9 Best Games Like Moshi Monsters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Moshi Monsters

Looking for a game similar to Moshi Monsters online?

It is possible to have a pet in a virtual world, such as Moshi Monsters, and still have fun with it.

Children between the ages of 5 and 14 can adopt a virtual monster to keep as a pet in the Moshi Monsters virtual world.

On this page, you can find games like Moshi Monsters that are suitable for children, adolescents, and young adults. Comment below if you know of any other options that allow you to care for your own pet.

1 – Wauies – The Pet Shop Game

Wauies – The Pet Shop Game

Outside of Moshi Monsters, Wauies is one of the best pet-based games around. letting you choose from among more than 300 different varieties of canine Taking care of Wauies gives you a taste of what it’s like to care for, train, and breed your own animal. The game may be played in any web browser and is absolutely free to play.

Customize your pet’s home with all kinds of goods, train them for one of the numerous dog shows, or show them off to other players and try to win the most popular dog contest after you chose your ideal pet and name them

In terms of creature adoption, no other game comes close to Wauies if you’re a fan of Moshi Monsters.

2 – Lady Popular

Although it shares many similarities with the other free browser games on this page, Lady Popular concentrates on fashion rather than action. Those who enjoy virtual world games but want to focus on their avatars and homes would find this ideal.

There are dozens of different virtual regions to explore in this game, each with its own distinct set of features, such as shopping, fashion competitions, and the ability to earn in-game currency for doing certain activities.

Lady Popular is a terrific online game like Moshi Monsters that will keep you entertained for a long time, especially if you are a fashionista.

3 – Fantage


Similar to Moshi Monsters, an MMO game for children

Fantage, like Moshi Monsters, is a popular virtual world game with a plethora of things to do.

4 – Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a browser-based game that invites you to explore the environment around you and discover new things. There is an explorer in the game that is as curious as they are. What’s the matter with her? My daughter has an inquisitive nature. Explore our own world, its cultures, and all that it has to offer in Animal Jam.

There are a variety of ways to personalize your character, including having a pet and decorating a home, as well as forming long-lasting friendships through the game’s social aspects.

This is a must-play for any fan of the Moshi Monsters experience, thanks to its browser-based playability and abundance of free content.

5 – OurWorld


This is another virtual world where you can create your own unique avatar, interact with other users in a safe setting, take part in activities, and play the occasional game. OurWorld

Over the course of the game’s many years of operation, a sizable community has formed, making it one of the most popular games of its kind. The game is geared toward a more older demographic of gamers, with a suggested age range of 13 and up.

6 – Fishao

Fans of Moshi Monsters will love Fishao, a game that allows them to swap out their monsters for fish!

The story takes place in a fantasy world of enchanted places. For the sake of exploration, Fishao urges players to work together as a team. Colorful graphics and easy-to-follow gameplay make this a great game for children of any age.

Fishao is a good choice if you like Moshi Monsters but want something new with a catch-em-all feel.

7 – Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel

Unlike Moshi Monsters, Habbo Hotel is an entirely virtual environment that revolves around a massive hotel.

There are presently hundreds of rooms to explore and play games in Habbo’s virtual world, where you may meet and interact with millions of other people.

Even quests are included in Habbo Hotel’s extensive gaming selection. It’s always great to be a part of Habbo, which is continually expanding and introducing new stuff.

8 – Club Penguin

However, Club Penguin is a popular alternative to other games in the category since it offers a big virtual environment that appeals to youngsters and tweens.

Despite the fact that the game may be played online for free, Club Penguin members can enjoy additional bonuses.

Club Penguin features more than 35 million registered users and a wide variety of mini games, emoticons, collectibles, and Puffles for you to care for and play with. ‘

Club Penguin places a great deal of emphasis on the safety of its users online, and the Nintendo DS platform is also supported.

9 – Neopets


In comparison to Moshi Monsters, Neopets is one of the first virtual pet games. When compared to the newer totally Flash-based virtual pet games, this one is played entirely within your internet browser.

Adopting up to four pets (known as Neopets) is the responsibility of the player in the game of Neopets. To earn Neopoints, you must play the many mini games accessible on the website.

Battledomes are also available on Neopets, where people compete to see who has the strongest Neopet.

10 – Age 33 years old 2022

As they tour a virtual town, players can personalize their avatars by changing their hairstyles and outfits.

In just a few short years, Fantage has grown to a user base of over 15 million and has become a popular online world for youngsters aged 6 to 14.

The game’s three-tier defense system of chat moderation, automatic filtering, and in-game user reporting is one of the strongest when it comes to online safety.