10 Best Games Like FNF That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like FNF

Friday Night Funkin devotees will not be disappointed. For more musical exploration, take a look at these albums.

Friday Night Funkin’s popularity has surprised even its creators. Since the release of the game, the rhythm genre has witnessed a significant increase in popularity. Mods for Friday Night Funkin have even been sought after by players looking to get more out of the game.

There are a number of other games worth checking out as well. Plenty of other dance-related titles and rhythm games with their own distinctive twists are available for gamers to enjoy. Consider these additional music-themed games if you’re looking for a similar experience.

10 Quaver


In terms of rhythm games, Quaver may be the most difficult, as it has gameplay that moves at an incredible rate. Onscreen instructions flash past so quickly that it’s difficult to hit them all at once.

Unlike Quaver, Friday Night Funkin is much easier to learn and play. But this simply makes the other more enticing. As a result of the game’s great difficulty, players’ primary goal is to overcome it.

9 Etterna

Another rhythm game that demands players to literally mash the keyboard is Etterna, which is a very difficult game to master. Despite the game’s difficulty, it’s still enjoyable for those who put in the effort.

A perfect combo is especially exciting because the game sets players up for failure by requiring so many different patterns to be accomplished. As long as you’re able to face the difficulty of Etterna, you’re a top player in your own right.

8 Osu!


osu! is a new twist on a familiar genre!

Beatmaps must be traced to complete on-screen sequences. This implies that gamers must keep their fingers nimble at all times, as the best strategy is to hit the proper combos.

Like other entries, this one outlines a musical motif. If you don’t finish the work, you’ll have to start over from scratch. It’s as difficult as you’d expect, but that’s what you get when you participate in this genre, right?

7 Mad Rat Dead

Traditional rhythm aspects are mixed with an entirely different style of game in this fascinating title. A rhythm platformer at heart, Mad Rat Dead requires players to side scroll their way through stages in time with the music. It’s an intriguing idea in theory, but the developers really outdid themselves with the final product.

There is a beautiful visual style and compelling soundtrack to Mad Rat Dead, as well as interesting characters and an intriguing tale. This hidden treasure is a must-have for anyone who enjoys rhythm games but also wants some platforming action.

6 Muse Dash

Muse Dash

In Muse Dash, the music genre is included into the adventure-style gameplay of Muse Dash. You must direct your player avatar through an ever-changing universe of side-scrolling opponents while doing so.

This allows the music to flow smoothly, making the experience both for the benefit of gameplay and a pleasure to the ear. Colorful splashes of Muse Dash’s aesthetic add to the pleasure.

5 Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash, disguised as a puzzle-solving game, is simple in design. An icon must be steered through a universe populated with geometric figures. If this sequence is repeated, the accompanying music can continue to play in the background.

Though the game can be a challenge on its own, make no mistake. Because of the icon’s speed, it’s more difficult than it appears to avoid the geometric figures. Even so, the musical cues are enough of an incentive to see things through to the end.

4 Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor

Players that can keep up with the tempo on Friday Night Funkin are rewarded. FNF’s four key structures have a lot of diversity in their accuracy. Rhythm Doctor is one of the few games on this list that can only be controlled by pressing a single button. In each level, players only need to press the space bar.

But don’t be fooled by the one-button simplicity. Rhythm Doctor bills itself as ‘the hardest one button rhythm game you’ll ever play,’ and it certainly lives up to that claim. In order to complete each level, players will have to strike the seventh beat of the song while also avoiding a variety of other potential distractions. Through a series of carefully orchestrated latency spikes, bugs, and other frustrating problems, the game is attempting to make the user break their rhythm.

3 DJMax Respect

Those who are up to the task of playing this game will recognize how aptly named it is. Compared to other games, DJMax Respect isn’t as difficult, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. As long as a player can maintain their focus, the game’s objective is to land all of the falling symbols in their corresponding columns.

As long as the tracks are running, music will accompany the action. DJMax Respect has more than 100 songs to choose from, so there’s no shortage of replay value.

2 Taiko No Tatsujin

Taiko No Tatsujin

In this game, players use a virtual drum to make the combos that display onscreen. If you miss the marks, you can keep going until you get a high enough score.

Playing against someone else is the most enjoyable component of this game, as things really pick up when competitive mode is activated. While the song continues to play, players can only hear the most melodic version of the tune if they land the most drum beats.

1 Project Diva

To complete the dancing sequence of the character onscreen, Project Diva demands players to respond quickly to the button prompts that occur. This is a departure from most video games, where visual aids are not offered to help players comprehend how good execution impacts gameplay.

Beyond that, expect your usual rhythm-based amusement. Fans of the presentation in Project Diva will like the variety of dance moves the on-screen character performs to a variety of different music.