7 Best Dirt Bike Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024

best dirt bike games

It’s one thing to look for a good motorcycle racing game on the PlayStation platform, but it’s another thing to look for a good dirt bike game.

People say that this type of job is still a little “niche,” because there aren’t many good jobs out there to choose from. The last time I had this much trouble was when I was looking for the best bowling games for the PS5.

I fully expect this to change in the near future, though, when newer-generation consoles are made and developers try new things with less-popular genres to get the most out of the consoles.

For now, we’ll have to make do with what we have. These are the best dirt bike games for PS5. To start, I’ve put together a list of the best five options, so let’s start!

MX Nitro: Unleashed

MX Nitro Unleashed

The game MX Nitro: Unleashed is for people who like tricks, nitro, and fast speed. There will be a game by Mad Dog Games LLC in 2020 that can be played on the PS5 with backward compatibility.

Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics in the picture. It might not look as good as other PS5 games that use 4K and 60fps to the fullest, but MX Nitro: Unleashed has some pretty cool environments.

In the races, you can learn and use up to 55 tricks. The controls are simple enough that you don’t have to do too many complicated button combos before you can make a move. The more tricks you can do, the more nitro you’ll get to help your bike go faster.

The game is also a lot like real life. When you make a mistake, you can see how much work went into this. A real-life crash is almost impossible to get back into the race after, which makes it look very scary and very realistic.

Also, there are a lot of bikes to choose from. Each one has its own area of expertise, and there are many to choose from. It might be better at agility and acceleration than another bike, but it might be better at top speed and nitro boost, too!

There was already good sound on the PS4, so it’s no surprise that it’s better on the PS5. In hard to reach places, you can feel the power of your bike.

Camera angles could use a little work, but it’s good enough for one of the best dirt bike games for the PS5 right now.

Trials Rising

There are a lot of dirt bike games made by Ubisoft. This is the third game in the series, called Trials Rising. Trials Fusion came out three years after Trials of the Blood Dragon and five years after Trials Fusion. In 2019, the game came out for the PS4.

There are three different versions, and this third one is the best one yet. Fusion had its good points, but now that it’s been around for a while, the gameplay shows it. Blood of the Dragon, on the other hand, didn’t get a lot of attention.

They are clearly not putting too much thought into realism, which makes the game so fun. Don’t get me wrong: Realistic games have their moments. But sometimes, you just want to have some brainless fun without having to think too much about how it all works out. It’s when games like this are useful.

Trials Rising is one of the best PS5 dirt bike games because it’s full of action and adrenaline. You can “fly” your bike over a pit of fire in the middle of fireworks, or crash through a bank heist scene as it happens.

If you have a newer console, you can play even smoother games. There are very few dirt bike games that can offer everything that Trials Rising does at the same level or better.

Monster Energy Supercross 4

Monster Energy Supercross 4

We’ve been getting new releases from Milestone every year for this racing series. Monster Energy Supercross 4 came out in 2021.

Here are some games that have been made for the PS5, but only one so far has really tried to take advantage of the new and better features. It doesn’t do very well, but at least it tries.

With the DualSense controller in the PS5, Milestone has made it easier for the gamer, cyclist, and bike to connect with each other. In this video game, the adaptive triggers are used very well. The “meh” haptic feedback isn’t very good.

When it comes to graphics, the textures aren’t always perfect, but they still look pretty good and are a lot like the real thing. You’ll probably not pay much attention to the crowd when you’re driving around corners and grinding your brakes, but they won’t be on your mind when you’re in the crowd.

The gameplay is very technical, which makes the game look a little more real. You have to pay attention to the weight and speed of the bike and figure out when to jump and when to slow down.

The “enhanced physics” option can be turned on when you get the hang of things and it starts to feel easy. This will make the game even more realistic and realistic. Unless you are a real expert at motocross, that isn’t likely to happen very early on in the game.

MX vs. ATV All Out

In the MX vs ATV series, there are a few games to choose from. All Out is one of the best PS5 dirt bike games. People think it’s the best game for the PS5 because it was made by THQ Nordic in 2018.

To start with, the game has 4K graphics, but you can only play it at 30 frames per second. It still feels better and shows more detail than on the PS4. There isn’t much to say about it, really.

That being said, even though this isn’t the most visually appealing motocross game you can get your hands on, I’m grateful for the slight improvement. If you can look past the outdated graphics, this is a great game to play.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re a gamer who enjoys watching your skill level rise and your in-game character go from amateur to superstar is that you will like the All Out game’s patient improvement approach. You’ll see your skills grow over time after each race.

Game modes are enough to keep you coming back to the game without getting bored too quickly, In this game, there are a lot of different ways you can play. You can go to one event alone and race against a friend in parade mode, or play with up to 16 other people at once.

As well, there are a lot of different tracks to choose from. In the game, the more money you make, the more vehicles you can buy or change to fit your needs.

Do you know what would be the best thing? An MX vs. ATV game with all the fun things that already make it fun, but with much better graphics that take full advantage of the PS5’s new features in terms of visual and audio improvements. When we can, we’ll make do.

MXGP 2021

MXGP 2021

They made a new game called MXGP 2021. The game was released in 2021. It is the official game of the Motocross World Championship for the 2021 season, following in the footsteps of other games with the same name.

There are more than 40 riders and teams from the MX2 and MXGP 2021 season, as well as the official championship track and a few classic tracks.

There aren’t many new things to do if you’ve already played this game. You can play the whole championship, play one of the game modes, or start a long-term career mode if you’re really into the game. You can also take part in the Grand Prix or time trials, as well as other races.

This is the most exciting mode of the bunch. You can make your own team, or you can choose to ride with an existing one. In the beginning, you have to sign with sponsors and write contracts. Then you start the rollercoaster ride to superstardom.

One big difference between driving a car and driving a bike is how much closer you feel to the bike when you do it. When the rider moves their body, they feel like they have more control over the bike’s path.

Developers try to make these types of games look as real as possible, and Milestone has done a good job with MXGP 2021, especially when it is played on the PS5.

With the adaptive triggers, you can feel the effects of throttling or braking and know when to turn it down or turn it up, so you can get the best out of your car. However, the haptic feedback in Monster Energy Supercross 4 isn’t as good as it was in the first game.

MXGP 2021 is still one of the best dirt bike games for the PS5.

MXGP 2019

This is the best MXGP game that you can buy right now. The MXGP is a race for dirt bikes. If you like dirt bikes, you must have heard of it at some point. To play a dirt bike game like this, you’ll need to buy this. The graphics and gameplay are both perfect in ways that are impossible to think of. In high settings, the game looks very good. If you have an RTX card, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it the most because it looks very good.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

Monster Energy Supercross 3

To make the 3rd Supercross game, they’ll need a lot more people to play this one. A lot of people like Monster because of how it looks and because it sells energy drinks. But now, it’s known for its games where you drive a dirt bike or a motorbike.

Even if you don’t like dirt bike racing, I think you should try this game.

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