10 Best Games Like Planetside 2 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Planetside 2

Daybreak Game Company’s PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play MMO and first-person shooter video game. Taking place on the planet Auraxis, where a war is taking place over the regions, this remake of PlantSide takes place. Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty are the three primary factions competing for control of the planet. Get into the character of the protagonist and choose any of the three factions as your team for the most thrillingly insane and, fast-paced action filled game play ever. There are a lot of futuristic weapons and tactical upgrades in PlanetSide 2, and the storyline and aesthetics are stunning. Using both intimate and long-distance combat, you can take out both earthly and extra-terrestrial foes in this fantastic game. PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer online game, allowing thousands of players to join in on the action and experience the best gameplay yet. This is the game for you if you’re looking for a taste of absolute bliss. Try it out and you’ll be hooked.

#1 WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game

WarFriends PvP Shooter Game

Video game WarFriends. PvP Shooter Game is a third-person shoot ’em up, action-adventure, single-player and multi-player video game developed by About Fun. The action takes place in a 3D environment, and the focus is on Real-time Strategy rather than traditional shooting. It begins with the player selecting a playable avatar from a selection and stepping into the realm to confront other players from across the world. When playing the game, the player takes control of a soldier who can traverse the battlefield by using various cover types, such as walls and buildings. Live opponents, or AI in a given mode, are the player’s primary target. There is a wide variety of weapons at the disposal of the player throughout the course of the game. A tap of the button allows him to unleash a stream of bullets, but he must collect energy from the bodies of those he kills. Players can then use their energy to deploy support troops after that. Skill-based Shooting Gameplay, Touch Controls, Online PvP Brawls, Command an Army, Become a Champion and Endless Customization are just some of the game’s notable features.

#2 Rivals at War

In Rivals at War, Hothead Games has built a strategy, MMO, and shooting simulation that can be played on both Android and iOS devices. Players are able to build their own team of shooters and soldiers that are ready to take on the enemy at any time in the gorgeous landscape. According to the story, terrorists and rival players torment civilians around the world. Your goal is to train and arm your chosen soldier so that they may take charge of the battlefield. Weapons can be used to attack and defeat foes to gain points and win fantastic prizes. The game allows you to participate in a real-world fight and vanquish other teams around the world. Aim towards the pinnacle of success, and you’ll be rewarded. Each of the four combat scenarios has a separate military mission and a varied battlefield to offer. To get inside the world, you can select one of six different sorts of armies. Power-ups such as accuracy, defense, speed, and health are prevalent in the game. Rivals at War is the best game to play and enjoy because of its fantastic gameplay, wonderful mechanics, and thrilling story.

#3 Rivals at War: Firefight

Rivals at War Firefight

In Firefight, Hothead Games has developed and published an action-adventure, third-person shooter, single-player and multiplayer video game. The game provides players with a variety of character classes from which to choose in order to enter the realm of commanding an elite squad and embarking on epic adventures to achieve the game’s goals. Shooting and target practice take place in a 3D environment. It is the player’s job to lead his team to victory against the opposing team’s and to do this, he adopts the role of the commander. Day and night cycles and a variety of fighting scenarios distinguish the game’s seven combat modes. Soldiers in the game include the Commander, Radioman, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Sniper, etc. The player’s team, weaponry, and gear can be upgraded if they’ve amassed a certain number of points. He has the ability to customize the appearance of his characters and deploy powerful tactic cards to alter the tide of any battle in his favor. The primary features of the game include seven different scenarios, six classes, 40 achievements, and the ability to compete against other players. Take a look at it.

#4 Zombie Dead: Call of Saver

Activision and Friday Zombie Killer’s Friday Zombie Killer developed and launched Call of Saver for Android. You play as a zombie sniper in a post-apocalyptic world, and your goal is to eliminate all of the zombies that approach you. Being a hero means annihilating all zombies in the arena and saving the ones left behind. Each of the game’s four difficulty settings offers something new and different to players. You’ll battle vicious, bloodthirsty zombies who just want to bite you when you play this fast-paced first-person shooter. You, as the hero, must take on the role of a first-person explorer, armed with a wide variety of weapons, and kill as many zombies as possible in order to advance to the next level. The graphics in the game are of console quality, and you can use melee combat and weaponry to take out zombies. The undead have been exterminated. For starters, there’s First Person Action, Survival for the longest time possible, Best Points Scores, Additional Content Unlocked, and more in Call of Saver. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#5 Standoff Multiplayer

Standoff Multiplayer

Action, Third-Person Shooter, Military Based, Single Player and Online Multiplayer video game, developed and released by Axlebolt for Android and iOS platforms, To save the planet, the player plays the character of the protagonist, a soldier tasked with eliminating all of his or her foes. A sniper or a trooper can be used by the player to carry out stealth operations in the game. To begin, the player must choose a role, select weapons, and take part in a variety of game modes such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. Using the ranking system, players can improve their characters and climb the leaderboards to the top of their respective categories. Playing this game is all about moving around and killing terrorists with the use of an armory of weapons that the player can enhance. Standoff Multiplayer is a superb game to play because of its addictive gameplay, brilliant physics, and easy touch controls.

#6 Shadowgun Legends

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing and First-Person Shooter components combine perfectly in Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun Legends. A number of enhancements, updates, and new content are included in this third installment of the Shadowgun series. There are more than 200 single-player missions and a variety of multiplayer modes, including elimination, ascension and arenas and dungeons. There are MMO and RPG components incorporated into the gameplay. At the beginning of the game, the player selects either a male or female avatar. After then, the player is sent to the Hub, which is the primary base. Non-player characters at the casino, bar, and other locales provide a variety of objectives to players while the game is being played out. Challenges in the game are divided into Story Campaigns and Side Quests, which allow players to go at their own pace. Experience points will be given to the gamer as a reward. PvE, PvP, Multiple Characters, Elimination, and more are all part of Shadowgun Legends.

#7 MaskGun


MasqueradeGun is a 3D Action, First Person Shooter, and Multiplayer video game developed and published June Gaming. Real-time Multiplayer FPS gaming developed for mobile devices is available in the new game. Players can win the global leaderboards in order to become the ultimate champion in this game’s basic controls. Team Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal, and Deathmatch are three of the game’s most thrilling modes. Diwali Yard, GhostTown and Ryokan are only two of the five new areas that make up this game. There are a slew of difficult tasks to complete, as well as numerous achievements to earn. Leveling up and unlocking new content is achieved by completing a series of tasks and claiming the results. A VIP badge can also be given to the player in order to increase his rewards and advancement. After selecting a character, gear, and weapons, the player is ready to take on other gamers from all over the world. Features like Global Clan Competition, regular updates, free to play, Missions and Achievements, Real-time Friends System, Easy to Learn Controls, and more can be found in MaskGun.

#8 FRAG Pro Shooter

Single-player and multiplayer FRAG Pro Shooter video games from Oh BiBi are available for Android and iOS. The game gives you the best FPS experience on your mobile devices while getting you ready to fight against adversaries. Team Duel Matches allow you to compete against other players in 1 against 1 battles in real time. A first-person perspective is required for gameplay, and you can switch between characters to gain an edge. When you die in the game, you quickly respawn as a different character. To begin, you should choose whether your combat deck will be defensive, aggressive, or balanced, depending on your play style. There are more than forty different heroes to choose from, each with their own set of difficulties. Each character in the game has a unique fighting style and set of moves that they can employ in battle. A character’s awesomeness can be increased through the use of character upgrades. You can make new acquaintances, rivals, and perhaps become a superstar while playing the game. Increasing the amount of people who follow you is the best way to get famous.

#9 FRAG Pro Shooter: 1st Anniversary

FRAG Pro Shooter 1st Anniversary

In FRAG Pro Shooter.1st Anniversary, Oh Bibi has created an action-adventure, shooting, and multiplayer video game that is available for both iOS and Android. In first- or third-person shooter games, the player assumes the role of a shooter and is tasked with taking out the bad guys.

It is possible to play against another player from around the world in an 11 mode or against a team in the game. Switching between characters is possible, and the player can select up to five characters at once. There are new characters to pick from after a character dies, so the game can continue. There are a variety of skins to choose from, and you may unlock them by gaining more points.

There are around 70 characters in the game that can only be unlocked by progressing through it. The game lets you start or join a club and set records for yourself. There are 70 characters, a 1 on 1 mode, and a variety of skins to choose from in the game’s major features.

#10 Modern Combat 4.Zero Hour

Gameloft Montreal has created and published Modern Combat 4.Zero Hour, a fast-paced first-person shooter video game. The game is a direct sequel to Modern Combat 4, the previous entry in the series. A Sand Storm. As Corporal Joel Black, you take on the duty of trying to save the president and other high-ranking officials from a bunch of terrorists. Ex-Green Beret Edward Page, the film’s antagonist, has turned against the government and vowed to destroy the United States. The War Crimes Investigation Building in Seattle is demolished by the antagonist with the help of another former Green Beret and the CEO of a summit security company. Amidst the armies of mercenaries and the deaths of everyone in their path, the protagonist and his fellow commandos finally make it to the adversary. He frees the President and other politicians after a long series of battles and close combats, and the game comes to an end. Modern Combat 4.Zero Hour delivers a warlike gaming environment with a wide variety of weapons and military strategies to use in the game.. It has a wonderful plot, unique and upgraded images and music, as well as an exciting game play to enjoy.