10 Best Games Like Papers Please That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Papers Please

Papers Please is the nicest type of stress since it is so simple to use. In terms of gameplay, these 10 games are all very similar.

When it comes to mechanics, Papers Please is one of the most popular video games of 2013. It’s a game that’s hard to put down, but after all these years, fans may be looking for something new that offers them the same rush. While Lucas Pope’s Return Of The Obra Dinn, released in 2018, is also a unique jewel, its gameplay is distinct from that of Papers Please.

With an office job, sorting through paperwork and organizing a desk can be a daunting task.

It can be addictive and rewarding for some people, though, when they get their documents just so. Fans of Papers Please will enjoy these games for a long time to come as they include searching through files to find out information about people and crackdown on a case. Each one has its own distinct story and environment.

10 Death And Taxes

Death And Taxes

The now-famous remark that inspired the game’s title was coined by Benjamin Franklin. No one said picking who lives or dies was easy; it’s just a lot of paperwork. That’s the overall concept of the game. In Papers Please, the player was just an average guy who had to decide who was allowed to cross the border or not. Taxes are the grim reaper in Death And Taxes.

In this game, players sort through the lives of fictional characters to decide whether they should be allowed to live on or not. Everyone in the game has a say in who gets to live on and who doesn’t. All of the characters are voiced, and there are several endings.

9 Interrogation

This time, players portraya detective operating from inside a police agency.

People who have been arrested must be interrogated to determine whether or not they committed a crime. They must be made to admit it on video, however. People can play both nice and bad cops at the same time.

People who play the role of bad cop have the power to halt the recording and begin interrogating the subject in a brutal manner. In order to be a good cop, they’ll want to ask the right questions in the right order to make the suspect feel like they can and should tell the truth. All of this is before we even begin our investigation into their case and associated documents.

8 For The People

For The People

For The People is a political simulation wherethe player is in command of what sidea town leads most towards.

Is their leader going to be for or against the people? Papers Please-esque emotional and moral quandaries coexist with deceptively straightforward gameplay elements in this title.

In this game, the player has complete control over every aspect of the game. Make a plan for dealing with thugs and those in need. Obtain information using all means necessary, or stick to the rules. Try to get all the possible endings in the game by reading through all the complaints and screams of the town.

7 Not For Broadcast

It sounds like a cross between Papers Please and Five Nights at the Roxbury. At Freddy’s, the player is in charge of running the live television feed. If you’ve ever wondered why the news goes dark so soon when something unexpected happens, you’re not alone. This guy is the culprit. Or, more precisely, the participant.

Multiple buttons and controls are integrated into the control arrangement so that the player may learn and fine-tune it while they watch the channel. Strange events may occur, such as someone attempting to take over the station to sell other products. In the end, it’s up to the players to decide whether or not this is something that the public should see. If the average person at home sees something incorrect or out of character, it might be the end of the world or perhaps a revolution!

6 VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action

In this cyberpunk bar, the player must take care of the patrons and make beverages while getting to know each individual patron. The Red Strings Club-style cyberpunk game has a lot to do with interpersonal connections.

Players can impact the outcome of consumers’ stories by interacting with them. To make up for the lack of resources, they must also make every effort to raise money. All the player has is this bartending job; money may be more important than other people to him.

5 Suzerain

This game puts players in the role of the next president, which is a terrifying and daunting position to be in. As a group, engage in political and governmental affairs discussions with influential persons in order to steer the course of your country.

Text-based games allow players to choose their own course, unlike Papers Please, which is a turn-based game. The player must be wary of those who may be deceptive and those who may dislike the player’s decisions.

4 We The Revolution

We The Revolution

We Players assume the role of a revolutionary judge in The Revolution. People can scream and shout all they want, but in the end, the judge gets to decide what happens to the people who appear before him. It’s not just criminals that the player will have to deal with; they’ll also have to deal with protesters and petty thieves.

We The Revolution has a pleasing visual design and a great gameplay. Players will be able to choose to execute some persons in this historical setting from the 17th century. Some of the player’s decisions will be criticized by both the general public and the player’s own family. This is a tense political simulation game where the player’s courtroom is filled with everyone’s differing views.

3 Beholder 2

You may spy on renters in Beholder, a 2016 strategic landlord simulator. This means that their personal livesare in the palm of the player’s hands. Even so, the player is an intern in a corporate firm in Beholder 2, unlike the original. It’s possible for people to expose the executives in their own companies, as well as work their way up the corporate ladder. These are the kinds of decisions that people would have to make on a daily basis in real life.

Additionally, Beholder 2’s graphics are better than the first and the gameplay is a little more focused, with 3D environments and characters and a closer focus on the camera. There are some similarities to if Gearbox ever released a game about Jack’s rise through the ranks of Hyperion.

2 The Shrouded Isle

The Shrouded Isle

Similar to the art style of Return Of The Obra Dinn, The Shrouded Isle has a similar feel. As a fantasy game, the player is immersed in the water and prepares for an encounter with a sea god. Because of this, the character is also a devotee of the sea god. Every player must make their own judgments on which characters to include in their squad and which of their fellow players to avoid.

It’s a dark and intriguing story with many twists and turns, and a lot of decisions to be made. Everyone is vulnerable to the player’s whims and whims alone (whether they want to be or not). For those who don’t like the game’s color scheme, there are a variety of color alternatives.

1 Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor’s Story

An easier-to-play paper management game, Field Hospital has you playing as an established doctor who must accept or deny various patients as they arrive and go from the facility. Like in real life, each patient is given a varied level of importance by the hospital staff.

In order to establish the severity of a patient’s narrative, a team will have to go over their medical records. Who will make it through the night and who will perish? Advil versus high-quality medication: Who gets what? Do you believe Daniel when he says he’s lying about how he feels? Field Hospital is a detective game that requires a lot of deductive reasoning and difficult decisions.