11 Best Games Like Astroneer That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Astroneer

Astroneer is a beautiful game that lets you explore the cosmos and build your own spaceship. Whether it’s the cute, abstract art style or the sculpting tool that allows players to literally modify the world around them, this game is all about rewarding players with a sense of discovery.

A perfect opportunity for players to jump in their spacecraft to explore the imaginative worlds that gaming has to offer as Astroneer recently came out of early access and will be released on February 6th. From classics like Astroneer to fresh takes on the genre, these eleven games are sure to pique your interest.

  1. Empyrion Galactic Survival

Empyrion Galactic Survival

In Empyrion Galactic Survival, you’ll find a bit of everything. Even though it’s still in early access, this game already has a unique blend of gameplay mechanics and styles that sets it apart from the pack in the competitive survival genre. Starting on a planet, you’ll soon be able to explore the open expanse of space in singleplayer or multiplayer, and with a variety of difficulty levels so that you’ll always have something new to do. An appealing feature of the game is its rewarding base-building system, which lets you fortify yourself against the perils of your new homeworld while simultaneously putting together a familiar haven.

  1. Osiris.New Dawn

You are one of the first interplanetary explorers on Earth in the year 2078. The Gliese 581 system is a hazardous place, and you must struggle to stay alive.


When it comes to combat, New Dawn strikes a good balance between exploration of the world and maintaining a strong foundation. Even though it’s currently in early access, the game’s aesthetics are frequently stunning despite its flaws. Both the cold, wide nothingness of space and the vibrant hues and unusual living forms on different worlds were perfectly captured by the developers.

  1. Breathedge


You’re simply a regular guy attempting to make it to your grandfather’s funeral on time with his ashes. After that, your space hearse explodes, leaving you stranded in a field of wreckage. You suddenly find yourself in a survival situation where your only resources are a steely will, a dry sense of humor, and an eternal chicken that belonged to your grandfather. If you’re a fan of the genre but are sick of games that take themselves too seriously, give this one a try. It’s dark and hilarious.

  1. No Man’s Sky

Few gamers haven’t heard about No Man’s Sky since its highly publicized release. Many players were disappointed by the game’s lack of depth and the lack of promised content, even though it lived up to its promise of being a virtually unlimited space exploration game with millions of worlds to discover.

No Man’s Sky was released in 2016 by Hello Games, but the company has worked to improve the game since then. Much of the game’s scope has been expanded to include base building and multiplayer as well as an improved third-person vision and a slew of quality-of-life changes.

  1. Star Citizen

Star Citizen

The future space simulator Star Citizen is presently in alpha, but it may be played right now. While its incomplete state may deter some gamers, the sheer scope of this project makes it worth highlighting. Rich faction gameplay, a player-driven economy, large multiplayer conflicts, and deep customisation are just some of the features that the game promises to have.. It could be one of the most immersive multiplayer games ever developed if it can offer these features.

  1. Mass Effect.Andromeda

Taking on the character of one of the Ryder twins, you conduct a 600-year mission to the Andromeda Galaxy in Mass Effect.Andromeda Getting there wasn’t going to be simple, but the reality is far worse than you had anticipated. On this list, this is the first true role-playing game, and the attention is much more on the plot and battle than in the others. It’s important to remember that the game’s core themes revolve around discovery and wonder, and you’ll come across many fascinating worlds while exploring.

  1. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

Using nothing but a starship, Elite Dangerous immerses players in a gigantic, 1. scale simulation of the Milky Way Galaxy. There are 400 billion star systems to explore and 400 billion dogfights between pilots and pirates. Space battle, finding work in the galaxy, or peaceful exploration are all options available in the game. There is a significant learning curve, but the immersive nature of flight simulator gameplay makes it worth the effort.

  1. Maia

A colony on a dangerous world plagued by earthquakes, meteors, and deadly solar flares must be built and maintained by a group of human survivors under your command. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s not easy. This is not the case in other space exploration games, where the universe is vast and open to exploration. The planet of Maia is an unforgiving place where you’re left with almost nothing. Keep your people alive at all costs.

  1. PULSAR.Lost Colony

PULSAR.Lost Colony

Become a crew of a spaceship searching for the Lost Colony with up to three buddies. The entire crew must work together to tackle the difficulties they face in space since they each have an important and unique function. Despite the fact that this game can be played alone, it’s best enjoyed with a group of friends. This game provides sci-fi aficionados the opportunity to experience the excitement of a space epic together, with missions both in space and on the ground.

  1. Stationeers

Stationeers isn’t the game for you if you’re looking for a game that allows you to explore the world at your own pace. Building a complex, functioning base in an unfriendly environment with limited resources is the main focus of this game. In order to build and maintain your space station, you’ll need to keep an eye on everything from energy and resources to electrical and gravitational systems, health, and temperature. For those who enjoy a challenge, this game may be just what the doctor ordered.



Hellion was your destination when you entered cryosleep. You awoke in the ruins of a derelict colony, where you were one of thousands of survivors. As a combination of a space exploration game and a multiplayer survival game, HELLION is a unique experience. Work together or trust no one; just be wary of other survivors flying toward your airlock armed with machine guns as you establish bases on starships.