10 Best Sandbox Games PC That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Sandbox Games PC

Sandbox is a type of game that lets players do anything they want. Players can freely explore different places in the game’s large area.

Sandbox games are very different from open world games. In sandbox games, players usually have the ability to build their own virtual world, even if there are missions or quests that need to be done.

It’s time to find the best sandbox games for PC that you can play right now. Check out the following ideas!

1. Minecraft


At the top of the list is Minecraft, one of the best sandbox games on PC to date. Minecraft already had a lot of fans when it came out on PC a few years ago. In fact, this game has been released on a lot of different devices, from consoles to phones. It’s up to the players in this game to build homes and raise livestock, hunt, and fight monsters.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

When you play Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), you can go anywhere in the world and do whatever you want. It’s still very fun to play today. Also, PC gamers around the world love this game. In the fifth Grand Theft Auto game, there were three main characters that you could play as. They aren’t connected at the start of the story, but as the story goes on, players will start to see that they have a lot of things in common As long as you’ve played the GTA IV add-on, you’ll have the same experience.

3. Hitman 3

Hitman 3

On top of that, there is Hitman 3 which is the best sandbox game that you can play on your PC. After two games in a World of Assassination series, the third game picks up the story where the first two left off. Like its predecessors, Hitman 3 is a stealth game that is played from a third-person point of view like its predecessors (TPP). As a hitman, Agent 47 is one of the most well-known characters in the Hitman series. In Hitman 3, he returns to take on the most dangerous mission of his career.

4. Scrap Mechanic

As long as Scrap Mechanic is still fun to play on your PC, it’s still very old. This game lets you go on a journey to become a good mechanic. This game invites people to go on a journey into a world of endless fantasy. Players have mechanical abilities, so they can make anything from different things in this world. Scrap Mechanic doesn’t stop people from making vehicles or robots of any kind.

5. ARMA 3


It’s not the game for you if you like fast-paced war games with a lot of explosions and zombies. This game is more likely to be called a war simulation game because it is very realistic. That doesn’t mean this game isn’t fun. If you’re tired of COD, you should try this game.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best PC sandbox game that lets you play as a cowboy. Dutch Van der Linde is the star of the second game, from his heyday to his downfall. Players will also be able to see John Marston’s past from the point of view of his partner, Arthur Morgan.

Arthur Morgan was Dutch Van der Linde’s right-hand man, and he was very good at what he did. A lot of people in the group were like family to him. He joined the group at an early age. However, at the time, modernization and change were taking place, which meant that the criminal lifestyle was in danger because of it. Thus, the gang is on the run, and Dutch leadership is put into question because of this.

7. The Sims 4

The Sims Franchise

The Sims has been the best simulation game since the early 2000s, when it first came out. Non-gamers know about this game. After five years, The Sims 4 is still very popular. The Sims 4 was made with the same idea as its three previous games.

In this game, the player will be in charge of the character, who is called Sim. Sim will do things like go to work and go out with friends. This game is played in an open-ended way, which means there are no missions that you have to finish. Each character that is made will react to problems in a different way, depending on their personality and traits.

8. Elite Dangerous

In the beginning, Elite was one of the first sandbox games. It set the standard for other sandbox games as well as simulation games in the future. There are still a lot of worlds to visit and trade with, even after 30 years. It’s also a galaxy wide, which can be both bewildering and very intimidating. Elite Dangerous, on the other hand, is a galaxy wide. It’s just the size of the thing that is amazing. One of the best space games for PC is no surprise.

Making your way through the galaxy isn’t very different from how you usually do it. You trade with stations, help people who need it, and hunt down bounty hunts. We are in our own simulated galaxy, where everything is in the right size. There is a gargantuan, glowing sun when you leave supercruise and it looks like you’re facing a real sun. It’s almost impossible to think of a sun as big as this one.

Every trip, even a short one, feels like a big deal. The risk of interdiction is always there when you try to supercruise. This means that you’ll be flailing around a lot as you try to align with the escape vector, which puts you in the middle of deep space. Fail, and you’ll be in a dog fight. Check out our Elite Dangerous guide if you’re afraid of the danger.

9. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

It’s the only game on this list where having a good understanding of math and physics will help. It’s a big game that lets you send rockets into space, colonise planets, mine asteroids, and play with moon buggies. This is mostly up to you.

When Kerbal Space Program first came out, it was in Early Access for a long time. It has since become one of the best indie games out there. It has a full set of missions and a free-form sandbox mode that almost never runs out of things to do with big-budget science. In this game, your experiments and successes have more weight because they aren’t in a fantasy world but in a real-world one that is based on real science.

10. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is a waste of time. You can kill people, drive around, and do a lot of missions in this game, but that’s not what makes it great. It has all the trappings of a modern open-world shooter, but it’s not what makes it great.

Medici is an island on the coast of Italy. The whole point is to cause chaos on the island. That is up to you. As a child, I had a lot of fun putting the grapple hook on things. This is a simple way to get rid of this symbol of tyranny. First, attach it to a car, and then to a statue. A good way to do this is to connect oxygen canisters to soldiers. Then, you can watch as the soldiers drag the canisters away before they explode. Then there are the rocket mines, which can be attached to anything and everything for high-speed, explosive violence. They can be used on anything. The game could be all about silly things you do with the grapple, and not much else. But there’s a lot more to Just Cause 3 than wacky chaos. There’s a beautiful island and a lot of different ways to do your missions (well, not too much).

It looks like a Pepsi Max ad from the 1990s, but with a lot more bodies. One of the best games of 2015. Our review of Just Cause 4 found that it didn’t change much from the first game.