10 Best Games Like Rolling Sky That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Rolling Sky

A board, arcade, and single-player video game called Rolling Sky was created and released by Cheetah Games and is available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. As the player controls a ball, he or she must avoid obstacles and traps in order to advance to the next level and score points. You must leap your way through a variety of hard stages and countless obstacles in order to become a master. The player controls a new basketball in the game, which they can use to score points. 3D environments allow players to experience the game’s fictional obstacles, traps, and hazards. It has a one-touch interface, 3D graphics, and soothing music. As the player advances through the game, the difficulty increases. To prove his worth, he might challenge his friends to break the record and show off his skills. Among the game’s notable features include a stunning 3D world, spectacular scenes, a speed test, and one-touch controls. Rolling Sky is the best game to play and enjoy because of its excellent mechanics, engaging gameplay, and stunning visuals.

#1 Switchball


In Switchball, Atomic Elbow and Sierra Online have produced a Puzzle Platform, Third-Person Perspective, and Third-Person Exploration game. Single-player and multiplayer options are available, and the action takes place in stunning 3D settings. With his function as “Marble” assigned by the game, the player must direct the marble along tight routes suspended in midair and split into five distinct habitats such as “Caves,” “Lava,” “Sky,” “Cloud,” and “Ice.” Jumping, rolling, and interacting with various items are all available to the player. As you progress through the game you’ll come across a wide variety of obstacles like whirling fans and cannon balls. Players have a limited amount of time to accomplish each level before the clock runs out. Players can advance to new levels and environments after accumulating sufficient experience or meeting the necessary conditions. Thirty levels and five distinct planets await you in single-player or multiplayer modes. Switchball is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.

#2 Spectraball

Shorebound Studios developed and published Spectraball, a puzzle platformer and single-player video game. The action takes place in realistic settings, and the player has complete control over the spherical object while enjoying frantic gameplay. Maze-like levels, mind-bending puzzles, and a variety of locations, including snowy forests and mountains, are all available. Various stages must be completed in a limited amount of time, and the player must avoid obstacles, solve riddles, and make it to the end of each one. The arrow keys are used to control the object, and the game is played in third-person mode. In order to unlock new abilities, mini-games, maps, and skins, collect power ups and accumulate enough points. As the player meets the requirements, more levels will be unlocked. Puzzles and strategy gameplay can be combined to provide an immersive experience for the user. It is possible for the user to roll, launch, and jump through a variety of interesting and different locations. Exciting features include a fast-paced gameplay and a variety of abilities, mini-games, an Achievement System, and an online leaderboard. If you’re seeking for games like Marble Madness, you’ll adore this one.

#3 Islands of Diamonds

Islands of Diamonds

Happymonitor Game Studio developed and released Islands of Diamonds, an arcade, puzzle platform, and single-player video game. There are more than 30 islands, each with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles. It’s up to the player to guide a coconut to the conclusion of the level while avoiding obstacles. There is a new maze for each level and the player must find diamonds and score the most points to compete against his buddies. Seamus, the protagonist of the story, was shipwrecked and found himself on an unknown island. The player is needed to aid the protagonist return to his home. Before the timer runs out, make your way through dangerous islands filled with traps and brain-teasing riddles. The primary features of the game include 30 islands, 3D graphics, dynamic sounds, and excellent mechanics. It’s up to you.

#4 Chronovolt

Published by Playerthree for PlayStation Vista, Chronovolt features puzzle platforming as well as a single-player campaign mode. The game takes place in a beautiful universe that includes a variety of landscapes, from forests to mountains. Get into the gaming world where you control a Chronosphere ball and collect power-ups known as Chronovolts as you progress through the level and increase your speed. Each has an own terrain, puzzles, and challenges to contend with. Like Marble Madness and InFlux, the game has a similar gameplay. Using a third-person perspective, manipulate the environment, solve mind-bending puzzles, and gather enough points to go to the next level. As long as you meet the game’s requirements, you’ll receive three stars. You have a time restriction to accomplish the level, which unlocks new ones for further progress. Chronovolt is the best Puzzle Platform game out there because of its immersive gameplay, brilliant physics, and fantastic controls. It’s up to you.

#5 InFlux


Impromptu Games developed and published the action-adventure, puzzle platform, and single-player video game InFlux. The game takes place on a desolate island filled with steel and glass skyscrapers and combines exploration and platforming features. For each level, there is a glasshouse problem to solve, and each level progresses in the same manner: Assume control of a metal sphere that has fallen from the sky, and your primary objective is to move around a barren island comprised of cubes of steel and glass. To get points, you must solve riddles that will challenge your brain. The third-person perspective of the game allows players to alter the environment and add power ups throughout the game to enhance their performance and unlock new powers. You must use your brains and solve each puzzle in a methodical manner to finish the game. Forests, deserts, space, mountains, rivers, and more can be found in the game’s globe. Compared to other Puzzle Platform games, InFlux is the best.

#6 Armillo

The greatest game to play if you’re seeking for something similar to Marble Madness is Armillo. Fuzzy Wuzzy Games created and published this action-puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii U, which features a single-player option. The action takes place in a three-dimensional space setting, and you take control of an armadillo with various movement and leaping abilities. An obstacle course serves as the basis for the game’s mechanics, which are continually expanded upon. Levels are divided into sections, each with a distinct mix of puzzles, environments, and more. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult. To succeed in each level, you must overcome various barriers, work out various riddles, beat enemies, and collect power ups. Unlock more 3D levels and progress by gaining enough points. Armillo is the best game to play and enjoy because of its addictive gameplay, diverse setting, and superior mechanics.

#7 Polyball


Studio Monolith developed and published Polyball, a game that combines Action, Platforming, and Racing. The action is fast-paced and may be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode. Each level has a new environment, which is comparable to Marble Madness gameplay. Using a metal ball, accomplish missions and gather power-ups in order to progress through the game. The difficulty increases as you advance through the game. Each level contains a unique set of obstacles that must be avoided, puzzles to be solved, and a goal to be achieved. A variety of landscapes can be found here, such as mountains, woods, mazes, and deserts, to name just a few. Choose the color of your ball and add personal touches with various accessories. Play alone or with pals in single-player or multiplayer modes. It is your goal to score the most points and finish the race first in multiplayer mode. If you’re looking for a game that’s fun to play and looks great to look at, Polyball is the one for you.

#8 Marble Madness

One of Atari’s most well-known and enduring titles, Marble Madness is a racing, platforming, and multiplayer game. The game has a variety of levels and an interesting gameplay. Within a time constraint, the player must navigate a trackball through six distinct obstacles. The game employs an isometric view, which places the player in a third-person perspective while using a trackball. To go to the next level, the player must first complete the six mazes and earn enough points to do so. It’s up to you whether you want to play alone in single-player mode or compete against a friend for extra time and points. Challenges and new enemies are introduced as the game progresses. Different environments and obstacles can be found on each of the game’s many tiers. Make your way to the conclusion of each stage by controlling different colored balls. Marble Madness is the best game to play and enjoy because of its excellent gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and addicting aesthetics. Try it out, and you’ll fall in love with it.

#9 Marble Blast Ultra

Marble Blast Ultra

Puzzle Platform, Single and Multiplayer video game Marble Blast Ultra is developed by GarageGames for Xbox. More than 60 levels, improved graphics, additional power-ups, and a multiplayer option are all part of Marble Blast Gold II. To complete each level as quickly as possible, a spherical object is assigned to the player in the game’s single-player mode. As you progress through the game, you’ll face increasingly difficult trials. Power ups aid the player in completing the race within the allotted time limit. In single-player mode, there are over sixty gorgeous and tough stages that are classified into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are twenty levels in each category. Twenty stages are available in Multiplayer mode, which may accommodate up to eight people. In a new game option, the player is given a time constraint in which to collect gems. Yellow, red, and blue are some examples of the three primary hues found in gems. It’s hard not to love Marble Blast Ultra because of its fantastic gameplay, diverse environments, and stunning visuals.

#10 Mercury Meltdown

Ignition Banbury developed Mercury Meltdown, a single-player and multiplayer action-puzzle game. A fantastical world of sci-fi machines, bubble testing tubes, and eccentric individuals awaits the player in the game. Players take on the role of a blob of mercury that must navigate dangerous traps, spikes, and door switches in order to progress through the level. Level after level is more difficult than the one before it. As the player progresses through the game and accumulates enough points, hidden labs and bonuses are unlocked. It incorporates physics, puzzles, and tilt controls. Instead of a blob, the player can control a platform. He rotates the platform by accomplishing tasks with the help of tilt controls. Over 150 levels, advanced rendering techniques, enhanced graphics, and more are all included in Mercury Meltdown’s primary features. Try it out, and you’ll fall in love with it.