7 Best Atari St Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best atari st games

Want to know what the best Atari ST games are? The 16-bit computer that competed with the Commodore Amiga was the successor to the Atari 8-bit family of computers that were made before that time. During April, May, and June 1985, the first model was only available to a small group of people. The full model was released in July.

First, the Atari ST had a bitmapped colour GUI. It used a version of Digital Research’s GEM that came out in February 1985. One of its main rivals was the Macintosh. The “ST” stands for “Sixteen/Thirty-two,” which is a reference to the Motorola 68000 16-bit bus and 32-bit internals that were used in the machine.

It was so similar to the Macintosh line of computers that at the time, it could run Mac software faster because it had a faster clock speed than the Mac.

There were two types of monitors for the Atari ST: one that was full colour and one that was monochrome.

People in Germany found the Atari ST to be a good small business computer. It also had built-in MIDI ports, which made it popular with musicians of all kinds.

UTOPIA the Creation of a Nation

UTOPIA the Creation of a Nation

Utopia: The Creation of a Nation is a game that you play in real time. The game was made by Celestial Software and released by Gremlin Graphics in 1991.

Takes place in the future on a new planet. You play the role of the planet’s governor, who moves his colony after aliens hit the planet with a biological weapon.

In place of being reprimanded or fired, the governor is praised for his concern for the lives of the colonists instead of making money. He is then sent to a series of pioneer worlds to colonise.

Stunt Car Racer

Stunt Car Racer is a 1989 racing game that was made by Geoff Crammond and published by MicroProse under the MicroStyle label. It was made in 1989.

This is a very hard game with a lot of different jump stunts and a high track with no barriers. It takes a lot of skill to get around the tracks, and I had to be hoisted back on the track after a big crash many times.

Single player mode has a league table that is divided into four groups of three drivers each. There are twelve racers in all. Race tracks are in two different divisions, so there are a total of eight in the whole game.

In order to play the Atari ST game with two people at the same time, two computers must be connected to each other by a null modem cable. Each computer must have a TV or monitor.

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is a video game that lets you play a role-playing game from a first-person point of view. FTL Games made this game for the Atari ST in 1987, and it also came out for the Amiga and PC in 1988 and 1992.

There were about 40,000 copies of Dungeon Master sold in its first year. It went on to become the best-selling title on the Atari ST of all time. Because of this game, there are many 3D dungeon crawlers like Eye of the Beholder that look a lot like the game itself.

Other things that helped make the game more immersive were the use of sound effects to show when a creature was nearby, and (primitive) dynamic lighting. D&D-style experience points and levels were ditched in favour of a system where the characters’ skills got better by using them.

This isn’t the first game to have these features. Dungorath for the TRS-80 Color Computer first used them in 1982. Dungeon Master, on the other hand, made these elements more popular.

Blood Money

Blood Money is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up made by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis. It was made by DMA Design. The game is set in four places on the same planet, where you fight enemies and defeat bosses at the end of each level,

The development team used high-tech equipment to make Blood Money, and they used better graphical and technological processes to make it.

This game is a side-scrolling shooter that was inspired by the presentation of Mr. Heli. Later, the animations of Blood Money would be used to make Lemmings, which was later made into a game.

Blood Money was well-received when it came out, with a lot of praise for the game’s graphics and gameplay. A lot of people bought the game, and it did well commercially, too.

Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Captain Blood (L’Arche du Captain Blood in French) is a 1988 game made by the French company ERE Informatique. It is an adventure game. Exxos was the new name for them. The game was made by Infogrames and later re-released by Players Premier Software in the UK.

Doier Bouchon and Philippe Ulrich made it for the Atari ST. They cut off from the rest of the world to get the game out in time for Christmas. In the future, it was also made for a lot of other computers from that time.

The game’s main character is a 1980s video game designer named Bob Morlock, who called himself “Captain Blood” in honour of the movie of the same name. It’s about aliens and space travel. Morlock makes a new video game about it. The first time he tries out his new project, he ends up in the spaceship of the game he made.

Soon after, Blood is forced to go into hyperspace mode. Because of an accident, he gets cloned 30 times. Since every person has cloned himself, Blood has been looking for them for 800 years. When the game starts, Blood has already destroyed 25 clones. He needs to kill the last five clones, who were the most difficult to find, or he will lose his last link to the human species.

You can listen to “Ethnicolor” by Jean-Michel Jarre on the title track.

Prince of Persia (1989)

This list of the best Atari ST games of all time starts with Prince of Persia, and what a way to start!

As the Prince, we get to run, climb, and jump over chasms like a real badass. This is one of the best Sega Game Gear games ever.

And what a tense story line! Jaffar has 60 earth minutes to get the princess. The players have to act quickly to stop him.

There isn’t a second game in which the bad guy from Aladdin is a player. Here’s a new guy:

People who play this side-scrolling game might think of Castle of Illusion for adults.

We’re talking about a floppy disc here, after all.

That doesn’t mean that this game isn’t fun to play on any platform. The Atari ST does a great job of giving us a lot of spikes, walls, mirrors, and other dangerous things to avoid.

Populous (1989)

Populous (1989)

Populous lets people play as gods. A new game to make me feel like a god!

The goal here is to get the people who believe in you to rise up and defeat the armies of other gods who want to rule the world.

Build a civilization, grow crops, and get people to follow you. In the beginning, Black and White looked a lot like this.

It has everything we love about games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Sim City, but it also has epic stories about heroes and fights to the death.

It’s time for holy war. You’ll fight the gods with your amazing powers, and if you get angry, blights will fall on the land.

It’s not likely that you’ll get bored with this game because there are 500 worlds to conquer.