15 Best Games Like Path Of Exile That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Path Of Exile

1. ‘Diablo’ (series)

Diablo III

Diablo paved the way for several other top-down action RPGs, including Path of Exile, before it was even created.. There is so much to do in each game that it’s impossible to get bored. You’ll never get tired of exploring Sanctuary and fighting your way through hordes of demons and creatures. There is little doubt that Diablo’s huge choice of character classes, a wealth of loot, and an engaging plot will continue to dominate the genre for many more years to come.

2. ‘Torchlight’ (series)

The wondrous world of Torchlight is a kaleidoscope of wonder and awe. Along with a huge evil and numerous monsters, it’s also a dangerous place. In order to end this ongoing conflict, your fighter must be at the forefront of the battle. The Torchlight series throws a lot of emphasis on the companion pets that fight alongside you and even carry/sell your stuff for you.

3. ‘Titan Quest Anniversary Edition’

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

In 2006, the original Titan Quest was released to the public. Ten years later, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition was released, giving it a complete makeover. If you’re a fan of ancient history, you’ll be drawn to our top choice immediately. Exploring the pre-Roman Ancient World and defeating the Titans that threaten it with their army of monsters are the main goals of the game. If you want to defeat all of the fabled animals you’ve read about in history books, this Titan Quest comprehensive version is the way to go.

4. ‘Divine Divinity’ (series)

The Divine Divinity franchise has been around since 2002, and it has garnered a lot of admirers along the way. Divinity: Original Sin and its great follow-up are the entries you’ve undoubtedly heard the most about. The enhanced version of Divinity: Original Sin is a must-have if you want to take advantage of all the additional stuff it has to offer. You’ll quickly find yourself enjoying hours-long play sessions as you experiment with the game’s environmental hazards and come up with new ways to deal big damage.

5. ‘Dungeon Siege’ (series)

Dungeon Siege

The Dungeon Siege franchise’s impact may be seen in the fact that it has been adapted for the big screen three times. Despite the films’ average quality, it’s well worth your time to play the video games that accompany them. One of the game’ most intriguing features is the way in which your character might get new skills as long as you keep fighting. For example, if you cast a specific magic spell repeatedly, it will become more powerful over time. To defend the Kingdom of Ehb from constant war and instability, you need a battle-ready avatar like yourself.

6. ‘Heretic Kingdoms’ (series)

Heretic Kingdoms immerses players in a world full of monsters, cults, and mind-numbingly difficult puzzles to keep them entertained for hours on end. The action RPG mechanics you’ve come to anticipate from games of this type can be found in all three games in the series. One of the game’s unique selling points is the ability to take control of many individuals within a single demon. In Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, you can choose to play as just one character in a campaign.

7. ‘Last Epoch’

Last Epoch

With the advent of time travel as a fundamental gameplay concept, players have a new way to interact with the different factions in Last Epoch. This new action RPG allows you to explore the land of Eterra in a variety of time periods, allowing you to uncover its many mysteries and change your future in crucial ways. Aside from all that, there is a great deal of combat involved. Last Epoch is well worth the trip back in time, thanks to its huge ability tree and 15 different mastery classes.

8. ‘Grim Dawn’

In this grim action RPG, humanity is on the verge of extinction. You’ll need to learn Grim Dawn’s dual-class character system if you want to survive the post-apocalyptic planet. With the ability to combine two of the game’s classes and create a unique dual set, Grim Dawn is one of the game’s best features. This game’s universe is in need of repair, and you’re the only one who can do it.

9. ‘Hades’


Hades is one of the most popular characters in the roguelike action RPG genre. You’ll be put to the test as you strive to find a way out of the Underworld in this brilliantly animated adventure. With a variety of weaponry at your disposal, you’ll put your fighting skills to the ultimate test against an army of vicious creatures. Thanks to the excellent voice acting in Hades, the game’s storyline is worth your time. In addition, you’ll keep going back for more even if you die a lot.

10. ‘Victor Vran Overkill Edition’

A new demon-hunting legend has been born here. While fighting the scariest monsters ever, you’ll be able to put his skills to good use. Additionally, the Victor Vran Overkill Edition includes new locations based on the music of Motörhead, a legendary metal band. Having the band’s original tunes accompanying your demon hunts is sure to put a smile on your face.

11. ‘Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition’

Warhammer: Chaosbane depicts a world in which chaos reigns supreme. In order to keep the Empire of Man safe, it is up to you to eliminate the advancing hordes. In addition to five character classes, 70+ creatures to fight, a dungeon-crawling boss rush mode, and many more options for exploration and exploration, this game has it all. Not only does the Warhammer IP excel at science fiction themes, but it also has a knack for creating fantastical tales.

12. ‘Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem doesn’t have character classes, so you can be whatever kind of warrior you choose to be. An incredible number of abilities are at your disposal, including the ability to morph into Celestial Incarnations, manage three different types of energy sources, gather and use an abundance of loot, and learn a talent tree rich with passive abilities. Wolcen’s world is riddled with corruption and monsters, so do your best to go through it all and become invincible.

13. ‘The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut’

To understand Van Helsing’s repertory, you must have seen the film. Van Helsing: The Final Chapter is the final installment in the Van Helsing video game trilogy, allowing you to take on the role of the legendary monster hunter and rid Borgovia of its monsters. For your epic monster battles Lady Katarina will be there to support you. Whether it’s through the use of black magic or cutting-edge technology, your personal monster-hunting specialist is a formidable opponent.

14. ‘Emberheart’

Heart of the Mountains, or the Emberheart, is a magical object that grants everyone the ability to use magic. Sadly, it’s been overtaken by savage beasts. We can’t allow them to keep control of such a significant resource, can we? A non-linear campaign that takes you to a variety of eye-popping locations will allow you to build the character you’ll play as in this game.

15. ‘Nox’


Last but not least, we’ve chosen a classic that hasn’t aged too badly in terms of playability. A horde of Necromancers must be slain in order to progress in Nox, which offers three different character classes (warrior, conjurer, or wizard). Because of the bad deeds of a sorceress named Hecubah, the Land of Nox has become overrun with them, and you must use all of your abilities to defeat her. There is a compelling story to be found in the fact that Nox’s protagonist was drawn into this dark fantasy world through his television set.