10 Best Games Like Tetris That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Tetris

Look no further than this page if you want to play Tetris-like games online. Here are some of the best Tetris ripoffs available online for free.

Tetris is widely regarded as the ideal video game by many. Even calculators can be used to play the game. It’s available for nearly every platform and operating system out there.

There are also a number of other Tetris-like games out there, with developers attempting to make their own take on the successful formula. These Tetris games can also be played online in your browser!

So, without further ado, here are the best free online games like Tetris…

1. Tetris.com

If you’re going to play Tetris, you might as well start at the source. The Tetris Company’s version of Tetris is a stripped-down experience. You can use a keyboard or mouse to play, and the game has a few customization options to help you get the most out of it.

However, knowing that you are playing the authentic version rather than a clone of Tetris is nice.

2. Tetris Gems

Tetris Gems

The classic Tetris game can also be played in a new way on the Tetris official website. At the bottom of the board, there are a few layers of rock. Ten separate blocks drop down instead of the full row disappearing at once after you clear a line.

More lines can be cleared below with these pieces, resulting in massive combos. You’ll find handy benefits as you work your way through the rock. It’s just different enough to give Tetris aficionados something new to appreciate without sacrificing the original’s essence..

3. Tetris N-BLOX

While it differs slightly from the official Tetris website, this version provides a similar level of service. Because it doesn’t work with a mouse, you can only see one tetromino at a time instead of all three.

It’s also impossible to juggle a block after it hits the stack, as the piece “lockdown” occurs practically immediately. This makes it more like the original Tetris game on the NES than any other current remake.

4. First-Person Tetris

First-Person Tetris

This Tetris-like game adds an extra level of difficulty to the games we’ve already looked at. When a block is rotated, the entire screen moves with it, making it appear as though you’re playing Tetris on a TV.

Keeping track of where your block will finish up is difficult when your vision is constantly spinning. Enabling Light Out in the menu will make everything except the blocks dark, which will up the difficulty even further. In Crisis will focus on your neighborhood, making it difficult to see anything else.

5. Tetris 3D

Tetris 3D is a Tetris-like puzzle game with a few twists. Instead of a two-dimensional board, you’ll have to move pieces around a circular area. Like in classic Tetris, it will vanish once a 15-block line has been filled. This version of Tetris begins with some blocks already in place, which is unusual for a Tetris game.

Classic, Time Track, and Leveller modes are all available. You’ll have a good time even if it doesn’t appear like much.

6. Mario Tetris

Mario Tetris

This is what would happen if Super Mario Bros. was reimagined as a Tetris-style game. Switching between Mario’s regular platforming and Lakitu’s Tetris-style block dropping is part of the fun.

To make Mario’s journey easier, you’ll have to be strategic with your use of blocks. Even if you’re playing Tetris, Mario’s foes can still attack him!

Mario Tetris, unfortunately, is a Flash game. You should learn how to download Flash games to play them offline now that Flash is going away. Allowing you to retain titles like this one around after they’ve expired.

7. TenTrix

Those who adore Tetris, but prefer a more leisurely pace, may enjoy this off-brand Tetris game. Instead of having pieces fall into place on their own, you’ll need to use a 10×10 board and a method of dragging three-block groups.

Once a row is completed, it will disappear, but if you are unable to insert a block, the game is ended. TenTrix has a few pieces that aren’t normal tetrominoes, so you’ll need to think carefully about how to avoid getting trapped.

8. Jstris


Fans of Tetris will find a lot to like on this site. Online multiplayer Tetris games, in particular, are a breeze using this method. First-time visitors are immediately thrown into a live game with other participants. Because there is no ranking system, you could be playing against someone who is just starting out or someone who is an absolute expert.

You can send trash to your opponents by clearing numerous lines at once in this multiplayer game. Jstris includes a variety of modes, both single-player and multiplayer, to choose from. The Jstris Guide provides an overview of the features available.

9. Blockout

Blockout is a three-dimensional Tetris-like game. As the pieces fall from the top of the screen, you’ll need to guide and rotate them in all three directions. When a layer is completely filled in, it will disappear.

It’s a fun method to test your skills if you’ve mastered the standard version of Tetris and want to try something new. Emulators for the DOS version can be found online, as can a free remake titled Blockout II.

10. Worldwide Combos

Worldwide Combos

Playing Tetris against the computer isn’t your cup of tea? The objective of this Tetris clone is to compete one-on-one with an opponent. The object is to knock out your opponent more times than they do to you (by piling their blocks high).

A ranking system ensures that you play against people of a similar ability level to your own even if the game is newer than Jstris. Make sure you sign up for a free account first, but it’s well worth it if your goal is to get better at Tetris.