10 Best Games Like Tennis That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Tennis

There are many people throughout the world that like and participate in tennis. Nevertheless, don’t dismiss racquet sports out of hand if you aren’t enthralled by them. There are other choices, and you never know which one will be your favorite.

1. Badminton


Badminton, like Tennis, is a racket-based sport. Shuttlecocks are used instead of balls. In this game, two players (singles) or four persons (two players on each team) can participate (doubles).

A badminton match consists of three sets, with the winner being determined by a two- or three-set victory. The first player to score 15 points in a game set in the original style wins the game. Despite the fact that there is now a rally-point format, Wins are awarded to the first team to score 21 points.

Fun fact: Badminton originated in ancient Greece and Egypt as a pastime for youngsters. During the 18th century, British troops stationed in India discovered the artifact. Badminton became an official sport in the United Kingdom in 1873 when the Duke of Beaufort introduced it to his peers after returning from the First World War.

2. Pickleball

Pickleball is, of course, our favorite sport! Tennis-style duels or solitary contests are possible in this sport. In the meanwhile, the court dimensions are identical to those of badminton. The rackets used by the players are made of solid wood. Paddles made of composite materials are just as acceptable as those made of wood.

Players in Pickleball are limited to serving the ball from their waists, unlike in Tennis and Badminton, where players have more leeway. The underhand stroke is used to serve.

Because of errors (such as failing to return the ball, going into the non-volley area or hitting the ball outside court bounds), opponents are awarded points. For the purposes of scoring, the serves are used. The game is won by the player who scores 11 points or more first (15 or 21 points in tournaments).

3. Squash

Squash can only be played in a confined space. The front wall is hit by players in alternating turns. If you don’t, you’ll be penalized. A tennis court is rectangular, just like a basketball court. In a best-of-five set match, the winner is the first to 11 points. If you win three of the five sets, you’ve won the match. World Squash Federation competitions are offered all year round if you want to compete professionally.

4. Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis

Tennis and Volleyball are combined in Beach Tennis. Playing it on the beach is a need. Beach Tennis USA and Beach Tennis USA USA are two distinct forms of the sport. Unlike beach volleyball, which is played with a beach racquet and a tennis ball, paddle racquet tennis is played with a tennis racquet and a paddle. Tennis Equipment for the Beach

5. Racquetball

Check try Racquetball if none of the aforementioned appeals to you. There is no net in this sport, unlike in Tennis and other racquet sports.. Serve receiving and service zones remain within the court’s rectangular perimeter.

Indoors or out, this is a sport that anyone can participate in. A racquetball racket is required to play (think of this as a stringed paddle or a cross between a paddle and a Tennis racquet). Hollow rubber balls are utilized. Racquetball Parts and Accessories.

6. Soft Tennis

As an alternative to traditional tennis, you could be interested in Soft Tennis if you’re concerned about the difficulty of playing with hard balls. Softballs are used in place of the more common Lawn Tennis balls.

The court is about the same size as a typical tennis court. Like the other games on this list, you can play singles or doubles matches. Lawn Tennis’s scoring and winner-determination rules are also followed.

7. Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis, like Lawn Tennis, is another another game that resembles it. Except for a few small variations, the gameplay and score rules are remarkably similar. The main distinction is that the court is a third of the normal Tennis court’s size.

Another big difference is the equipment. A paddle with holes and a length of 18 inches is used by the players. The sponge ball itself has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

8. Basque Pelota

Known as the world’s fastest-moving ball sport, it was invented in Spain. So, if you have a requirement for speed in a racket game, this is great for you. Jai Alai, a gaming company based in the United States, currently manages Basque Pelota.

Pelota is a one-handed game in the Basque Country. A wooden bat, a racket, or a frontis/fronton is employed (basket positioned against a wall). The court is often split into two halves by a net or a line placed on the ground when matches are played in doubles format. Regulations governing the sport are enforced by the International Federation of Basque Pelota (IFBP).

9. Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a fun racket sport that you may try your hand at. In the United States, it’s also known as Ping Pong. Fans all over the world like playing this game that originated in the United Kingdom. For the past two decades, Chinese players have dominated the sport of Table Tennis at the highest levels.

Table Tennis can only be played on a rectangular surface. A net is placed in the middle of the table to finish the setting. A lightweight and compact plastic ball is used by the players in order to play the sport. Singles and doubles matches can be played in this sport, just like in tennis. A two-point advantage is required to win a set in a seven-set match.

10. Fives

Fives is a racket sport that utilizes walls as well. What’s unique about Fives is that players actually use their hands (bare or gloved) to hit and rally the ball, despite it being a racket sport. Hand-Tennis and Hand-Pelota are other names for this sport. This sport has a slew of variants, all of which have an impact on how it is played.