11 Goth Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Goth Anime Characters

All around the world, Gothic culture is a well-known phenomenon. Increasing numbers of people are attracted to this lifestyle mostly because it appears to be cool. Given the popularity of gothic-styled characters, there have been numerous depictions of them in various forms of entertainment. Characters based on this culture have appeared in anime, as well. Isn’t it time to have a look at the top Gothic anime characters? Gothic anime vampire and gothic anime princess are on the list. Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll all have a slew of great gothic anime titles. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below. Enjoy!

11. Nana Osaki, Nana

Nana Osaki (NANA)

Nana Osaki’s inclusion on this list is a no-brainer. Astounding, isn’t she? Makeup, dress, and style are all in the dark. Do you not think they scream gothic? In the anime series ‘Nana,’ Nana Osaki is one of the protagonists. A lot of people are turned off by anime because of the fact that it belongs within the drama subgenre. Even though it’s a drama, this show is plenty of fun. You get to care about the characters after watching the well-crafted episodes. It’s obvious that Nana Osaki is a punk rocker because of her outfit. As the lead singer of a band, she hopes to one day become a well-known singer. She quits her band and moves to Tokyo to pursue her passion. To begin with, Nana is little and elegant, with short black hair and dark eyes that gleam. Lash, purple eyeshadow, and a bright red lip are all she wears when she’s out and about. You’ll fall in love with her because she’s lovely and because of her cool and fearless nature.

10. Kurumi Tokisaki, Date A Live

This girl, KurumiTokisaki, has nailed the gothic style. ‘Date A Live,’ an anime comedic harem sci-fi series, has Kurmi as its major antagonist. Like many harem anime, the series features a standard setup. To achieve a vital goal, the protagonist must connect and form a relationship with female characters. The advent of these extraterrestrial souls on Earth causes a Spacequake, wreaking havoc on the planet. The protagonist’s sister is the chief of an anti-spirit task team meant to eradicate them. Instead of resorting to violence, the protagonist discovers that he can subdue a spirit by inducing it to fall in love. The picture is starting to make sense now. Shidou’s love interest, Kurumi, is a spirit who has developed feelings for him. She has developed a serious crush on him. Kurumi is a person of two minds. While she has a sweet schoolgirl personality, she also has a psychopathic murderous personality. Her most distinguishing physical trait is a pair of eyes that are each a different shade of blue.

9. Misa Amane, Death Note

Misa Amane from Death Note

The reason Misa Amane is on this list is due of her gothic punk rock style of dressing. However, she is unique in that she possesses the polar opposite personality traits. Nana Osaki, too, exhibits this trait. They have a great sense of humour and are always up for a good time. Most of the time these folks are thought of being socially isolated and avoiding contact with others. ‘Death Note’ character Misa is one of the most important. If you don’t know about the show, then you aren’t a big anime fan. But I don’t intend to say that all the popular shows are required to be watched. You should have heard about it at the very least. There is no doubt in my mind that Light is using Misa for his own ends, but she doesn’t know it. I suppose even if she had known, she’d be working for him as if she didn’t. Misa has wide eyes, straight blonde hair, and a thin physique, making her a beautiful woman. The eyes of the Shinigami are in her. She is Light’s girlfriend and a well-known model.

8. Celestia Ludenberg, Danganronpa

You only have to take one glance at her to realize what the term “gothic-lolita” means. Yes, she is a shining example of this particular style. The anime series ‘Danaganronpa,’ which takes place at a school called Hope’s Peak Academy, has Celestia Lundenberg as a supporting character. Entry into the academy is competitive, but those who succeed are awarded a title that accurately describes their character characteristics and abilities. In order to escape or graduate, the pupils must kill one of their fellow students without being caught by their principal, a bear of the same name. Celestia is referred to as “the ultimate gambler” in the series. Her hair is dark, and her eyes are bright red. Her complexion is really fair. Because of her prowess in the art of deception, Celestia is also known as the Queen of Lies. When she tells the truth, it’s hard to tell if she’s talking the truth or lying.

7. Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

In the popular anime series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,’ Lust is one of the primary antagonists. In the beginning, we see her as one of the most prominent villains. She is also the first homunculus that the audience sees. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is one of the most popular anime series of all time. ” Almost everywhere I’ve seen it, people have been raving about how well it’s done. It’s because the characters are so engaging and, at times, relatable, despite the fact that the show is sci-fi. The character of Lust is one of those that grabs your attention. With her partner gluttony, known as Ultimate Spear, she is known as the Ultimate Spear. When it comes to propelling the plot forward and keeping things interesting, Lust has a vital role to play in this series. She has a lovely face and a slim, curvy physique. Her form-fitting black dress enhances her voluminous bust. The Ouroboros emblem, which is intended to be on each of the seven homunculi, may be seen on her chest.

6. Black★Gold Saw, Black★Rock Shooter

The anime ‘BlackRock Shooter’ has a lot of gothic girls to select from, and we’ll take a look at three of them. BlackGold Saw is the first. She’s one of the show’s most prominent characters. There is a lot to like about the Black Rock Shooter concept. Mato and Yomi bump into each other at the same time. It’s no secret that Mato has a crush on Yomi. Nevertheless, Yomi is defiant. After seeing the bluebird on Mato’s phone, Yomi begins to converse with her after discovering a shared passion in the bird. These females appear in a different shape in an alternate reality, and their actions there seem to have an effect on the people here. This is an intriguing notion that could have been executed better. The anime, on the other hand, is not the reason for our visit. We’re here for BlackGold Saw, the gothic girl. Her eyes are a fiery red, and a flame shoots from them. A black bikini and a black jacket are the only pieces of clothing she is wearing. When she shaves her head, her hair turns a fiery shade of red. She wields a massive sword with a golden blade and has skeletal claws. The horns of BlackGold Saw are black, but the tips are red.

5. Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Going to see ‘Ergo Proxy’ is probably a good idea if you like psychological, mystery anime. This is a pretty good show that keeps you interested all the way through. This anime series features a female protagonist named Re-L Mayer. In Romdo, one of the few remaining cities that supports human civilisation, she is the granddaughter of the king. Due to a global ecological crisis, the area outside of these dome cities is uninhabitable. Automated Reivs, which are humanoid robots that aid people in their daily tasks, have been developed to help our species survive. However, a virus outbreak is causing these dolls to become self-aware. Re-L is now in charge of looking into the cause of the outbreak. This list is a result of her clothing and makeup, as well as her personality. When it comes to her city’s gothic culture, Re-L is a bit of an outsider. She seems cold and detached at the beginning of the series, but we can sense a shift in her personality as the story progresses.

4. Rory Mercury, Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri’s female protagonist, Rory Mercury, is an action and adventure anime series. In her role as a demigod, she is subordinate to Emroy, the god of bloodshed, crime, and all things violent. In spite of her age, she appears to be a teenage girl in looks. Her body no longer aged as she attained the status of a divinity. Yet another Gothic lolita, this time with a red frill-trimmed gothic skirt. Rory is a striking young woman with striking features, including large, bright red eyes and long, thick black hair. As a primary weapon, she has a large ax that she uses to combat.

3. Sakuya Tsukumo, Absolute Duo

Sakuya Tsukumo, Absolute Duo

When it comes to anime, it appears that most gothic-styled female characters are lolis. What is it about them that they find so compelling? I understand that the characters’ designs are attractive, but why not include some more mature female characters in the same style? Sakuya Tsukumo is a supporting character in the action, supernatural, harem anime series ‘Absolute Duo’. According to this synopsis, the story revolves around the fact that the protagonist is in an academy full of female students and has some unusual skill that attracts the attention of the female students. The head of the Kouryou Academy, where these characters study, is Sakuya Tsukumo. There are white frills on the ends of her black outfit, which she wears with pride. In addition to her black hair and pale skin, she possesses violet purple eyes.

2. Maria Naruse, Shinmai Maou no Testament

She is a succubus in the anime series “Shinmai Maou no Testament” and one of the main characters. If you’ve been looking for some ecchi-related anime, you should have heard of this one. See it if you haven’t already and want to see some ecchi things where topless photos aren’t censored. Mio’s guardian, Maria Naruse, is the devil’s child. Her attire, which is reminiscent of something from the Victorian era in black, earns her a spot on this list. You may refer to her as a gothic loli because she falls into the loli category. When she wants more power, she can slip a key into the keyhole-like device over her chest and transform into a mature woman with voluptuous assets. Maria has a tendency to act childishly and enjoys making fun of others. When Basara was made Mio’s master, it was her who reversed the enchantment.

1. Black★Rock Shooter, Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter

The anime ‘BlackRock Shooter’ has the titular character, BlackRock Shooter, as one of its key characters. Having dark hair and all-black attire, she looks like a character from the gloomy gothic culture. In an other universe, she is Matoi’s other self. The ‘BlackRock Shooter OVA’, which is the inspiration for this anime, featured her and the other characters. Like BlackGold Saw’s outfit, hers features a black bikini and a black jacket. Her eyes are blue, and a blue flame pours out of her left eye, unlike BlackGold Saw’s. Given her age, she is noticeably underweight and small in stature. Her demeanor is icy and she often speaks her mind without elaboration. While battling, she maintains a cool demeanor, yet she has a nasty streak as well. As long as she can reach her goal, she doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. BlackRock Shooter is a competitive individual who dislikes losing. She uses a gigantic rock canon as her primary weapon.