there was no FPS that could beat Quake 3 in this way. There were no more single-player games in this game. Instead, it was a series of games against bots. The series had become known for its frantic multiplayer games. The Dreamcast was able to deliver that experience to console players, and the online play was better than what could be done with split-screen at the time, making it even better. In fact, it was even possible to play against people who had the Dreamcast map pack on their PCs. Thanks to a lot of people who were really into the game, it’s back on today.

6. Chu Chu Rocket!

Sonic Team’s puzzle game looks easy and sounds easy, too. You have to get the mice into the rockets while avoiding the cats that want to eat them. In the single-player puzzle mode, there are a lot of hard stages that make this hard. However, the game was made to show off the Dreamcast’s online multiplayer abilities, so when four people are battling it out to get the most mice, things start to get crazy. Cats are pointed at your rockets and your mice are redirected. While fans have set up servers, you can also play with four people at the same time.

7. ‘Sonic Adventure’

Sonic Adventure

Everything that comes out at the start of a console must have a game that people will love. That’s what happened with Sonic The Hedgehog: Evolution, which was a very fun playable evolution in the Sonic series. Sonic Adventure was just as mind-blowing for gamers who played Super Mario 64. Sega’s “Blue Blur” kept fans interested as he ran at high speeds across more open environments and got caught up in a deep storyline with high stakes. Sonic Adventure also has a lot going for it because it’s the most well-known 3D platformer for the Dreamcast because it has a lot of different characters that can play in different ways.

8. ‘Sonic Adventure 2’

Sonic Adventure 2 was better than the first one in every way. It streamlined the usage of numerous playable characters by splitting them up into two different campaigns, introduces one of Sonic’s better side mates in the form of Shadow the Hedgehog, and upgrades the visuals in a major way. The game’s original soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to. Rolling around at the speed of sound, looking for Chaos Emerald shards, and shooting down robots was always a good time. Sonic Adventure 2 is one of the best sequels Sega has ever made, and it’s one of the best games.

9. ‘Power Stone’

Power Stone

Capcom had a lot of ideas for games in the 90s. As time went on, it put out a lot of fighting games. Those games are still played and thought of fondly today. As soon as it put its toes in, it had the Power Stone with it. All the praise in the world should be given to this 1v1 game because it used open fields to make manoeuvring more strategic and fun mad dashes for the Power Stones, as well as relying on items to even the odds with your many opponents.