9 Best Games On Nutaku That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best games on nutaku

They go well together, like cookies and milk.

Most customizable mobile OS: Android is open source and can be used to make it easy for you to install your favourite porn games without having to worry about “content guidelines.” Just download the Nutaku App, start it up, and your phone will be full of hentai goodness in no time!

But with so much to choose from and so much to do, you may wonder, “Where do I start?” We know what to do. Natural for you to be a little overwhelmed by how many games we have on the go right now! That’s why we’ve put together a “starter pack” of sorts. It’s a small collection of some of our best books to help you find a new favourite. Grab your phone, make sure you have a free hand, and get ready to start a new game. Asked us to say something else?

Chick Wars

Chick Wars

All of the best mobile TCGs are mixed with a full deck of fantasy babes. Chick Wars has it all! Is Hooligapps’ smash-hit RPG a must-play for you if you like your fights to be very strategic and your sex to be very weird? You can play hardcore HCGs, which have niche fetishes like exhibitionism and hardcore rope play, or you can go head-to-head in hardcore PVP. There’s a lot to like about this game.

Horny Arcana

Western RPGs aren’t for everyone. Japan has a long history of making role-playing games better, which makes us more likely to look there for everything we need. The title Horny Arcana is perfect for you if you’re one of these kinds of people. HARDCORE JRPG games have a lot of fun and complex combat and micromanagement, but they also have a lot of hentai that riffs on all the popular tropes of the genre! If you’ve ever been in love with a sensitive summoner or a MILFy monster in your favourite JRPG, you’ll feel right at home in this place. Find out why Horny Arcana was our Game of the Month over on the blog, or click here.

Project QT

Project QT

Project QT is a puzzle game for people who are a little too old to crush candy or throw birds. Match crystals in RPG battles with anime vixens who are ready to fight. They are both cute and very horny. You can text your favourite girls when you’re not fighting. Then, you can train them with fully interactive and animated sex scenes! Were you a fan of anime? If so, you’ll love getting to know the love ladies of Project QT.

King Of Wasteland

In the past, you’ve had to go through a lot of video game wastelands. We’re pretty sure you haven’t played around in one that was as sexy as King of Wasteland. Collect scrap and kill zombies while building the strongest fortress this side of the apocalypse. Then recruit a gang of kinky road warriors to keep you warm. King of Wasteland is a game that features hardcore BDSM sex with real fetish queens and a huge PVP community. It shows that the horny will rule the world. There is more on our blog!

Eros Fantasy

Eros Fantasy

Eros Fantasy is Nutaku’s newest hentai-themed game. It’s an idle RPG for the discerning otaku, and it’s free to play. If you like anime, this one is based on both old and new shows. It’s based on classic hentai tropes that you’ll be right at home with. In Eros Fantasy, there are a lot of big monster girls and small warrior women in the cast. There is something for everyone. If you want to know what else this game has in store for you, it’s hot out of the oven. Check out our full review on the blog, and stay tuned for more.

Booty Calls

Is it possible to shut down the game and call for booty at any time? Booty Calls lets you do both! It’s kind of like a puzzle game mixed with sexting. You have to match different colour combinations to get girls to like you all over town. Knock a few dates out of the park, and soon, your phone will be full of sexy pictures of pretty anime girls. Also, the game Booty Calls is very diverse, with women of all different races and sizes on show. This makes the game even more fun to play!

Kink Inc.

Kink Inc.

Ever thought about running your own town? Okay, let’s move on to the next question. Have you ever wanted to have sex with everyone in this town? Kink Inc. has you covered with a compelling IRL fantasy with beautiful toon art and addictive idle game mechanics, so you can play for hours. Give lusty doctors and perverts thick, hard-hitting stimulus packages. Then spend more money than you can shake a stick at making your town a hot spot for kinky fun. Check out our full review to learn more about this sexy sim!

Pocket Waifu

If you like Nutaku’s games, Pocket Waifu is one of them. Pocket Waifu is a game where you play with a mobile, almost always present girl who is ready to please you in any way you want.

She has some wants, though.

You can play Pocket Waifu, which is like a version of Tamagotchi from the 1990s, on your phone or tablet. In this case, you have a digital porn pet with you all the time on your PC.

The idea sells itself. It’s not hard to learn, but it’s one of the most addictive porn games you’ll ever play.

Flower Knight Girl

Flower Knight Girl

Flower Knight Girl is one of the most beautiful and sexy Nutaku porn games that I’ve played.

You lead the Flower Knight Squad. Your job is to fight the bosses who have taken over your world and make it better.

The game’s hentai theatrics make the battlefield a dreamy place to be. You’ll find maps with clues. It’s just an amazing thing to do.

Having fun with Flower Knight Girl is more than just fun. It’s an experience that makes you want to come back for more.