8 Best Medieval Games On Ps4 That You Should Know Update 07/2024

best medieval games on ps4

Some people don’t like the Medieval genre, but it’s one of the most underappreciated and fun game types out there. It’s a wide range of action and combat options in mediaeval games. You can do things like fight with a sword right next to each other or shoot with a bow far away.

A list of games you can play on your PS4 that are from the Middle Ages is in this article.

For Honor

For Honor

A video game called For Honor is a Medieval action game set in a mediaeval or fantasy world. As a player, you can be a member of one of four different groups. These groups are the Iron Legion, which are Knights, the Warborn, which are Vikings, and the Dawn Empire, which are Samurai (Ancient Chinese). When the Marching Fire expansion came out in October 2018, Wu Lin was added to the game.

Each hero also has quotes in their own language that will play when certain things happen. People who speak Latin: Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin

At the start of the Faction War, each faction had four classes, but two more were added at the start of each new season. The Vanguard-class is said to be “well-balanced” and has good offence and defence.

The Assassin class is very good at fighting one-on-one, but the class does a lot less damage when there are a lot of people to fight. It takes a long time for the Heavies (Tanks) to attack, but they are better at protecting capture points because they are more durable. The last class, called “Hybrid,” is made up of two of the three types and can use skills that aren’t common.

Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls is a third-person action role-playing game set in the Medieval era. It is a very important part of the game to go on adventures. Players are encouraged to be cautious, learn from their mistakes, or look for other places to go.

Dark Souls takes place in a huge open world that is linked together by a central hub area. The player character can move between areas and explore different paths at will, but certain areas must be unlocked first.

People who play Dark Souls are cursed undead characters who go on a pilgrimage to find out what happened to their kind. The game takes place in the kingdom of Lordran, which is a fictional country.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

The gameplay is similar to Diablo in that players make their own characters. They choose their character’s looks, gender, and traits, and then play the game. Some other quests can be done in this game, as well as an open world where they can go to snowy slopes, Viking cities, frozen dungeons and other places.

Ragnarok. Jotan are said to come back when the coldest winter comes. They’ll kill the Gods of Asgard and get back at them. We are on our way to hell. Midgard is in the balance. There are Wolves of Midgard in the Ulfung clan, but when the Fire and Frost Giants start to merge their armies, they meet the Ulfung clan.

Following the destruction of their village, this band of Viking warriors is bloody but unfazed. They want to seize their destiny and save the world. When you’re in charge of a clan, you have to keep Midgard from being completely wiped out and lead the charge to get rid of the Fimbulwinter’s evil creatures.


Northgard is a strategy game that is based on Norse mythology. You play as a clan of Vikings who are trying to take over a mysterious new continent.

Brave Vikings have been looking for a long time. They have found a new land that is full of mystery, danger, and riches: NORTHWARD.

This is what some of the bravest Northmen have done. They’ve set sail to explore and conquer these new shores, making their clan famous and writing history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods.

As long as they can get through the dire Wolves and Undead Warriors that live there, make friends with or defeat the giants, and survive the harshest winters ever seen in the North, they should be able to make it there.

Styx: Shards of Darkness

Styx Shards of Darkness

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a stealth video game. You play as a goblin assassin who has to find and kill new enemies and bosses, as well as try out new lethal abilities and weapons.

With a friend in coop mode, sneak your way through. To complete your mission, you’ll have to climb the dizzying Elven city, cross the perilous land of the Dwarves, and survive the dangerous, unexplored lands full of lethal dangers. Failure to do well could have a big impact on your family.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven, open-world RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire. It puts you in the middle of a long, epic adventure. Take on invaders, go on game-changing quests, and make important decisions as you try to avenge the death of your parents in this video game!

It turns out that you’re Henry, the son of a blacksmith who makes tools. You find yourself in the middle of a raging civil war and you can’t do anything about it. Invaders storm your village and kill your friends and family. As soon as you get away from the savage attack, you grab your sword and fight back! Do what you can to make up for the death of your parents and help fight off the invaders!

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher game that is based on epic mediaeval movie fights. Players are thrust into the middle of every famous moment of the time, from clashing swords to flaming arrows, to sprawling castle sieges, and more, in this video game.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Find out how young Amicia and her little brother Hugo were forced to live in the darkest times in history. A group of soldiers from the Inquisition is after Amicia and Hugo. They’re surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, so they’ll learn about each other. As they fight to stay alive against overwhelming odds, they will try to find a reason to live in this harsh, unforgiving world.

Assassins Creed: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is an upcoming big game from Ubisoft. It follows the same pattern as “Origins” and “Odessy.” In this game, we play as Einar, a ninth-century Viking. He does what a good Viking should do: rage the enemy shores, kill his enemies, and command a group of brave warriors who want to help him. When you read Einar’s story, the background story of his order and its members isn’t very important. It serves as a setting for the story. Valhalla promises not to be too long or boring. The developers looked at all the feedback from the previous games. Detailed settlements, historical characters, and lovely music will help make AC: Valhalla one of the most immersive mediaeval PS4 games, making it one of the best. This generation of consoles may be coming to an end soon, and we may see one of the best mediaeval games. In 2020, the movie will be out.

Ancestors Legacy

People who play games on consoles don’t see many real-time strategies very often. Ancestors Legacy was made by Destructive Creations and released in 2019. It’s set in the early Middle Ages and has strategic gameplay. The story isn’t very interesting, but it helps you learn how to play the game. It’s like following famous historical people like Edward the Confessor or William the Conqueror as they try to get more fame and glory. Process is what makes the game so interesting. The early Middle Ages didn’t have a lot of different troops or special weapons. In this case, it is up to the player to win a fair fight. The game has a lot of different groups: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Teutons, and Slavs. Each group has its own strong and weak points. This is the most important thing about Ancestors Legacy: It has short-cut commands that are easy and comfortable to use on a gamepad, making it a good mediaeval game for PS4.