10 Best Games Like Diablo 3 PS4 That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Diablo 3 PS4

This is great news if you’ve been living under a rock (which is almost unheard of for us gamers).

Diablo IV has officially been shown by Blizzard, and it’s stunning. There’s some unpleasant news, so let’s get to it. Until the sixty-sixth generation of your grandchildren is born and sacrificed to the Elder Ones, it will not be available. The fourth Diablo game won’t be out for a long time, I’m kidding.

Consequently, Diablo III is your only option at this point. In addition to that, there are alternatives to Diablo III, some of which have even better recreated the Diablo experience than Diablo III. So while you wait for Diablo IV to be released, here are 15 games that you should play if you enjoy Diablo III or the Diablo series as a whole while you wait.



Diablo II is a great option if you’ve finished Diablo III and are seeking for more Diablos (or his brothers) to take down. You may now play Diablo II at a significantly higher resolution than when it was first installed thanks to mods like Median XL. Diablo II, at least for single-player, has matured like great wine.

Because it built on the foundation of the original Diablo’s design while introducing some ground-breaking new elements, it quickly set the standard for isometric action role-playing games (aRPGs). In addition, Diablo II’s setting and soundtrack are still unequaled in today’s gaming landscape.


Titan Quest, which was published in 2006, was one of the closest contenders to Diablo II’s title. The reason for this is that its creators devised a two-class combo system that fundamentally altered aRPG theory constructing and min maxing. Beyond that, it was your typical open-world hack and slash game.

Although Titan Quest, like Diablo II, has held up admirably over the years, the makers have decided to release a remaster. As a result, you can fire up Titan Quest once more and embark on an epic journey around the world to slay some of the most infamous Titans of all time.



Grim Dawn, developed by the same team that created Titan Quest, maintains the developers’ signature dual-class structure. While Titan Quest’s mythology setting remains, Grim Dawn swaps it for a darker medieval fantasy world.

Although it’s more mature and gritty, it’s closer to Diablo III in terms of atmosphere. People who were used to fast-paced fighting in Diablo games may find gameplay a tad sluggish, but it is still the same hack and slash looter we all grew to love.


One of the more recent additions to this list, Last Epoch is an independent aRPG that follows in the footsteps of Diablo. As with Grim Dawn and Titan Quest’s dynamic class system, your starting class can grow stronger and more flexible over time.

Another similarity to the first Diablo game is the use of spherical health and mana orbs in Last Epoch’s user interface. An early access version of this dark fantasy aRPG is available, but it isn’t prohibitively expensive.



We recommend both the first and second Torchlight games. One or more team members for both games is a member of the original Diablo development team. If you’ve been a fan of Diablo for a long time, you’ll recognize the soundtrack in Torchlight I or II.

The steampunk theme and whimsical aesthetics are what make Torchlight unique. The classes have enough variety to keep players coming back for more, and the game’s creators went to great lengths to make the loot as enticing as possible by include set pieces that offer tantalizing bonuses and expand the options for theory constructing.


Diablo III’s cartoonish aesthetics are one of the most common complaints. The combination of the arcade-like skill modification and the game’s lack of depth makes it look a lot less hardcore than its predecessor. Alternatively, Wolcen is a good option if you want to get a feel for Diablo III’s world without having to compromise on design. Nearly identical as Lords of Mayhem.

Even if it’s currently in the early access phase, it’s still playable and enjoyable. The fighting in Wolcen is thrilling, and the characters and opponents are well-developed. Diablo III’s art design and atmosphere, on the other hand, are noticeably darker here. Although it’s currently in early access, a release date of January 2020 is been set.



As a hack-and-slash aRPG, Book of Demons is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something new and thrilling. It’s a cross between a card duel game and an action role-playing game. Book of Demons managed to make this unlikely match work.

Instead of gathering riches, you’ll be collecting cards to improve your deck in this new twist on the Diablo principle. You won’t be able to find a game like this anywhere else. With a storybook papercraft design, Book of Demons has charm without diminishing its dark undertones. Also, it’s a complete game, and it doesn’t cost too much.


Choosing an era of history that hasn’t been extensively explored gives The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing its own unique spin on the aRPG formula. You can play as Van Helsing as a young man in a Victorian fantasy setting, as you would have inferred from the title.

Since the game is based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, the large terrible demon is replaced by a big bad vampire. You can play as Van Helsing in various playthroughs and difficulty levels despite the lack of character or class selection. It’s worth a go if you’re looking for something different.



Sacred appears to be a simple Diablo clone at first glance. However, once you start playing it, you’ll quickly realize that it’s more of a high fantasy than a Diablo clone. Blizzard’s aRPG giant has overshadowed Sacred, which is one of the lesser-known games. Expansions have since been added to three of the games, as well as the original.

Although the successors are less ambitious, this is the one you’ll want to play first. A sandbox open environment where exploration is truly worthwhile is incorporated in the first Sacred, which was relatively ahead of its time in comparison to most other aRPGs and dungeon crawlers. If you can stand the aesthetics, it might be worth a shot. If that’s not the case, there are always the spinoffs.


Finally, we have the closest approach to a Diablo II successor that we’ve ever seen. More than Diablo III, Path of Exile has been lauded as the spiritual successor to the original two Diablo games. You can play the game online for free and adjust your character’s playstyle to suit your own preferences.

The multiple layers of gameplay, including the passive skill tree, the skill gems, and the armor sockets, are to blame for this. As a result, the character creation mechanism in this aRPG is one of the most comprehensive in recent memory. If you haven’t played Diablo II, you may be a little intimidated by this game’s high learning curve.