10 Best Games Like Summoners War That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Summoners War

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In this page, we’ve compiled a thorough list of games that are similar to Summoners War.

We’ve rounded up the finest 15 alternatives to Summoners War in case you’ve grown tired of the game or just want a change of pace.

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1. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Raid.Shadow Legends by now.

Raid. You’ve had to.

There is a popular fantasy RPG Gacha game called Shadow Legends that’s a lot like Summoners War.

In Raid Shadow Legends, like Summoners War, you must choose from hundreds of heroes to build a team that can conquer Teleria.


In Shadow Legends, you’ll find a vast PVE campaign full of challenging monster fights and dungeons. Why Raid? Because you have to make strategic judgments about your team’s composition based on their abilities and artifacts. Like Summoners War, Shadow Legends is a fantastic game.

For those of you who don’t enjoy grinding or don’t have the time, there are also PVP arenas and autoplay.

2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is another popular game that is similar to Summoners War. The game was developed by miHoYo, the developers of the popular Honkai Impact series.

Similar to Summoners War, Genshin Impact’s purpose is to acquire the best characters and form a team capable of defeating the strongest game bosses in a matter of moments.

In addition to its stunning visuals, the game boasts an excellent soundtrack that makes you want to play it even more.

Similar to Summoners War, Genshin Impact uses a gacha system to acquire new characters. Based on the seven elements, each hero has unique skills. It includes geological and dendroclimatic aspects as well as pyrohydroelectrical and anemodynamic aspects.

Genshin Impact is available on Google Play and the App Store. In addition, we have a list of Genshin Impact tiers.

3. Calibria: Crystal Guardians

Calibria Crystal Guardians

Besides sharing an RPG setting, Calibria Crystal Guardians and Summoners War both have gacha hero collectors with rather similar gameplay and visuals.

Nonetheless, Calibria isn’t quite like Summoners War. The game still has its own distinct artwork and features, such as auto-farm, which are still in place.

Character skill customization is one of Calibria’s greatest features. As a result, you have the flexibility to add and remove skills as often as you like in order to optimize your team’s overall performance.

The summoning velocity of Calibria.Crystal Guardians is far superior to that of Summoners War, making it possible to obtain the heroes you choose much more quickly than in Summoners War.

4. Monster Super League

The fact that Monster Super League shares so many characteristics with Summoners War and Pokemon has led us to believe that it is a hybrid of the two franchises.

Unlike previous games like Summoners War, Monster Super League allows you to catch the monsters you fight and then utilize them to play with your friends.

More than 600 Astromon-style monsters populate the game’s world, each with a distinct set of skills that may be enhanced over the game’s many levels of evolution.

Similar to Summoners War, this game has accumulated a substantial amount of material throughout the course of its relatively short lifespan.

5. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Might & Magic Elemental Guardians

One of the game’s names is Might and Magic.

Elemental Guardians is another Ubisoft fantasy RPG hero collecter with many wonderful features and similarities to many other games like Summoners War. It was created and published by Ubisoft.

The PVE campaign is comprehensive, and there are a plethora of everyday activities to keep you occupied.

In Summoners War, you’ll find dungeons, legendary bosses and monsters, and an augmented-reality element that’s unique to games like this.

So if you’re looking for a game with comparable gameplay to Summoners War, give Elemental Guardians a spin.

6. Exos Heroes

Another excellent alternative to Summoners War is Exos Heroes. A few months ago, it soon became everyone’s go-to hero database.

When it comes to summoners war-style games like this one, there are hundreds of heroes to choose from, each with their own distinctive abilities.

The game’s gameplay is unique in that it incorporates both turn-based strategy and puzzle solving elements.

You may preserve battery life and gain some excellent prizes when you return to Exo Heroes because the game continues to gather resources for you even after you close it and go about your daily routine.

7. Onmyoji


Similar to Summoners War, Onmyoji is a role-playing game. NetEase created it, and in 2011, it was made available to the public all around the world.

Many accolades and honors were bestowed upon the game in 2017, including Facebook’s Top Mobile Game of the Year and Google’s Most competitive mobile game. It attracted over 200 million players.

That’s why you know the game is good, even for free-to-play users, which is a rarity these days, especially from NetEase.

However, the gameplay is enjoyable and the gacha system isn’t terrible. However, unlike other games like Summoners War, you can also play it on your PC through Steam, which is a unique feature.

If you don’t want to drain your phone’s battery playing this game, this is a major plus.

8. Chain Strike

Chain Strike and Summoners War share some features with each other thanks to Com2Us’ involvement in both games’ development and publication.

Even still, the game has its quirks. For instance, the game is played on an unusual form of chessboard, and because of that it offers a more unique gaming style than games like Summoners War.

Don’t worry, the gacha system is still there if that’s what you prefer in these kinds of games.

Another amazing feature of Chain Strike is the option to change the appearance of your characters.

9. Age of Magic

Age of Magic

With its turn-based gameplay and beautiful art style, Age of Magic is one of the best fantasy RPGs out there today.

To test your squad’s mettle, you can go to PvP, The Tomb of Horrors, the Valley of Treasures, and a host of other locations where your abilities will be stretched to their limits.

In addition, there are some interesting aspects such as the way teammates or boosts trigger a hero’s powers.

Among the many things that appeal to Age of Magic’s gamers is that it retains the sense of an old-school RPG while yet being free to play and not overly dependent on the player for assistance.

10. Dungeon Hunter Champions

Unlike previous games like Summoners War, Dungeon Hunter Champions is an RPG with a more hack and slash vibe.

Because of this, if you’re looking for a game with a lot of action, then this one is for you.

There are over 250 heroes to choose from, as well as raids, PvP leaderboards, and a hero ascension system. The art style is adorable and vibrant, and the gameplay is challenging.

However, the game has a worse review rating than other alternatives to Summoners War because of certain flaws and malfunctions.