16 Best Games Like Halo That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Halo

Fans of a series like Halo will be on the lookout for similar content. Here are a few games we think you’ll like.

The Halo series has been the centerpiece of Microsoft’s new home console strategy since the days of the first Xbox. Millions of gamers are still playing Halo games today, many console generations after the first game was released. The campaign modes in this first-person shooter franchise are always a sentimental journey to return to for multiplayer gatherings.

To get ready for the return of the famous Master Chief in Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X, players have been exploring previous entries. It’s not just Halo games that are influenced by, but also many other popular video games that share the Halo vibe. If a sci-fi space shooter fix is what you’re looking for in between Halo games, you’ve got lots of options.

Amanda Hurych updated this page on March 6, 2022, with the following information: Because of the release of Halo Infinite, most Halo fans’ appetites have been satisfied. You may be done with Infinite now that it’s been out for a few months, unless you’ve been playing it nonstop from its release. To put it another way, there’s no better time to play a game like Halo 3 than right now. Check out our revised list of ideas for individuals who want to play a game that evokes memories of Master Chief.

16 Splitgate


The fact that you haven’t heard about Splitgate yet indicates that you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. As if Halo and Portal couldn’t be more perfectly merged, Splitgate is a fast-paced and tactical adventure. In these Slayer-like battles, players can create portals on various surfaces to help them defeat their opponents. It’s a brilliant concept that’s implemented flawlessly. Anyone who enjoyed Halo’s multiplayer will be right at home with Splitgate’s multiplayer capabilities.

15 Resistance 3

The third game in the Resistance series is the greatest of the entire series for action-sci-fi aficionados. With a fresh character and more of a survival horror feel than its predecessors, Resistance 3 stands out from the rest of the series.

In spite of its critical acclaim, the game did not sell much, but it has subsequently gained a following of dedicated fans. One of the best campaigns on PlayStation shows Insomniac Games’ ability to write a fantastic tale and equip you with an impressive assortment of weaponry.

14 Wolfenstein Series (2014)

Wolfenstein Series (2014)

MachineGames’ Wolfenstein: New Order serves as both a sequel and a reboot to the legendary FPS genre, but the outstanding missions and story will appeal to fans of Halo.

New fans were drawn to the series’ alternate history yet the brutal action and stealth formula that fans had come to expect was kept intact. Whether you like to play stealthily or engage in all-out gunfights, the level design is superb. Battles with giant-based adversaries are usually exciting, and the visuals are stunning during the crazy boss bouts that take place throughout them.

13 Crysis Trilogy

The Crysis series, once a benchmark for PC owners, is now available on nearly every platform. It’s a science fiction action game where the player character fights back against an alien invasion in these three games.

First, there is an open-world game like Far Cry, and then there is a city-based game like Resident Evil, which both have a limited amount of exploring. There are more set pieces and cinematic moments in the last installment.

12 Titanfall 2

The Titanfall series has been hailed as one of the most underappreciated FPS franchises of all time, and Titanfall 2 is no exception. The campaign is wonderfully constructed, and the multiplayer is as extensive as ever.

The fundamental FPS action is fantastic, with a diverse arsenal of weapons and a parkour-inspired mobility system that is as smooth to use as it is beautiful to look at. But adding the ability to pilot beefy, building-sized mechs as a core gameplay mechanic ices an already-enticing cake.

11 Killzone Series

Killzone Series

In terms of exclusive PlayStation shooters, the Killzone franchise is one of the most popular. Since its debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2006, the Killzone series has grown to include four core titles as well as a handful of handheld spinoffs.

The multiplayer modes in Killzone’s PS3 era, in particular during the PS3 phase, set a precedent for large-scale multiplayer games, especially on a free (at that time) online service.

10 Gears Of War Series

Compared to Halo, Gears of War is a third-person shooter with a lot of meat, but there’s enough of a similarity to entice Halo aficionados to give the game a shot. The series’ constant marriage with well-designed cooperative play is one such aspect.

Playing Gears of War games with a friend is perhaps the greatest way to experience the mainline game campaigns. As a story they are a bombastic joyride full of bravado, but it adds greatly to their characteristic charm.

9 The Conduit Series

Even if some Wii games didn’t quite live up to their potential, many delivered the promise and The Conduit series was one of those examples.

A colorful sci-fi setting and innovative augmentation and scanning gameplay mechanics made the Conduit series two motion-controlled FPS games that were more than just a simple FPS. You should check out the Wii exclusive Conduit games if you’re a Halo enthusiast.

8 TimeSplitters Series

TimeSplitters Series

Perfect Dark and 007 GoldenEye from the N64 have a lot in common with TimeSplitters, but this series adds some new and exciting ideas to the tried and tested shooter genre.

TimeSplitters has some fantastic time-traveling mechanics that are sure to keep you entertained. The unique sci-fi shooting components of the games resemble the Halo series in a large manner, even though they aren’t directly space-related. TimeSplitters is a thrilling series to revisit because to its excellent story and compelling gameplay.

7 Apex Legends

A new battle royale game called Apex Legends, developed by the team behind the Titanfall franchise, dethroned Fortnite as the most popular game in the genre. Although Apex Legends is an online-only multiplayer game, it features Respawn Entertainment’s trademark FPS polish and Titanfall’s distinct sci-fi setting, which any Halo fan worth their salt is sure to appreciate. Respawn Entertainment also developed Titanfall.

Aside from the regular seasonal content and new characters and weaponry, Respawn has made major revisions to the main battle royale structure since the game’s first release.

6 Doom Series

Between Halo’s famous originals and the most recent editions, which built on Halo’s modern shooter paradigm, Doom will satisfy the needs of any FPS gamer seeking an exciting new shooter.

Doom’s main goal is to defeat hell’s demons as quickly as possible. While Halo doesn’t have the same level of franticness, it does share the same feeling of living in the present moment by not requiring players to aim their guns down sights (aside from sniper weapons). There will be more opportunities for Halo and Doom to inspire and influence one another now that they have been brought back to life.

5 Project Snowblind

Project Snowblind

Project Snowblind, a first-person shooter on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, was originally a Deus Ex spin-off. Players assume control of Frost, who employs a variety of weapons and steals control of surveillance cameras and other technology to devise new tactics against his opponents.

It also included multiplayer capabilities at a period when they weren’t all that prevalent in console games. Project Snowblind, although not receiving nearly as much attention as the Halo series, is a neglected gem that Halo aficionados should rediscover.

4 Lost Planet Series

In the PS3/360 generation, this short-lived series had great ideals and goals. For the most part, the Lost Planet series was known for its mind-blowing boss fights, exciting third-person action warfare, diverse environments, and tense mech fighting.

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Lost Planet and Halo share many visual parallels, and both series could benefit from one other’s experiences. The future of Lost Planet on modern consoles is uncertain, but anything is conceivable if the fan base is enthusiastic enough to see a return.

3 Red Faction Series

Red Faction Series

The Red Faction series is a great choice for gamers who want to experience a compelling story or just enjoy the thrill of destroying structures utilizing an excellent destruction engine. Red Faction Armageddon, a linear adventure game with destruction elements, marked a turning point in the franchise (and a gun that rebuilds destroyed constructs).

The franchise has been silent since 2011, save from Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-tered. Even so, it had an effect, and Halo aficionados would delight in exploring Mars and experiencing life as a colonist there.

2 Marathon Trilogy

The Marathon trilogy is essentially Halo’s predecessor from the Doom-clone era, and this is a serious look. Projects like Aleph One have made a playable version for modern gaming computers more readily available.

“AI rampancy” (basically an AI that is senile or malfunctioning) serves as a major plot trigger in both Halo and Marathon, which were developed by Bungie in the early 1990s, and both games have similar gameplay mechanics.

1 Destiny Series

Destiny 2

When Destiny was released, the next large project from Halo’s original developers, it had some issues. It wasn’t long before the first game became a favorite among shooter fans online, and the sequel improved on the original’s design while also addressing some of the criticism.

Most Halo players most likely have already played the Destiny series owing to the hype put into what Bungie was going to develop after abandoning the Halo series. The Destiny series, regardless of whether or not it was what many expected, is a great shooter with a unique setting and addicting growth mechanics that have kept players engaged for years.