10 Best Games Like Episode That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Episode

Episode Choose Your Story, an interactive story game, gives you the opportunity to live out the fantasy life of your wildest wishes. Choose Your Own Adventure-style characters allow you to make critical decisions in a variety of ways. Every decision you make changes the course of the story, introducing unexpected turns and developments.

For the first time, users may browse through more than 50,000 exciting and thought-provoking stories in the style of Hollywood films. If you’d like to relive your college years of first love, you can. Why not get a taste of what it’s like to be a rising star? Another option is to imagine oneself as a private eye out to crack the case of some sinister mystery. You’ll be able to do all of this and more with Episode! Creative writers (like yourself) are to thank for keeping the game’s narrative alive.

In the know? Episode isn’t the only one of its kind, but we’ve got good news for you. In reality, free interactive tale games like Episode Choose Your Story are already widely available for Android and iPhone.

A list of 10 interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story has been compiled by GLZ. In any case, we’ve actually added a LOT more, as well as numerous Honorable Mentions!

If you’d like to prevent any duplication, we’ve omitted any Episode-related games from this list (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato: Path to Frame, etc.). This list’s narrative games, such as Episode Choose Your Story, must have been made by a variety of different studios.

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1. Choices: Stories You Play

Games Like Episode

Pixelberry’s Choices: Stories You Play, like other games like Episode Choose Your Story, allows you to create your own story. If you’re a fan of well-written fiction, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained for the foreseeable future. Again, your actions will determine the outcome of the situation.

As a bonus, all of your characters can be reworked. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to give them new looks, including new hairstyles. Additional images include handcrafted backdrops and vibrant colors in a cartoonish style.

Stories You Play is available for Android and iPhone, with rave reviews from many fans of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

You should also check out High School Story and Hollywood U: Rising Stars by Pixelberry.

The game Choices: Stories You Play is available for free on the PlayStation Store.

2. Love Story Game

In Love Story Game, you take on the role of a young woman who falls in love with a famous person (Lance Johnson). For example, you’ll decide how to handle gossip and what kind of relationship you want to have with your significant other. In addition, if you choose to, you can even break up with your boyfriend!

Like other games like Episode Choose Your Story, Love Story Game offers a variety of ways to complete the story, encouraging players to try alternative paths and make new choices.

You may also find Hanabi Media’s other story-based interactive games like High School Story and Otome Dating Game. All episodes are available for iPhone and Android smartphones for free.

3. City of Love: Paris

City of Love Paris

When it comes to interactive story games, even Ubisoft is getting in on the action.

Your journey into the heart of Parisian culture and romance begins here in City of Love: Paris. Love interests, antagonists, and other interesting characters abound in this title. As an overarching storyline, there is a strange secret to uncover.

In addition, the visuals are top-notch, including vibrantly designed characters and fluid animations. Additionally, you’ll be able to make critical decisions in front of famous Paris sights like Notre Dame and the Louvre.

One of the best choice-driven interactive story games like Episode, this is a must play!

4. LongStory: LGBTQ+ Dating Sim

Unlike other interactive tale games such Episode Choose Your Story, LongStory focuses solely on LGBTQ+ relationships. Be prepared to make tough decisions about relationships, whether they be romantic, platonic, or platonic-to-friendship. Aside from that, there are also bullies and intriguing mysteries to be solved.

Several episodes of the game take place in various locations and social contexts (e.g. getting to know your crush, handling disputes, etc.). For fans of games like Episode, the cell-shaded characters in LongStory are a natural fit.

Bloom Digital, the studio behind Episode, is already hard at work on other great interactive storygames.

5. Nicole


In this game, you take on the role of Nicole, a young woman who has been accepted to the high school of her dreams. In the beginning, it appears to be a welcome orientation, but soon individuals begin to disappear. In order to assist Nicole in solving this mystery, it is up to you to make the appropriate choices.

Episode-style games like this one allow players to go on dates and work part-time jobs as well as explore the local environment. You’ll meet a diverse cast of personalities, and you’ll have the opportunity to make both friends and foes. As a bonus, there are several relationship options that could lead to diverse outcomes.

Winter Wolves, the studio behind Nicole, has also created a slew of additional narrative-driven, choice-driven games, such as Episode, for mobile platforms. As well as Vera Blanc Ghost in the Castle and Vera Blanc Ghost in the Castle among others. Thematically, each game is unique, but the choice-driven mechanisms are the same. Winter Wolves’ Flower Shop series is also worth a look if you haven’t already.

6. Friends Forever Stories

Friends Forever Stories is jam-packed with fascinating decision-making episodes, just like most interactive narrative games like Episode. If you’ve ever wanted to give your ex another opportunity, you’re not alone. Isn’t it fun to follow the journey of a young girl as she adjusts to a new school? Do you want to solve a sinister case from your high school days? All of the information you’ll ever need is here!

In Friends Forever Stories, vivid animations and choice-driven gameplay are packed into a well-designed package. There are even tidbits of information buried in plain sight that add to the suspense of each episode.

In addition to Episode, Games2win.com has developed a number of other interactive games. As well as high school romance and dating craze are included. Even if you haven’t heard of these titles, they’re still worth checking out.

7. Pirates in Love

Pirates in Love

Pirates in Love takes the tried-and-true formula of games like Episode and gives it a sultry pirate makeover. You’re the lone female pirate aboard a ship full of sexy men, each with a distinct personality. Things might get a little nasty if you end up with the wrong person!

Pirates in Love also features beautiful anime-style artwork and excellent narrative. Many surprising adventures await you as a pirate as you sail the high seas.

There are a lot of high-quality interactive story games like Episode created by Voltage, Inc. There’s a slew of others, too, such Our Two Bedroom Story, Samurai Love Ballad, Scandal in the Spotlight, and My Last First Kiss. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of options!

8. My Candy Love

Your high-school love story will come to life in My Candy Love. Choose who you want to date or flirt with on your own, while making new friends. Each potential love interest has an own character quirks. Because of this, it’s imperative that you carefully plan your actions and words in order to make a good impression on him.

My Candy Love follows in the footsteps of Voltage, Inc.’s anime-style releases in terms of aesthetics. Outfits and accessories can also be customized in the same way as in other interactive tale games, like Episode Choose Your Story.

When it comes to interactive story games, Beemoov Games is still a relative unknown. Because of this, there haven’t been many releases in this genre. It would be great if they would continue to make games like Episode.

9. Is It Love? Ryan: Visual Novel

Is It Love Ryan Visual Novel

It isn’t uncommon for people to fantasize about having an affair with their bosses. With Is It Love?, you can A visual novel by Ryan? You’ve been working for Carter Corp for a while now, according to the plot. However, Ryan, your boss, begins making sexual approaches on you within a short period of time. No matter what you decide, he’s going to make you a better manager. Perhaps you’ll have to be more careful with yourself? As in previous interactive story games like Episode, the choice is totally up to you, with each one leading to distinct plots and outcomes. With romance possibilities, think of the game as a more subdued 50 Shades of Grey.

What makes Is It Love so remarkable? Is the character development and biographical information in the writing. In addition, you’ll notice that the game’s movements and scenery have been meticulously crafted.

There are several newcomers to the interactive tale genre, such as 1492 Studio (the developers). However, Otome: Is It Love?, one of their other titles, is a standout. Those who enjoy games like Episode Choose Your Story have also praised Gabriel and Matt. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you should definitely give it a go!

10. Zombie High

So here’s a game that’s a little different from the likes of Episode on this list, but still familiar enough that you can enjoy it. Set thirteen years after the outbreak of the undead, you take on the role of high school student Jane Valentine. She wants two things: first, to win the heart of Tommy, the boy she’s been crushing on, and second, to wipe out as many zombies as she can! Many decisions you make in the game have an impact on the overall storyline and the relationships you form with other characters.

Zombie High, on the other hand, contains a few RPG aspects that make it stand out from other interactive tale games. As a result, you’ll have to keep track of things like Zombie Infection levels, bullet storage, and so on. All of these factors have an impact on your final score.

Episode Choose Your Story is an interactive story game developed by Delight Games, notable for its various thematic twists. Some of their other works include Paladins: Text Adventure RPG, Superhero’s Choice, Detective’s Choice, Deep Space Hunter and others. As you might expect, fantasy and science fiction are frequent themes in their work. This may be of interest to die-hard fans of the show who want to try something new.