6 Best 3 Player Board Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best 3 player board games

The best three-player board games to play this year are here.

Sure, computer and mobile games are a good way to pass the time when you’re not at work or school. Another way to look at your social media accounts is to scroll through them. But don’t you think there are more important things you can do than just use technology mindlessly all the time, right?

A good alternative is a board game. Board games don’t just waste time, and they are not just for fun, either! There is a lot of evidence that playing board games is good for you, and one of them is that it makes you happier.

Here are the 15 best three-player board games to check out and play this year. They were chosen because of the good reviews they had from happy customers and because they could give you the best board game experience.

But before we get to the list, we’d like to give you some ideas about how playing board games can help you. Start now!

1. Sequence


This is a fun game for friends or families who like strategic games that are hard to win. When you buy this game, you get a folding game board, two decks of Sequence cards with 135 playing chips, and a complete guide on how to play the game. The team or person who does the most five-card sequences first is the winner of the game.

Sequence is a mix of a board game and a card game, and it’s fun to play. Besides the eight jacks, the board is made up of two decks of cards that are laid out in a 10×10 pattern. We’ll talk about that later. Each player can use one of four empty corners as a place to play.

Each player is given a deck of cards that they can use in their game. Choose one of these cards to show where their chip will go on the board. As the game goes on, the goal is to finish five-sequence rows, columns, or diagonals until they reach the score they need.

We said before that the jacks are very important. People are important because they set your strategy. Four of the eight jacks are two-eyed jacks, which are wild cards. The other four are one-eyed jacks, which are wild cards. In addition to choosing the right space, you need to know how to use your jacks in a smart way.

Sequence can be played by two to twelve people, but only two to three teams can be in it. A game like this can be played by three people or three teams, so it’s great for three people or three teams.


It’s a great mix of a board game and a card game.

Even kids can learn and understand this.

Improves focus, mental clarity, and critical thinking in the brain by giving it more energy.


Some customers say that they didn’t get all of the things they ordered when they got them.

Others say that the game materials get worn out quickly.

Some customers think that it is a game that is just a matter of luck.

2. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is the best board game for people who like to go on adventures and trips. Make sure you have cards that match and then claim routes that connect cities across North America. Every time you get a new route or finish a mission, you get points that can help you win.

An overview of the North American train routes is shown on a board. There are 240 train cars in a variety of colours and 110 cards for each car. There are also 30 destination tickets, five wooden scoring markers and a guide for how to play the game. It is meant to be played by two to five people, who are at least eight years old. Around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on each player’s strategy and technique, is how long it takes to play, though.

At the start of the game, each player gets four train cards and three destination ticket cards. It’s important to connect these cities by rail. Each of these cards shows two cities that you need to connect. A route can be claimed if you match your train cards to the number of spaces in it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a colour card. You can use the locomotive card, which can be used for any colour.

When you play this game, you need to keep an eye on how long your routes are. Player with the longest uninterrupted path at the end of the game gets extra points at the end of the game. People who connect their cities and meet their goals may still lose, even if they have the longest route.

In addition, you should keep an eye on where you’re going on your ticket. You can get more points if you finish them, but you also lose points if they aren’t done at the end of the game.


Good for parents who want to teach their kids about places in North America, like the Grand Canyon.

When you get a ticket to a certain place, the game gets more interesting.

Everyone will enjoy this game, but it’s especially fun for families when they get together for reunions or have fun nights out together.


Some customers say that they didn’t get the game in good condition when they bought it.

It’s said by other people that some of the instructions are a little hard to follow.

Not everyone who likes strategy games will like this game. It might not be right for people who like games with little or no luck.

3. Catan


Catan is the best game for people who like to trade goods, build societies, and settle down. There was a time when people went on long trips and looked for places where they could build civilised societies. However, you’re not the only one who has found something new. Your fearless rivals are also explorers and are competing with you for supremacy.

The board is made up of hexagonal tiles that make up Catan Island, which has mountains, fields, forests, pastures, and hills. In the beginning of the game, you put two small houses in places where there are gaps in the terrain hexes. These are where your settlement starts.

Each piece of terrain has a unique number. In this game, you roll a die and see who gets to get things. Players who have settlements next to the terrain that the die shows get resources from that terrain. Bricks, wood, ore, grain, and wool are some of the resources that can be found in the hills, forests, mountains, and fields (pastures).

They help you build roads and new homes or settlements across the island, so you need them. If you want to make your area into a city, you can also use them. Trade with your opponents if you need to build something but don’t have the right tools.

One point is worth one settlement, and one point is worth two cities. To win, keep building them until you get all of your points.

Catan is for three to four people who are at least 10 years old. That doesn’t mean you can’t play for more than 60 minutes. Think about your plan a lot.


Many game replays are still interesting because of the way the board looks.

Trading and bargaining are great parts of the game.

Easy to learn and understand game rules.


Small children need help from adults to come up with good strategies.

Maybe it isn’t fun or too easy for people who play board games very well.

It’s not always easy to win for some people.

4. Azul


For people who like to make things like mosaics and crafts, Azul is a tile-building game called Azul. Players compete to get the most points by claiming tiles and arranging them in a way that makes the most beautiful designs. The game is meant to test your strategic skills and sense of style.

In this game, you only need to make tiles. There are a lot of things you need to think about and be careful about, though. If you want the tiles your opponent has, you’ll have to wait until your turn. You have to play in a way that will help you win. Player with most points wins at the end.

As we already said, you get points based on how you arrange the tiles on the board. New tiles that are next to the other tiles earn you one point. Keep track of sets that have the same colours, or make a unique pattern with a great design if you want more points. Note, however, that for every tile you take but don’t use, you lose points.

Azul can be played by two to four people, and it’s good for people who are eight years old and up. As long as you have a lot of time to play, this game could be good for you and your family.


There are only a few games like this.

It has a lot of replay value, and it doesn’t lose any of its fun.

Varying the number of people who play can make the game more interesting.


If you don’t understand the rules right away, they might seem complicated.

Some people say that the quality of the tiles isn’t very good.

Lack of quality control.

5. Horrified


Horrified is a game about the Universal monsters like Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Wolfman. It’s an adventure game. Because this game is based on the IP, it’s always nice to see a game that’s fun and satisfying.

There are all kinds of monsters in this game, and you’ll have to fight them off together with other people before it’s too late. To play this game, you roll the dice and move from place to place. You want to reach places that will help you reach your goal. Everyone has a different way to win, but things work together very well.

This is a great game for three people who want a light co-op game with a good story. Even though Horrified is a new game that came out in 2019, it is still very good and has a lot of fans.

6. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

Through the Ages A Story of Civilization

drafting and auction-style bidding are used in Through the Ages, a game that lets you build a civilization. They start to show up in the game. The more time they are there, the more easy it is to write them down. To get what you want in a smart way is everything.

Through careful resource management, you try to build the best civilization. You try to find new technologies, elect good people to lead the country in the right way, build wonders, and keep a strong military. Any weakness can be used by your opponents. During the game, which starts in ancient times and ends in the modern era, people play.

Among the best 3 player games, this one is very good because the bidding system works well for that many people. No game does the auction building system better than Through the Ages. The first one came out in 2006, and the second one came out a decade later in 2015.