7 Best Travel Board Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Travel Board Games

A board game is a great way to spend time together as a family when you’re on a trip. These are the best board games for when you’re on the road.

Over the years, I’ve found that there are two types of people who go on vacation: people who want to have fun and people who want to relax.

Some people like to take it easy when they’re on a bus, car, or plane. On the other side are people who like to be as relaxed as possible. If they want to read, listen to music, or have light conversation, they can do that.

On the other hand, there are people who are so excited or bored during their trip that they need something to keep them busy, something to focus on.

Traveling with a portable board game is a great idea for people who have a lot of energy or are bored. Play them while you’re on the road and forget about how tired you are and how far you still have to go.

In this article, I talk about the travel board games I think are the best. I’ve thought of things for both adults and kids, so there’s something for everyone!

Find out for yourself if you want to take them on your next trip.

Bananagrams Duel: Ultimate 2 Player Travel Game

Bananagrams Duel Ultimate 2 Player Travel Game

Are you looking for the best board games for two people who are going on a trip? In that case, I suggest you check out Bananagrams Duel.

If you’ve played Bananagrams before, you’ll be able to play this version quickly.

The goal is still the same. There is a competition between you and the other player. You have to see who can build their word grid the fastest.

There aren’t any word grids or word cubes in this version of the game. It doesn’t matter where you start your next game.

Word cubes are small, but they haven’t been too small. It doesn’t matter if one falls on the floor of your car. You should be able to find it quickly enough.

I also like that you can play with a theme if you want to by following the banana-shaped cards. Change things up to play the game in a different way.

When I play this version of the game on my phone, it can be over too quickly. Adults may find that it gets old quickly. However, kids will still enjoy it.

It’s perfect for two people to play.

It’s not easy to lose word cubes.

In a very small, very fun banana-shaped case.

Do not need any more grids:

Theme cards can change how the game is played. The games can end too quickly.

Adults can get tired of it.

Battleship Grab and Go Game

Hasbro has been one of the top toy brands for a long time and has been for a long time. It should come as no surprise that Hasbro travel board games can be found all over the place.

They have a game called Battleship Grab and Go that we’re going to talk about in this post.

You’ve played Battleship, haven’t you? Everyone hasn’t. When your last warship almost gets hit by the final blow, it’s thrilling. When you hit the last blow yourself, it’s even more thrilling!

This small board game tries to make you feel like you were a child when you played it. For the most part, this smaller version of the board game does give you the same experience. It might be faster to play some of the games because there is less space.

I like that both players still get a game unit. This is a great thing. When you play on a shared board, you’re not giving up anything.

When playing Battleships, it’s normal to worry that some of the small pieces might get lost. This is a good thing, because the brightly coloured pegs are easy to find.

The pegs are a different story, though. It can be hard to get them to stay in place at times.

Battleships is, in a word, a lot of fun. I think this version should still be one of the best travel board games even if there are problems with the pegs.


Two game units were given.

Units can open and block your opponent’s view quickly.

10 ships for you to play with

Different types of ships were on the list.

Very tight.


Pegs can be hard to place at times.

A storage unit could be better than a desk at work.

Catan Dice Game

Catan Dice Game

There are travel games that cater to people who like business, trade, empire-building, and exploration, too. The Catan Dice Game may be one of the best games for travelling right now.

The regular Catan Game is very immersive and takes a lot of time. I think it’s a game that you can play for hours on end.

A lot of people like Catan. If you’ve been interested in the game for some time, you’ll love this new twist on it. If you’re not familiar with Catan, this small version can be a great way to learn more about the cult favourite.

They can be done in about 30 minutes, but they are still fun. There are also well-detailed pieces in the package.

Travel-friendly Catan is also a good place to go with your family. So no one has to be left out of a game.

However, I don’t think the Catan Dice Game is for people who are looking for the regular version of the game, though. Because the game has been reduced in size, you may not enjoy playing it as much as you used to. Is hard for people who already know what Catan is like.

Pros: It can fit up to four players.

Detailed pieces were shown.

About 30 minutes is all it takes to finish a game.

Easy to pack for a trip.

Great for people who want to play regular Catan for the first time.

Cons: It might not be fun for people who already know how to play Catan.

Need a pen?

Codenames Board Game

When it comes to board games that are easy to fall in love with, Codenames is a great one.

There are a lot of different ways to play this type of game. When you work with your team, you have to be very careful when you lay out your attack plan.

The assassin could get you into a lot of trouble if you get in touch with him.

One reason I think Codenames is one of the best travel board games is because it works best with a lot of people. Most travel-size board games aren’t meant to have that many people play.

There is also a game called Codenames that is easy to get into. As soon as you figure out how the game is supposed to work, you’ll start to get excited about each new revelation.

It’s easier to take the game with you when it comes in a small pouch that can be carried on your arm.

If you only play with one person, the game doesn’t work as well. Seeing things that way isn’t very fun. Consider that when you decide whether or not to buy this game.

Pros: It’s a great game for a party that goes on the road.

Suitable for up to 12 people.

A carrying pouch was given.

Pieces are hard to get rid of.

About 15 to 20 minutes is all it takes to play a game, and it can be done.

For two people, this isn’t the best game.

Younger kids might not like this game.

Connect 4 Grab & Go Game Travel Size

Connect 4 Grab & Go Game Travel Size

Connect 4 is one of the most well-known and easy-to-play board games ever. After you learn how the game works, you can quickly put it up and start playing rounds over and over again. It’s one of the best board games you can play while on a trip.

A good game to play on the road is Connect 4. It doesn’t matter where you play because the experience doesn’t change. Even if you’re playing the regular version or this “Grab and Go” version, you’ll still have the same fun.

Checkers are given out at the start of the game. Each player gets 21. If that’s the case, you’ll have a lot of chances to connect with people.

Like the tray, too. You can fold it up next to the playing grid to make the whole thing pretty small and easy to store.

Because the design of the playing grid itself is a little hard to figure out, Because of how the holes are made, the checkers fall out of them. You’re likely to open one of your bags and find the checkers all over.

The whole thing also feels a little cheap. If you handle it too rough or store it the wrong way, it could get broken. Keep that in mind when you’re on the road with this small toy.

Cons: It doesn’t let you enjoy the whole Connect 4 experience while you’re on the go.

Each player is given 21 checkers.

The checkers tray folds up next to the grid where you play.

When folded, it becomes very small.

Easy to put together

Pros: Checkers can fall out of the game grid.

The item feels a little cheap.

Railroad Ink Challenge

With travel in mind, it makes sense to start this list with a game about train lines and roads. Because there’s a new game in the series, it’s also the newest one on the list.

Railroad Ink, as well as its new, more advanced version Railroad Ink Challenge, is a roll-and-write puzzle game that can be played alone or with up to three other people. Game: You’ll roll picture dice and draw what shapes and routes come up on your board.

There are open train tracks and roads on each side of the 7×7 square grid on each player board. In this game, you draw the routes that come up when you roll the dice and try to connect them together. Each connection is worth more points if you can connect them all to the same route. You’ll also get points for filling in the centre squares of your board and for having the longest unbroken rail and highway on your board when the game is over.

This is a simple game that can be learned in just a few minutes. Most of its complexity is hidden in the decisions you make on each turn, making Railroad Ink a great game to learn quickly. There are dice rolls coming up in the future that you’ll have to bet on if you decide to take new paths. Unfinished paths will cost you points in the end. Everyone at the table is drawing from the same dice, which means you’ll only have yourself to blame if you don’t win.

This game, Railroad Ink Challenge, gives you new ways to score as well as more complexity in order to keep things interesting. In exchange for a special reward, you can connect new buildings on the board to your routes. You can also race against the clock or your opponents to complete objective cards in order to get more points for your team. Railroad Ink Challenge doesn’t really change the (train) wheel, but it adds a few new mechanics and concepts to give veteran players a new way to play.

Because there are only so many games you can bring with you on your trip, Railroad Ink is full of replay value. There are a lot of things to like about the game. There is a lot of space inside, but it only takes up a small amount of space on the table during games. With just a few dice, a board, and a pen each, you could play this game on a train table or a table that flips out. So many great board games are about trains. This is the world we live in.

Tiny Epic series

Tiny Epic series

In our list of tiny games, we would be wrong not to mention at least one Tiny Epic game from Gamelyn Games. Because of the name, each Tiny Epic game takes a popular genre or theme and squeezes it into the smallest possible package. Among them are Tiny Epic Zombies, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Galaxies… Already, the series has a long list of books, and the designer, Scott Almes, doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, with more on the way thanks to Kickstarter.

Tiny Epic Game: What is it? So, which one do you choose? While some of the titles have a lot in common, each one is a different way of looking at a different grander thing. There are a lot of zombies in Tiny Epic Zombies, for example, and your players fight them off as they try to stay alive in a dark shopping mall. In Tiny Epic Quest, you play as your group of adventurers as they fight goblins, explore dungeons, find legendary items and spells, and so on. zombies is a tabletop defence game, while Quest is more like a puzzle with dice that you have to push your luck with.

The important thing is that all of these games, even though they come in tiny boxes, can easily compete with games that are much bigger and take up a lot more space. One of the most impressive things about the Tiny Epic series is how Gamelyn Games is able to fit so many big ideas into so many small boxes. The parts and solutions might get smaller and smaller, but their ideas don’t seem to get smaller as a result of this.

When you start setting up the Tiny Epic series, you may run into a problem. The small box size does not always mean that the game itself will be small when you start setting it up. Tiny Epic Quest takes up a lot of space when it’s ready to play. This is great if you have the space for it, but not so great if you’re trying to squeeze the game into a smaller area. Unless you want something to play on the train or in an aeroplane, maybe not.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a dice-rolling strategy game in which you have to take over planets in order to get their resources and build up your empire while you’re on the road. This game doesn’t take up a lot of space because it’s mostly dice and cards. This makes it a good board game for when you’re on the go.