10 Best Mech Games Ps4 That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Mech Games Ps4

Override: Mech City Brawl (2018)

Override Mech City Brawl (2018)

In the game, the player can choose from 12 big robots. Each mech has special qualities and unique skill sets. They have great finishing moves and other moves that set them apart. The game has four modes: campaign mode, local versus mode, online versus mode, and co-op mode. Four amazing arenas are based on real cities and countries. With every update, more places are added. At the moment, Tokyo, Egypt, Mexico, and San Francisco are the best places to play. The game also has a garage where you can change the mechs to suit your needs. You can change the way your mech looks and the things it comes with.

Titanfall (2014)

The game is a first-person shooter, and the player controls a soldier from a group called the “Pilots” who can control mech robots called “titans” in the game. This game can be played with other people online. The game takes place in Frontier colonies that have been destroyed. Frontier is a zone for exploring space. It is also called the Frontier Militia. In each game, there are two groups made up of five players each. The first group is called the Marauder Corps, which is also called the “Militia.” The second group is called the “Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation,” or “IMP.” The goal of the team is to beat the other team in the deathmatch so that they can take the “Redeye” spaceship.

Strike Suit: Zero (2013)

Strike Suit Zero (2013)

It is a battle game between spaceships. The player can choose any one of the four spaceships. They are the main attack ship, the interceptor, the bomber, and the fighter. The spaceships have great weapons like plasma cannons, lasers, guided missiles, semi-homing missiles, manual rockets, swarm missiles, homing missiles, Anti-captain ship missiles, and machine guns. This game is a 3D version of space shooting arcade games, which are now being taken off the market because of it. It has weapons that use energy, which makes them hard to use. The game is a little hard because fighter mode and strike mode can be used to control any ship. During battles, the player needs to switch from one mode to the other quickly and well.

Project Nimbus (2017)

The game is an action game with a fast pace and a third-person view. The game takes place on a world in the future that has been completely destroyed and is completely empty. The player is in charge of a humanoid that has weapons and fights against enemies. The humanoid has guns, cannons, and missiles, but its main weapon is a sword with a blade. The players have full freedom in the game. The player can shoot, fly, and do anything else that is possible in the game. The main goal of the game is to beat the bosses and the people who work for them.

War Tech Fighters (2017)

War Tech Fighters (2017)

It’s a great action game with robots, and it’s a very rough game. The fights are real, and it’s easy to get the hang of how to play. The story is very well told, and the way the plot was set up was great. You design and control the mech you want to use. It can do special moves, end fights, and use great weapons. Animations and graphics are so detailed that they make players feel like they are in a dream. Everything about this game is just right, from the sounds to how it plays.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (2016)

This is one of the best first-person shooter games with robots ever made for PS4 and VR. The player is in charge of “Rigs.” Most of the game takes place over five minutes, during which two teams of three players each try to beat each other. There are more ways to play than just the classic “deathmatch.” In the team takedown mode, players compete with each other to get the most takedowns. There’s a mode called “Power Slam” that’s like a landing aimer game. You jump into a ring, but you need to kill enemy robots to get more power for your jump. The last and most unique mode is called “Warzone.” In it, three mechs play American football against each other.

AirMech (2012)

AirMech (2012)

The online battle game you can play with other people is free. The player is in charge of the big robot, which can fly and walk on land. It can also attack from any direction. The player can make small groups of soldiers and send them out to fight. During a match, there are many unique units that can be picked up. You can buy pilots and mechs with kudos, which you get by winning games and doing challenges. There are many game modes, such as warzone, challenges, capture the flag, player vs. player, survival, co-op, and solo. Each of these games has different rules and ways to win.


The whole point of the game is to be sneaky. The player takes control of shooters who are fighting in a big war between Ruthenia and Harmonia, two countries that are close to each other. There are 14 chapters in the game, and the player is in charge of three different characters. You play through the story of each character. The first person in the story is Mikhail, a pilot who lived while the rest of his soldiers died. Olga was the second character. She was a former soldier and police captain in a Ruthenian town when it was part of Garmonia. Leonid, a former rebel leader who is accused of killing someone, is the last person in the story.

Zone of Enders: The Second Runner (2003)

Zone of Enders The Second Runner (2003)

It’s a great hack-and-slash game where you shoot from the third person. In “Orbital Frame,” the player is in charge of Jehuty, a master mech robot with weapons. The game events happen because a character named Dingo comes and hides inside Jehuty’s suit to keep Ken Marineris from attacking him. The fights between machines are amazing and amazing to watch. People would have a great time playing this game.

Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics (2022)

Ignited Steel is a turn-based strategy game with mechs. Manage a team of old-tech mechs that are getting too hot. More heat means more damage and vulnerability. Find out what’s going on in the galaxy as you move from node to node, improve your mechs, get new pilots, and fight the sentient A.I. overlord!