15 Best Games Like Pubg That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Pubg

1. Pick your battles


In the year 2021, PUBG and other Battle Royale games are all over the place, and it looks like the genre is here to stay for the time being. A hundred-player shooter called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) debuted in 2017 and is now known as PUBG Battlegrounds. It was the inspiration for a slew of other shooters, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone. These games and more can be found on this list, and the future of the Battle Royale genre seems bright with titles like Ghost Recon Frontline adding their own unique spin to the now-ubiquitous genre.

We’ve compiled a list of games like PUBG, including modes, mods, and complete releases, to help you scratch your Battle Royale itch.

1. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Respawn, the studio behind Titanfall 2, is behind Apex Legends. You can choose from eight different characters to play as in the same universe, but without the wall-running and Titans (although two are locked behind a progression wall). It’s like PUBG meets Overwatch, with fast-paced gameplay and unique personalities and powers for each player, such as Wraith’s ability to create a rift between two spots, which she and her teammates can use, or Bloodhound’s ability to see enemy tracks. Then then, it’s free, so why not give it a whirl?

2. Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most thrilling video gaming experiences ever created. It’s not the easiest game to pick up, especially if your ultimate goal is to take the crown. Warzone is a blast to play if you’re willing to put in the time to learn about the mechanics and attachments of the game’s weaponry. Most of the time, when things go according to plan, this game is quite satisfying to play.

3. Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium

As a dedicated PC gamer, you’ll be excited to learn about a brand new battle royale game like PUBG that’s completely free to play. The Ring of Elysium has welcomed you. Chinese developer Tencent created this PUBG clone, which originally debuted on mobile devices as a Fortnite-style battle pass game, but is now available on PCs, complete with a massive map, a diverse selection of weaponry, and even a BMX. In addition to its stunning visuals, PUBG features a smattering of humor thrown in for good measure.

Helpful Ring of Elysium hints and Ring of Elysium map information are all here.

4. Dying Light: Bad Blood

It’s incredible to think that three years after Dying Light’s release in 2015, millions of gamers are still playing Techland’s invention because to the game’s unique mix of parkour and zombies. Battle Royale has become so successful that the makers are creating a spin-off called “Brutal Royale.” If enough blood samples are collected to summon the chopper and the only seat is taken, a group of 12 players will be forced to flee the scene. You don’t need to be the last one standing, unlike in other battle royale games out there, you simply need your bum on the seat while it rockets you to freedom. Gathering blood samples isn’t simply a concern for the 11 other players, as infected hives are protected by the afflicted when it comes to harvesting blood. However, the more protected each hive is, the more samples you will get. For those who like your PvE and PvP mixed together, this is the game for you.

5. Arma 3: PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod

It all started here; here is how PlayerUnknown came to be known. Brendan Greene was inspired by his passion of military sims to experiment with different PvP settings, resulting to the creation of his first Battle Royale mod in Arma 3 (specifically its DayZ mod). This is a community mod for a 5-year-old PC mil-sim, so don’t anticipate anything similar to what you see in PUBG when playing this mode, which soon became known as the “COD of DayZ.”

When it comes to Battle Royale, it’s a patient and pure rendition of the game, with an emphasis on realistic gunplay. Even if you aren’t into the genre’s intensity, the fact that you can only play solo adds to the stress of the encounter. Even though Greene eventually went on to greater and better things, it’s always fun to go back and relive PUBG’s humble beginnings.

6. GTA Online: Motor Wars

GTA Online Motor Wars

It’s rare that I’ll give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt and allow them to follow someone else’s lead instead than innovating something entirely new for GTA Online. Rockstar launched a new mode called Motor Wars to Smuggler’s Run in August 2017 as part of an update that billed it as “a desperate war for survival, where teams race against the clock to discover weaponised vehicles and hunt down opponents inside an ever-shrinking kill box.” Doesn’t it sound a little familiar?

However, the mode’s overt focus on vehicle mayhem in Motor Wars is where it really shines. With skyscrapers, ragdoll physics and individuals driving about in armored trucks with.50 caliber turrets mounted on the back, you’re still trying to live as the last team standing. GTA 5 still has an outstanding game engine, therefore you can be sure the production value will be high.

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7. Fortnite

PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iPad, iPhone

Back in September 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale was released as a spinoff of Fortnite: Save the World. As a PUBG competitor, Fortnite Battle Royale has seen huge success, not only because it was the first free Battle Royale game to be released on PS4 and Xbox One.

The mode has a number of interesting aspects to set it unique, including crafting, resource management, and an emphasis on emergent gameplay, which may lead to some breathtakingly imaginative victories. Fortresses built in the skies, RPG rockets surfed, or a trap-filled maze funneling an adversary to a spiked end are just some of the ways you can use the element of surprise to your advantage. Fortnite’s sandbox mentality allows for all of these methods and more, allowing for both intense strategy and imaginative laughter.

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8. The Culling

The Japanese film Battle Royale is the primary source of inspiration for the Battle Royale genre, however The Culling has a slightly different movie muse. It’s a jungle environment with 16 players slamming each other to death with whacks, shots, and explosions as a sky-high scoreboard documents every defeat and success.

A welcome difference from Battlegrounds’ long-range shooting is the game’s emphasis on crafting and melee weaponry, which makes for gory but gratifying combat. As a visual and thematic treat, it serves as a welcome respite from the frenetic pace of each match with its tongue-in-cheek tone.

9. Rust: Battle Royale

Rust Battle Royale

Rust is a name you’ve heard before. Over a large area, hundreds of individuals throw rocks at each other while dressed just in a birthday suit. With Rust’s emphasis on resource gathering and defense, it was only a matter of time before an unauthorized Battle Royale server for the game was set up by a creative individual.

A torch, a bandage, and the map are all that players have to keep them company when they start out in Rust: Battle Royale. Following is a ferocious dog-eat-dog fight for survival as the conflict zone shrinks. The mode is a stripped-down version of Battle Royale, and it can be downright terrifying at times. Rust’s answer to PUBG is more fun than it appears due to the raw severity of the gameplay. You’re more likely to be rushing around like a headless chicken than engaged in strategic warfare.

10. H1Z1: King of the Kill

It was only a matter of time before PlayerUnknown met with Daybreak Games to collaborate on a new H1Z1 Battle Royale mode in the same vein as his previously lauded Arma 3 mod, and the ensuing King of the Kill was a huge success. In the Battle Royale genre, King of the Kill has become a model for eSports tournaments because of its fast-paced gameplay and emphasis on shooting rather than scavenging.

With fewer mechanisms in play than Battlegrounds, it is a more approachable game for newbies as well, emphasizing the emphasis on skill and survival. In comparison to PUBG, H1Z1 is more of a shooter than a military sim, but it’s also less expensive, making it an intriguing and practical option.

11. Ark: Survival of the Fittest

Ark Survival of the Fittest

While the visuals are abysmal, the action stutters, and the interface is abysmal, Ark: Survival of the Fittest is the only Battle Royale game in which you’ll be fighting alongside all manner of rancorous reptiles and barmy beasties, where even mother nature herself is out to kill you.

While the caveman setting is a fantastic fit for the Battle Royale dynamic, it’s the end-game battles on a scale that simply can’t be found anywhere else that are the real treat here. After a while, you may not find a match because Ark’s player count is steadily decreasing, but I’m confident that the time you put in will be worth it.

12. Minecraft: The Hunger Games

Minecraft has hosted Last Man Standing deathmatches for years before the Battle Royale genre even existed. If you’re looking for the most balanced and competitive rounds in Mojang’s blockbuster hit, you’ll want to stay with big, popular Minecraft communities like Mineplex.

Battle Royale death matches are a natural fit for Minecraft’s open-ended destructibility, which allows players to express their inner artist while battling for their lives. However, when you consider that this might be the only kid-friendly Battle Royale experience out there it’s hard to argue with the game’s clumsy combat mechanics being a serviceable compromise.

13. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

Even while an official PUBG mobile game is already in production (at least in China), it’s likely that we won’t see it in action for quite some time. In the meantime, you may download and play Rules of Survival, one of the top Battle Royale mobile games, on your portable device of choice.

A larger player limit than Battle Royale is available in Rules of Survival, which may host 120 players at a time on one island. Despite the platform’s constraints In spite of some visible errors and problems, the area is incredibly large and there are many vehicles and weapons to uncover in each round even if NetEase Games has a lot of work ahead of them. This isn’t a particularly novel Battle Royale game, but it’s certainly one of the more full and enjoyable options for mobile Battle Royale.

14. Realm Royale

Suppose that if you get knocked out in PUBG, instead of just scrabbling around in the dirt, you change into a chicken. With Realm Royale, that’s exactly what happens. You’ll be brought back into the game if you live long enough in your feathered form, which I recommend you do by fleeing the last combat you were in. Chicken Dinner for the Win!

It’s not just about chickens, of course. This is one of the few battle royale games that makes use of character classes, each with their own set of unique powers, making it stand out from the crowd. It’s a cross between World of Warcraft and PUBG, and it’s a lot better than you’d expect.

15. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is going to spray you in the face with silliness because that’s exactly the mood it’s going for. Even in their outlandish skins or vehicles, these characters flop and crawl their way about the map in this hilarious satire of the battle royale game. It’s all really sarcastic, but in a good way. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is the perfect complement to PUBG’s seriousness. Don’t be so hard on yourself.