10 Best Games Like No Mans Sky That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like No Mans Sky

You may be looking for more games like No Man’s Sky after playing Hello Games’ space exploration adventure. Even if it’s virtual, the prospect of venturing into the wide unknown and discovering what lies beyond is irresistible. With the help of games like No Man’s Sky, we may reach for the stars and go on grand adventures, whether they take place on a ship or on a planet.

No Man’s Sky, the Hello Games space exploration game, has undergone numerous significant changes and improvements since its initial release. It’s easy to see why No Man’s Sky has sparked a thirst for greater intergalactic exploration with its burgeoning player base and plenty of things to see and do. Here are 10 games similar to No Man’s Sky that will keep you flying if you enjoy trading, resource management exploration, base building, or something else.

1. Astroneer


This software is available from System Era Softworks for the following platforms:

Astroneer is all about landing on planets and exploring the fantastic extraterrestrial realms they have to offer. You play as an Astroneer who lives in the 25th century during the “era of interplanetary discovery” in this sandbox like space adventure. After leaving Earth’s atmosphere, you crash land on a strange new planet and must use the resources of that planet to repair your spacecraft.

Using your imagination, you can make a wide variety of goods and construct bases and vehicles to traverse the landscape. Travel to other planets when you’re ready to find out more. A new solar system was added to the game in the 1. 0 update and each planet has its own personality. Scouting across the planet’s surface or even drilling to the planet’s core can yield a wealth of information about a planet’s hidden secrets and the nature of the universe as a whole. In addition, the low poly painting style lends it a distinctive look that brings the colorful worlds to life.

2. Elite Dangerous

Like No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous is an open-ended space exploration game. Elite Dangerous allows you to land on some planets, but you can’t walk across or explore them in the same way as in the original Elite. Instead, you’ll spend your time on board your custom-built ship exploring the huge open world of the game’s universe. This simulation of the Milky Way is equally as massive, with 400 billion star systems to leap to, so you’ll never run out of space travel to do.

You begin with a modest spacecraft and a small amount of money, which gives you a similar level of flexibility to go about your space voyages as you like. In order to survive in a galaxy full of problems, you’ll need to learn new abilities and know-how, as well as collect bounties and trade. Note that the game requires an online connection to play, however a solo option is available if you’d rather avoid interacting with others.

3. Starbound


No Man’s Sky may look like a 2D, pixelated version of Starbound, but it has its own distinct personality and subtle nuances. Your homeworld is destroyed and you flee to a strange planet aboard a spaceship that crashes. Every aspect of the world is at your disposal as you craft your story. If you’d like to get involved in the RPG and help save the universe, you can.

At the same time, you have the freedom to do whatever you want in terms of planet exploration and colonization and the creation of everything you can imagine. It’s just like No Man’s Sky, but in Starbound you have the option of capturing extraterrestrial species to join you on your journey. Chucklefish’s fun interstellar sandbox adventure has a lot to offer that you’re sure to like.

4. Subnautica

Exploring a strange underwater environment in Subnautica is a new kind of out-of-this-world adventure. Your life pod lands on a mysterious oceanic world that is riddled with threats and mysteries beneath the waves. After setting out to explore, you’ll have to manage your oxygen supply and get it back to shore.

If you’re looking for anything to eat, you’ll come across a variety of odd sea critters and their own ecosystem. Deeper into the ocean, you’ll be able to find out exactly what happened on this planet. The various obstacles the world gives you, such as water pressure, can be met by building bases and controlling resources. Although it takes place on one planet, the open universe is large and you’ll spend just as many hours exploring it.

5. Rodina


Rodina is a procedurally generated solar system full with planets and asteroids for players to explore. From the luxury of your fully-customizable ship interior, you can travel onto the gigantic planets, or take in the star-studded panoramas from the comfort of your fully-customizable ship. It’s possible to find serenity in looking out the window and seeing the brightness of a nearby planet in Rodina, but the solar system is also a dangerous place.

Invading a new planet is a risky proposition because of the unpredictable climate and the possibility of encountering hostile artificial intelligence (AI) on the unfamiliar worlds you visit. With the use of missiles and armaments, your ship can take them down. Make your spaceship dreams come true with this one-man project, which is a flawless space-flight simulator.

6. Empyrion – Galatic Survival

In Empyrion, you can travel through space and settle on planets in order to discover new and fascinating worlds. You can roam the worlds and find alien creatures with native flora and wildlife, just like in No Man’s Sky. After surviving a spaceship accident on an unknown planet in the Andromeda galaxy, you set out to discover what happened to your ship, the Titan. Every planet in the galaxy is unique because there are so many other worlds to find.

In a sandbox game, you can design and build your own space stations and ships on any world you like. There is a tech tree in the game that allows you to manufacture more advanced objects, and you can dig and gather resources naturally. Many secrets await discovery in Empyrion’s solar system. If you’re searching for a fresh universe to immerse yourself in, with plenty of familiar features to appreciate, this is the game for you.

7. Out There – The Alliance

Out There - The Alliance

However, if you enjoyed No Man’s Sky, you may still appreciate Out There, a roguelike exploration experience that is presented in comic book fashion. Out There Alliance is a unique take on space travel, putting you in the position of having to fend for yourself in a hostile environment where nothing is as it seems. You can land on a variety of worlds, where you’ll face a variety of hazards and mysteries.

There’s a crafting system that allows you to build goods using weird alien technologies that you stumble across throughout the cosmos. Out There may not have the scope of other space exploration games, but it adds a new twist to the genre by allowing you to interact with the narrative and choose from many endings to the primary tale. The updated Switch edition of Alliance, which was previously available on Android and iOS before being ported to the PC, has a slew of new features.

8. Rebel Galaxy

If you’ve ever dreamed of commanding a massive, powerful destroyer ship in outer space, Rebel Galaxy is the game for you. In the course of your journey through the cosmos, you’ll face off against space pirates, meet aliens, investigate anomalies, and loot shipwrecks and asteroids in search of treasure. In this adventure, you’ll have plenty of chances to engage in massive broadsides against pirate ships.

Additionally, you have a great deal of control over how your plot progresses. On your travels, you’ll meet many different ship captains who will either help or hinder your progress. You may also choose between being a space criminal or making friends and trading with other species. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can either stick with the main story campaign or venture out into the vastness of space on your own.

9. Everspace


While No Man’s Sky is a great space exploration game, it lacks Everspace’s emphasis on shooting and looting, which makes it a better option if you’re looking for something more action-oriented. This type of gameplay has procedurally generated levels, which you can explore at your own pace and restart with the progress you made in your last run. You’ll be able to explore more of the cosmos once you’ve amassed enough resources and experience to do so. Throughout the game, you’ll meet a variety of personalities and face a variety of challenges, making it extremely replayable. It may not be as open-ended as No Man’s Sky, but the sense of advancement and expanse of possibilities make it a long-lasting game. When you’re on a long-term mission, it’s actually a good thing to die in the wide expanses of space.

10. Surviving Mars

The thrill of exploring new worlds is all well and good, but what if you want to build a permanent home somewhere?

However, it’s not an easy task. The challenges of establishing a colony on a hostile planet like Mars are numerous. In No Man’s Sky, resource management is an essential component of navigating the vast universe and sustaining your momentum. Surviving Mars, on the other hand, is more of a city-building experience.

This one has an exploring component, although it’s on a much smaller size than the last one. You can gather valuable resources by traveling throughout the world, but you can also unearth secrets that could benefit your colony while you’re at it. Additionally, you’ll need to do research in order to properly care for your colonists and ensure their success. A different kind of space adventure, as it only takes place on one planet, but the alien world has a lot to offer, and it’s up to you to take use of it so that everyone survives their huge move to the alien world..