10 Best Games Like Catan That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Catan

There are a slew of other, somewhat similar games out there if you enjoyed the classic board game Settlers of Catan. Next, take a look at these!

The popular board game of Settlers of Catan is a go-to for many get-togethers and gaming nights. Trade, resource management, and city-building all come together in a fascinating strategy game that’s simple to learn. Catan was the entry point for many people into the world of board game addiction.

Even though Settlers of Catan has been around since 1995, there are plenty of other board games that are worth your attention, as well. Listed below are some similar games you might want to take a look at if you’re trying to broaden your gaming horizons or experience.

Kristy Ambrose added an update on December 26, 2021: Catan, a classic tabletop story of cities and resources, is still one of the most popular tabletop diversions among fans of the genre. Since last year, board games have taken center stage, and the genre is gaining in popularity. There are now more options for specific hobbies like horror, role-playing, and other types of themed games. Catan is well-liked because of its blend of role-playing and strategy components, and many other games have the same combination of elements. A couple more Catan-like games are here for you to add to your collection.

1. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders

You might consider 7 Wonders if you enjoy strategic commerce. Pick a card and then give the rest to your neighbor; he or she gets a seven-card hand. At the same time, everyone’s chosen cards are revealed, and the game begins with everyone making a decision on their next move.

To win the game, you’ll need to keep an eye on what your fellow players are doing, lest you offer them the keys to success. If you want to keep a card out of your opponents’ hands, it might be better to keep it.

2. Artifacts, Inc.

Similar to Settlers of Catan, but with a New York City setting in 1929, Artifacts, Inc. is a crowdfunded board game. Players have started their own archaeological businesses as a result of a surge in interest in antique relics. In order to expand your archaeology empire, you must sell artifacts and gain money through trading.

In order to accomplish their objectives, players roll dice in order to perform various actions or gain resources. One of the game’s most unusual mechanics is that when a player’s reputation rises, new actions become available, giving them more chances to gain an advantage.

3. Small World

Small World

Small World is a strategy game with a fantasy flavor that focuses on territory control. Fantasy races can be established on the game map, and their distinct abilities can be used to strengthen a player’s position or extract additional resources from the land. In reality, the world is too tiny for everyone to merely get along with one other

Expanding one’s own territory is as simple as attacking an area controlled by your opponent. A variety of race and characteristic combinations are available, and the game’s mechanism ensures that you aren’t stuck with a terrible pair for the entire game. There are a number of ways to plunge your civilisation into decline and establish a new race’s reign of terror.

4. Age of Civilization

If you’re looking for a massive world-building adventure that doesn’t care about time or location, Age of Civilization is your game. Building and exploration take precedence over combat and war in this game, which is a plus for players who enjoy a deep level of immersion.

Starting with an early civilisation and progressing through the ages until reaching the contemporary day, each player can take control of up to three major civilizations. There’s a good chance you’ll learn something while having fun with these historical organizations.

5. Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham

Catan-like games are known for their ruthless resource trading, and Sheriff of Nottingham may be a suitable replacement. It is up to the players to take on the role of merchants who are looking for ways to access the town. It is unfortunate that not all of the products are legal, therefore you must evade the Sheriff’s attention.

Anyone can be Sheriff for a day and be bribed or fooled, but they also have the authority of seizing illegal goods for themselves. Ahead of time, you’ll want to hone your innocent smile.

6. Century: Spice Road

Settlers of Catan and other strategy games like it have just included a new feature that turns their players into masters of the lucrative spice trade. Various colored cubes of variable worth can be exchanged for Point Cards. In the end, the individual who has the most points is the winner.

You can’t just grab some yellow spice and be done with it. To properly convert your spice store into cold hard points, you’ll need to create a hand of Merchant Cards and be flexible as new Point Card objectives come into play.

7. Suburbia


As a city management game, Suburbia aims for a high total number of residents in order to win. For this, you must first become a self-sufficient village and then grow into a prosperous and desirable community.

By spending their money on more valuable structures like airports or high-rise buildings, gamers can increase the population of their community.. This means that you can play it over and over again without becoming bored because you never know what building cards you’ll get each time.

8. Scythe

Players are in charge of a faction in a massive mech conflict, which takes place in a place called “The Factory” in an alternate history version of the 1920s. Because it’s a strategy game in which you develop an engine, you’re constantly looking for methods to improve and optimize your activities in order to maximize your return on investment.

Conquering territory, gaining resources, and establishing yourself as the most powerful nation on the board are your primary objectives. – Scythe, unlike Settlers of Catan, is a fantastic strategy game since there is very little unpredictability. A few bad dice rolls have no effect because the game relies nearly entirely on player choice.

9. Viticulture


Settlers of Catan-like games like Settlers of Catan have a similar rustic vibe to viticulture, although the concentration is on winemaking. Playing the game is like attempting to grow your business and become a real success. There are four distinct seasons in the game, each of which has an impact on the vineyard’s growth. As a result, your little team’s actions change seasonally.

Visitors to your winery can be recruited to help with various duties, allowing you to make the most of your time and resources. To keep your small business afloat, you’ll need to make sensible judgments about where to position your employees and customers.

10. Archipelago

Archipelago is a great option for those looking to take your game nights to the next level. Each player assumes the role of one of several colonial European nations trying to make the most money possible from their trading empires. Both internal and international trading markets must be established, as well as a secret aim for each actor.

Some of the German-style strategy games were criticized by the game’s author because of a lack of involvement. So the Archipelago is a great place for backstabbing and negotiating!