10 Best Games Like HoI4 That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like HoI4

The 10 best games like Heart of Iron 4

World War II Grand Strategy game Hearts of Iron IV is the most recent release. In my opinion, the two subgenres complement one another really well. There are a number of games out there for individuals who want to take command of huge armies or entire countries on the battlefield or in the air. For those who aren’t satisfied with Hearts of Iron IV but still want more, we’ve compiled our top ten favorites for those who like the series.

10. Men of War

Men of War

A 3rd-person tactical shooter, Men of War deviates from the typical formula of real-time strategy games by focusing on plot and specialized missions rather than on base building. Nevertheless, Men of War’s unique concept allows players to assume full control of any unit, be it a soldier or a tank, at any time during the game. AI-controlled soldiers will be taking an objective, but you can still participate and play as a 3rd person hero.

9. Crusader Kings II

Although a Grand Strategy game set in the days of knights, swords and bows is a far cry from commanding tank divisions and ordering bombing 

It may seem out of place on this list for a Grand Strategy game that focuses on family ties and dynastic rivalries rather than tank divisions and city-leveling bombing raids, but Crusader Kings II is here because of its direct connection to Hearts of Iron IV’s dynastic rivalries and dynastic relationships. The Witcher and Mass Effect-style game series may be exported to other Paradox titles, and with Europa Universalis IV and Victoria II, you can play from 798 AD to 1964.

8. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

Even though the original Company of Heroes is a fantastic game, few games can last more than 30 playthroughs without aging or getting tedious, hence the sequel was created. Despite my preference for the original, CoH 2 is a worthy successor, with new and well-integrated mechanisms like weather enhancing an already dynamic setting. And its campaign mode, this time based on the Eastern Front instead of the Western Front, continues to offer some of the best writing in a strategy game, with the gameplay perfectly matching the narrative of the plot.

7. Victoria II

Victoria II, the prequel to Hearts of Iron IV, focuses on trade, industry, and population control during the Industrial Revolution. Victoria II gives a pleasant break from the military concentration of Hearts of Iron IV, allowing the player to build up his or her nation’s economy and people, not only its armaments and troops. It’s also possible to import games like EU IV and Clash of the Kings II into Hearts of Iron IV.

6. Hearts of Iron 3

Hearts of Iron 3

When Paradox released its Clausewitz engine-based World War II Grand Strategy game Hearts of Iron III back in 2011, it marked a major shift in gameplay for the series, bringing the dynamic map, completely 3D models with gobs of detail, and other new elements to the table. You may design your own battle plans, allowing you to plan out every stage of your military activities, making the game feel more like you’re a general watching over a battlefield.

5. Europa Universalis IV

Paradox’s Grand Strategy franchise, spanning such a long period of time (1444-1821), contains an enormous amount of content, and for those worried they will miss the dynamic combat and technological advancement of World War II, EU IV will see you progress from halberdiers and bowmen to Musketeers and cannon. It’s also possible to play EU IV games in other countries, allowing you to influence the path of history in your own nation.

4. Men of War: Assault Squad

Men of War Assault Squad

As much fun as the first Men of War was, it’s clear that the game’s mechanics didn’t completely match the game’s specialized tasks along a storyline. Men of War: Assault Squad, on the other hand, corrects this problem to its core. Missions are now straightforward, with the goal of capturing all key points and advancing your army to the conclusion. With every point you capture, both your resources and your army’s strength increase, but the same is true for the opposition. Men of war: Assault squad, in contrast to Company of Heroes, has realistic combat and battles.

3. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes, a World War II real-time strategy game, requires little introduction. Over the past decade, it has been adored, and a fully integrated fan mod was just created for it. Company of Heroes is a solid real-time strategy game, but what makes it so enjoyable for me are the little touches that make it feel more like a real-world experience. Even if they are not engaged in combat, you may still hear their radio communications as well as the thoughts of your soldiers. The constant movement of the soldiers adds realism to the experience even further.

2. Victoria Revolutions

Victoria Revolutions

Victoria: Revolutions, another older Paradox game, like Darkest Hour, has stood the test of time because to its superb gameplay. Victoria, which takes place in the years 1836-1936, allows you to experience the rise of your nation’s global influence during the industrial revolution, not simply through its military might but also through its international renown and industrial prowess. You can also import your progress from Victoria into Darkest Hour, just like you can with other recent Paradox games.

1. Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

A good game is still a good game, no matter how many times you’ve played Hearts of Iron IV or watched the Avengers. As a matter of fact, Darkest Hour is not just a decent game; it’s an incredible one. As a fan mod for Hearts of Iron 2, Darkest Hour has a lot to live up to in terms of gameplay, mechanics (still being patched to this day), replayability (almost limitless), and an enormous modding community. It is to Hearts of Iron 2 what Majora’s Mask is to Zelda.