10 Best Games Like Star Citizen That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen is a pioneering first-person shooter, space exploration, trade, and combat simulation. Star Citizen is a multi-genre game that combines exploration with first-person space combat, mining, and trading so that players may have a great time doing all of their favorite activities in an ever-changing virtual universe. The Cry Engine is used in the game, which allows players to engage in Competitive Co-Op multiplayer gameplay. Star Citizen’s gameplay is simple, but challenging, because the majority of the game’s content is generated by players. As a Citizen of the UEE (United Empire of Earth), a futuristic empire based on the principles of the late Roman Empire, players in Star Citizen travel to the Milky Way’s heart. Playing this game is all about earning the Citizenship of UEE, which may be acquired by serving in the military for a specified amount of time. The Dynamic Economic System of the game is activated when the players are all set up and can interact with the environment, objects, and NPCs. Creating content for the game in Star Citizen allows users to contribute to the game while also enjoying the game’s compelling storylines. The NPCs are responsible for the entire economy. First-person shooting and combat in the game are heavily influenced by well-known franchises like Arma, Killzone, Counter-Strike and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. This gives the game lots of room to explore its own unique world. Star Citizen’s gameplay and mechanics look intriguing, and the game’s gorgeous 3D graphics and expansive Open World make it a joy to explore.

#1 Eve Online

Eve Online

A great MMORPG video game produced by CCP Games, Eve Online is situated in a Persistent World. Spaceship pilots will be able to choose from a variety of spaceships in this sci-fi-themed game, which features around 7800 star systems and gateways known as Stargates. You can also be a Warrior, a Miner, a Trader, or a Manufacturer and participate in both PvP and PvE combat events. In this game, you are expected to be the ultimate conqueror and a savior of the galaxy, with responsibilities such as exploration, gathering resources, building massive armies, and so on. Even though Eve Online was first introduced in 2006, it continues to enjoy a devoted following thanks to its widespread recognition and large user base. In addition to its stunning visuals and compelling gameplay, Eve Online is a wonderful space exploration video game.

#2 Kerbal Space Program

Squat’s Kerbal Space Program is a single-player space flight simulation game that combines elements of building, design, and construction with elements of simulation. Playable on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii, the game was developed with the most recent version of the Unity Engine. The Kerbal Space Program, a crew of humanoid aliens known as Kerbals, and the exploration of space are all features of the game. Using the game’s realistic and complex Orbital Physics, players may learn about and have fun with the Hohmann Transfer Orbits maneuvers. Player’s role in game is to lead a young space program, control Kerbals (intelligent humanoid alien creatures from a world similar to Earth called Kerbin), and have fun learning how to get around in outer space. Construction and flight in the Kerbal Space Program allow players to build a wide variety of rockets, aircraft, rovers, and other spacecraft. Launching the ships from the in-game Launch Pad allows players to explore the Space and fulfill various game objectives. It’s possible to complete a variety of tasks in the game including: getting to the top of a mountain, getting out of the atmosphere, getting to a stable orbit, capturing asteroids, building space stations, and visiting other planets to gather data. Kerbal Space Program is a delightful simulation of space exploration because of its unique physics and dynamics, as well as its interesting gameplay.

#3 Subnautica


Open-world adventure and survival video game Subnautica is set in an alien planet’s underwater realm. A futuristic experience awaits those who play Subnautica, which takes place in the 22nd century. It refers to a time when humanity began to colonize extraterrestrial worlds. Exploration missions were carried out by a variety of advanced warships in order to settle the planets. In addition, the vessel Aurora was sent to an exploratory and terraforming mission to the water world 4546B, an unknown extraterrestrial world in orbit around the sun. On the way to a planet-bound facility, an unknown energy source shut down the ship. When the ship’s hull was severely damaged, and all of its systems failed, it crashed into the ocean. When the player character is introduced, the action really picks up. After exiting the life pod, the player must collect food, water, oxygen, and other necessities to survive in an alien world, defeat all underwater alien life forms, and evolve in order to survive. Because without resources, there is no survival in the game, resource collection has a significant role. Subnautica has a variety of game modes, including Freedom Mode, Hardcore Mode, and Creative Mode, as well as unique Crafting abilities, fantastic upgrades, and amazing graphics.

#4 RymdResa

Developed by Morgondag, RymdResa is a Roguelike Space Exploration video game. A randomly created universe allows players to explore diverse worlds, obtain epic loots, and have fun in the game. RymdResa is a mix of survival and role-playing, with players able to select their preferred sort of spaceship. After selecting a ship, RymdResa allows players to personalize it using all of the available choices, begin exploring, and survive in a retro-styled cosmos. After an asteroid destroys your previous house, the game’s central goal is to locate a new place to call home. For the new house, you’ll need to get outside and look for it in a variety of unexpected locales. Among the game’s many features are a randomly generated world, random loot, tons of fascinating customization possibilities, three distinct chapters each with their own storylines and gameplay mechanics, stunning visual design, and original music. It features stunning visuals, engrossing action, and a plethora of secrets to uncover. Try it out if you’re looking for an exhilarating adventure in space exploration.

#5 Homeworld


Relic Entertainment’s Homeworld is a fantastic Real Time Strategy and Tactics game set in space. When it came out in 1999, it was the first RTS to feature a completely 3D environment. Despite the numerous successors (Homeworld.Cataclysm, Homeworld 2, Homeworld.Remastered), this game remains a favorite among RTS and Tactics fans. There are a lot of various difficulties, like radiation, dust storms, and asteroids, that the ships can encounter on their journeys around the fictional universe of Homeworld. Multiplayer online is an option, as is single player mode, in which you take control of a character after selecting their race (Kushan, Taiidan, Bentusi, Kadeshi, Turanic Raiders, and the Galactic Council, for example), command a fleet, and start on the hunt for the opponents. There are numerous resource kinds available on Homeworld that you can gather, store on your mothership, and then use as needed. Homeworld is one of the best RTS games to play and enjoy thanks to its basic user interface, stunning space-based landscape, epic clashes with similarly armed foes, and a slew of other cool features.

#6 Master of Orion

With its sci-fi features and 4X strategy gameplay, Master of Orion by Simtex has become one of the most popular video games of all time. First in a series, Master of Orion can be played on Microsoft DOS and Apple Macintosh computers. Master of Orion, a game released in 1993, lets players take control of the galaxy by establishing democratic and commercial ties with other settlements throughout it. The most important aspects of the game are building technology, conquering, exploring, and colonizing. As a result, to get the most out of the game, players must be proficient in all of the aforementioned abilities. All 10 races in Master of Orion can be played as characters in the game, and each has its own set of talents and abilities. Master of Orion, a game based on themes of space exploration, lets players explore seven common planets and six extremely dangerous ones. If you come into adversaries on a hostile planet, take them out and keep exploring. Trading and diplomatic connections, as well as developing new technology, are among of the game’s most significant aspects. Clean 3D graphics and exciting gameplay are also included in Master of Orion.

#7 X3: Reunion

X3 Reunion

Space Trading, Exploration, and Combat are the primary foci of X3.Reunion. Following up from X2, this is X Universe Adventure’s third installment. The Danger. In single-player mode, it is played from the perspective of a first-person character. The action takes place in a vast, empty expanse of space, and the player assumes the character of a space explorer. There are many various kinds of spaceships, including powerful battleships, freighters, small ships, swift, large carriers, and reconnaissance ships, amongst others. Select one of them and begin your journey into the game world, where you can freely roam the landscape or take on a series of hard quests in order to gain experience points and trade with NPCs. Alternatively, you can simply explore the environment without any obligation. Whereas X2 left off, X3 picks up right where it left off. X is the name of the imaginary universe in which the game takes place. It appears that Kyle is still unconscious and the Kha’ak are destroying the most popular places of space. Take control of the main character’s ship, personalize it, and take to the skies. Amplify your skills and talents by collecting valuable artifacts. You can utilize a special stone to unlock a gateway to Earth, where you can take on a mysterious alien alliance and save the world. Complete all of the objectives and save the world from destruction. It’s hard to play without getting addicted to X3 Reunion, which has all the best features and gaming dynamics. It’s up to you.

#8 X Rebirth

Space simulation X Rebirth, developed by Egosoft, has a lot in common with Sins of a Solar Empire’s gameplay. It’s a single-player action adventure game with elements of combat, trading, sandboxing, and science fiction. This video game is set in the X Universe in the near future. Combat, piracy, trading, and other game mechanics are all at the player’s disposal as the game’s protagonist. Building a space station and fleet of ships, as well as expanding it, is the player’s primary objective. In order to rescue his space station, the player must battle against aliens with a variety of weaponry and collect various goods, all while trying to earn a lot of money. Open-ended gameplay and an action-packed space combat experience are key features of this game. Build your own empire and trade with massive industries in the game. Defeat your enemies. X Rebirth’s major features include trading, building, customizing, fighting, upgrading, unique weapons, and the economy system. X Rebirth is a wonderful game to play and enjoy because of its interesting gameplay, amazing mechanics, stunning visuals, and flawless controls.

#9 Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox

Giant Army has developed and published Universe Sandbox, an action, educational, physics-based, space, adventure, and single-player simulation. Build and demolish everything you can think in a vast, open-ended universe. Gravity, collision, climate, space exploration and material interaction are all featured. In the end, it’s up to you to get about, interact with things, and uncover the mysteries hidden within. Stars, planets and galaxies can all be manipulated in this game. You’ll encounter a variety of alien species in the game, and you’ll be able to fight them to get points. Get even more powerful by spending your points. Discover the mysteries of space and the universe in this game, which allows you to create a variety of diverse objects, including planets, stars, and the atmosphere of space. The primary elements of Universe Sandbox include a simple introduction, fun activities, physical quantities in units (seconds, meters, and kilograms, for example), 3D mode, two collision modes (Combine and Bounce), and more. Try it out, and you’ll fall in love with it.

#10 Universe Sandbox 2

It was designed by Dan Dixon and is accessible to play on the Microsoft Windows platform as an educational, interactive space and gravity simulation. There are galaxies, planets, moons, and asteroids galore in the vast expanse of space where the game takes place. As the players interact and manipulate time, gravity, other things like the moon, black holes, planets, and more, they are able to examine the gravity’s impact on the huge cosmos and run scale simulations of our solar system. The game features a wide range of both real-world and fictitious scenarios. New features include atmosphere, random textures on gas giants, a realistic collision system, Chart mode, and the display of black holes. Combine and bounce are two collision mechanisms available. Players can create their own universes by placing multiple planets, moons, and asteroids in the game’s world. Multi-color modes, control (speed, gravity, and time), two collision modes, a particle grid, ring systems, and more may be found in Universe Sandbox 2. Play the game and have a good time.