10 Best Games On Itch.io That You Should Know Update 02/2024

best games on itch.io

There are a lot of good ways to find indie games on PC. If you want to buy indie games, there’s Steam, which has been around for a long time. Even the Epic Games Store wants indie developers to only sell their games on their service.

That’s not all. There’s Itch.io, too. Since 2013, the marketplace has been on a mission to help indie game developers get their games noticed by giving them a good place to host and sell their products. This is how it works: If you can get set up quickly on Itch.io, many games have been made. But there have been a few notable books over the years.

We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold

If you make a short game, you can show it off on an online storefront like Itch.io. This is the best thing about them. One of the best short games on the platform is called We Become What We See. It’s a five-minute game.

It was made by Nicky Case. The game takes a look at how people act in bad ways because they are always bombarded with negativity. The main thing you do in the game is take pictures of some kind of action to get an interesting story for the news.

Goodbye Doggy

Many of the games on Itch.io were made in game jams around the world. For Global Game Jam 2019, a group of people made a game called Goodbye Doggy. Many people who have tried it love it.

In this game, each player takes the role of a dog who has just died. In ghost form, they move around the house and help the family that was left behind deal with the death. Picogram made the game, and Graham Nesbitt did the music.

Sort The Court

Sort The Court

In the 2000s, some people may remember how fun it was to play browser games that were easy to pick up and play. Sort The Court has a lot of energy, and it has a lot of interesting simulation games.

Play as a king who has to decide whether or not to accept certain proposals that are made to him as his kingdom is being built, and you play the role. Each player must keep track of the total population, the happiness of their citizens, and the amount of gold they have at all times in order to win. There are some decisions that are easy to make, but there are also some that you have to think about for a while.

Project Kat

Itch.io is a place where you can find a lot of scary games. A horror game called Project Kat: Paper Lily Prologue by Leef6010 is one of the best-rated ones in the store right now. This RPG puzzle game tells the story of Kat as she tries to figure out what happened to a letter she got.

People who play the game can solve the puzzles in different ways if they look hard enough. This version of the game is just the beginning of a longer game that is still being made.

Adventures With Anxiety

Adventures With Anxiety

Nicky Case was already brought up once on this list, but another one of their games is near the top of Itch.io’s top-rated games. One of the games in Adventures With Anxiety is a short story where people play the role of anxiety. To show people who have anxiety how it works in a fun way, Case made the game.

Angry thoughts show up in the form of a wolf that is supposed to protect the person from the world around them. Players are told to be afraid of different things, and then they have a lot of fun laughing about it.

Doki Doki Literature Club

If you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch, you can’t go wrong with Doki Doki Literature Club. A boy joins a literature club with four girls who each form a friendship with him. Dan Salvato came up with the idea for the game.

Getting to know them in a dating-sim-like way is up to the player, but then the game takes a turn that isn’t very pleasant. The Itch.io version of the game was the first one before it moved to other platforms and had a bigger version.

Butterfly Soup

Butterfly Soup

A lot of people don’t like visual novels because they’re too much like clickbait, but there are some truly lovely ones out there. You can play games called Butterfly Soup on the Itch.io platform. The story is about four freshman girls who are gay. They are all part of the high school’s baseball team, and the relationship between two of them, Diya and Min-seo, starts to grow.

Players can make some decisions in the game, even though the game’s plot is set up that way. When Brianna Lei was growing up in a mostly Asian-American neighbourhood, she came up with ideas for the game.

When The Night Comes

When The Night Comes is a good book for people who want something a little more supernatural. Led by a fully LGBTQ+ cast, this adventure puts players in the shoes of a creature slayer who comes to the town of Lunaris to look into suspicious murders that seem particularly abnormal.

The game is about finding out what happened in the society, but it also gives you the chance to bond with people you meet. If you want to win the game, you don’t have to date other people. The story is told in 11 chapters and has a lot more than 490,000 words.

Get In The Car, Loser!

Get In The Car, Loser

A name-your-price game called Get In The Car, Loser! has a bright and fun twist. Its active-time RPG mechanics are better than the turn-based RPGs it was based on, and its LGBT-themed story, characters, and aesthetics are just as modern as the turn-based RPGs it was based on. It’s a good Itch.io game that takes a classic genre and gives it a new twist.

It’s a bombastic road trip adventure through a fusion of modern and fantasy settings as players go from being at the Gas Station refueling the eponymous car to battling the Machine Devil with the Sword of Fate. You can play it to “find out who you are, whatever that means.”

Right Click To Necromance

There is a simple game called Right Click to Necromance that has a simple idea. Left click to control your skeleton army, and right click to use necromancy powers to resurrect your dead foes. It was made for the Indie Speed Run jam in 2015, and it was made in less than 48 hours. It’s one of the best games made on Itch.io in a short time.

Even though the game itself was made by just one person, two other people worked on the game’s music, too. Seeing what a small team can do in a short amount of time is impressive. It’s worth going to see for its unique gameplay.