19 Best Games Like Osu That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Osu

Dean Herbert created Osu!, a music video game that may be played solo or with a group of friends. Ouendan, Taiko no Tatsujin and other popular commercial games are the emphasis of the game’s story mode. Beat maps come across a wide range of difficulty levels. To demonstrate the various beats, a music will be played and visual indicators like as spinners, sliders, and circles will be displayed. For points, you must use the mouse to adjust these components while the song’s beat is being played.

There are five stages in the game, each with a different level of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Professional. If you hit an element while a song is playing, the health bar will stay full. You’ll lose the level if you miss the shots, and your health will drop to zero if you do. To set a challenge for your friends, try to score the most points possible. Osu! is the best game to play and enjoy because of its stunning visuals and impressive gameplay.

#1 Audiosurf


Handlebar, a personal firm founded by Dylan Fiterrer, is behind the development and publication of Audiosurf, a rhythm and puzzle game. Using Audiosurf, you can listen to the music you choose or the music that’s already blaring out of your speakers. When a player presses the exact spots on the screen indicated as tabs, the player mimics the music displayed on the screen. The game’s soundtrack is composed entirely of tracks from the player’s personal music collection. By completing each track, the player is awarded additional extra points if no colored blocks are missing by the player over the course of play. This fast-paced music composition game may be played on Windows and Zune HD systems.

#2 Rhythm Zone

Sonic Boom Games has released yet another rhythm and puzzle game in the form of Rhythm Zone. Players select songs from their music library and then match the falling beats in this game. The fast-paced gameplay and dynamic surroundings immerse you in an incredible world of musical gaming. Rhythm Zone has a user-friendly UI, amazing 3D graphics, and the ability to play the game using a USB controller or your keyboard. Try Rhythm Zone and you’ll fall in love with everything this amazing game has to offer. Rhythm Zone is exclusively playable on Microsoft Windows.

#3 Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft created and launched Rocksmith 2014, which combines elements of music, education, rhythm, and simulation. Support for single-player and cross platform play are included in this title. It provides an opportunity for the musician to learn how to play the guitar on his or her own. Real tone cables are used to connect to guitar output jacks. Other musical instruments, such as acoustic guitars, require additional gear, such as a pickup, to connect. Songs like House of the Rising Sun, I Got Mine, and Song 2 are included, as well as the ability to repeat the song’s beat in the game. The guitar fretboard is separated into colored strings in the game’s standard mode. Matching the color of a note with a guitar string to be taken down is a player’s goal in this game. The game gets more difficult as the player progresses and unlocks more renowned songs to play. Rocksmith 2014 is the best music game to play and enjoy because of its excellent gameplay, vibrant graphics, and enticing noises.

#4 O2Jam

Video game O2Jam was created by O2Media for e-Games and combines elements of action, arcade, music, and single-player rhythm. You’ve never experienced gameplay like this before in a video game. The gameplay is identical to the IIDG game, but it features a number of new tunes. Each level has a different set of notes that fall over the screen. In order to play the music, these notes must be struck. There are a variety of rooms to choose from, and the player gets to pick one at the start of the game. Multiplayer and Solo modes are available. Players battle against one other in Single-player mode while in Multiplayer mode they work together to form a team and become a leader. After completing a level, the game awards the player with gems and experience points, which they can then utilize to unlock further content. How well a player hits the falling notes determines how much money he earns. O2Jam has a lot to offer, including 12 Songs, over 27 Levels, and the ability to collect Gems. It’s up to you.

#5 Audiosurf 2


Dylan Fitterer created Audiosurf 2, a Rhythm, Puzzle, Single-player, and Multiplayer Music video game. Using the player’s library, the game creates a path that the player must traverse in order to progress farther in the game. Following Audiosurf, Wakeboarding is introduced that allows players to alter the features and songs of two tugboats that pull them and give them the opportunity to leap and pull off tricks. More than 500 player-created mods and skins are available for usage by the player during gameplay. Player can compare their score to their friends and rivals across the world using the leaderboard in the game. It has improved graphics, excellent physics, and a lot of fun. The player can search for music, including music that is available online. The player’s timing on Puzzle Modes is now more critical than ever in Mono Mode. Audiosurf 2 is a superb game to play and enjoy because of its basic features, fascinating graphics, and seamless controls.

#6 Symphony

Symphony, an Indie Rhythm and Puzzle game developed and published by Empty Clip Studios, is a fantastic video game. As a cross-platform game, this one lets players fire weapons at other ships with patterns that are determined by the player’s music selections, which are accessible on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. On the conclusion of each song, the player is rewarded with fantastic improvements and the game becomes more challenging as the player progresses. Although this game appears to be a Shoot ‘Em Up, its true purpose is to allow players to create their own music. Scores are earned by generating music and following all of the game’s instructions for each opponent defeated. After failing to follow the game’s rules, a player gets kicked out and loses his ship. Symphony’s 3D graphics and gameplay are stunning, and the user interface is simple and intuitive. We guarantee you’ll love it!

#7 Raycatcher


Raycatcher, a superb puzzle, rhythm, and music video game developed and distributed by Thinking Studios and Slam Dunk Studios, is exclusively available for Windows. The player can also create their own music by importing audio files in the MP3 format. The game’s level structure is determined by synchronizing the music to the game’s internal algorithm. It is the player’s job to match the light beams that make up the goal pattern by rotating various cluster-shaped objects using joysticks or any other tilting devices that are supported. The cluster of shapes will grow and change as long as the player can match the patterns to those on the screen. Great 3D graphics, an easy-to-use user interface, and an addicting game-play make Raycatcher a must-have. If you enjoy playing music-making games, Raycatcher is for you. You’ll fall in love with it if you give it a go.

#8 World in Audition

It’s an action, dance and music simulation that immerses you in a virtual world. Only the Windows operating system can be used to play this virtual world game. Multiplayer Online, Customization, and Music are all present in this game. Hundreds of different clothing and personalization options let you play as either a man or a woman. After creating a unique avatar, he or she is ready to enter the game’s environment. In addition to chatting, playing mini-games, finding love, going on a date, and auditioning to be the best dancer, there are hundreds of other gamers throughout the world. It has a wide range of musical styles, and the player’s character can engage in a wide range of activities. It’s up to the player to decorate his space in the game with a variety of things and accessories. To unlock new content and progress in the game, you must earn experience points. Beat Rush, Couple Mode, Boy’s and Girl’s, Club Dance, Block Beat, and Guitar Mode are some of the modes available. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to download real songs, auto repair, and the Lafesta Event. It’s up to you.

#9 Thumper


Music, rhythm and single-player video game Thumper was developed and published by Drool. It has a strong emphasis on Virtual Reality features. With a magnificent universe, the user is able to control the space beetle as it traverses several fantastical planets and strives to meet the goals of each objective. It’s imperative that players keep their eyes peeled for obstacles, hop over spikes and turn tough walls while pressing the button to hit the notes on the background music track. Both first-person and third-person perspectives are available in the game. There are a plethora of levels to choose from, and each one is further subdivided. The player is rewarded with points and a rating after each segment. Thumper is the best PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows-only game. It has notable features, fluid controls, and beautiful graphics.

#10 Rocksmith: Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun

Ubisoft developed and distributed Rocksmith: Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun, an Expand Pack. A new song, Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes, is featured in the game, which deals with Rhythm, Music, Split Screen, and Single-Player Simulation mechanics. The user can go through the game by playing the song on any electric guitar or bass. It’s possible for the player to select a song from a large library and play it on an electric guitar in order to learn how to play the instrument. When playing in AMP mode, the game unlocks a brand-new song and Authentic Tone. To perform the songs correctly in the game, the player must hit and follow the nodes that appear in front of them. Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun provides a number of essential elements, such as the ability to play a wide variety of songs, as well as a virtual electric guitar. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#11 Audioshield

Music, VR (Virtual Reality), and single-player video game Audioshield is the work of Dylan Fitterer. Allows players to experience their complete music library in virtual reality, putting them at the point of impact for each song. Gliding is required for the game’s slower tracks, while double-shield, cross-body, and hits are required for the game’s more violent ones. Using the advanced features of Audiosurf 2, known as Music Analysis System, the user can utilize any song from his library to sync with the game The stages in the game are generated based on the music that has been submitted by the players. The player can use a powerful shield of the same color as the approaching notes to get points in the game. HTC Vive’s handheld sensing controls are used to manipulate two orange and blue shields. Holding both shields together will prevent purple orbs from exploding. Audioshield’s key features include fighting music in virtual reality, virtual missile command, immersive gaming, and more.

#12 Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire

Informally referred to as “FOF,” Unreal Voodoo’s Frets on Fire is a Music Creation video game available for PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. In-built song editor, EOF (Editor on Fire), dB (Feedback), and options like playing songs written in external software Fl Studio and REAPER etc. are all included in the game’s song editor. You can use game controllers or joysticks to play the game and hit the button on your controller at the proper time as a musical note comes down or slides in front of you on the screen. With the multiplayer option, Frets on Fire allows you play the game with your friends and have a great time while doing so. Take a look at it and you’ll be blown away.

#13 Luxuria Superbia

Tale of Tales created and released Luxuria Superbia, a stunning Co-op, Music, and Single-player Simulation. While traversing through a magnificent landscape, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the music gameplay experience. The game has a variety of levels, and each level has a set of tasks that must be completed in order to proceed. It has a wonderful garden with a temple, as well as up to twelve tunnels shaped like flowers. In the garden, your primary objective is to turn a dial to select a flower, and once you’ve completed a flower, another level becomes available. The flower is initially colorless, but as soon as you contact it, the tunnel fills with color and the blossom begins to glow. Playing the game is a lot of fun, and the music is really good, too. Luxuria Superbia is the ideal game to play and enjoy because of its prominent features, immersive gameplay, and stunning aesthetics.

#14 Tadpole Treble

It is an action-adventure, side-scrolling, and music video game by BitFinity. Tadpoles and musical quests are the focus of the game, which takes place in a colorful universe and allows players to handle the little creatures. The game has a variety of levels, and each level has a distinct soundtrack. The player must dodge the nodes, strike the beats, and complete levels in order to score the most points during gameplay. A player’s progress in the game grants access to new levels. As the player progresses through the game, he or she makes soothing music to accompany their explorations. The player must conquer numerous challenges in order to progress farther in the game. A total of thirty original compositions, five boss fights, and thirteen levels are included in the game. Story and Composition are two of the many options available. Tadpole Treble is the best game to play because of its captivating gameplay, engaging graphics, and flawless controls.

#15 Kudos: Rock Legend

Kudos Rock Legend

Positech Games created and distributed the single-player music simulation Kudos: Rock Legend for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. The Kudos has a spin-off in the form of this game. Like the previous title, the player can form a pop or rock band in this game. Choosing the name of the band and its members is the first step in the game. There are no other band members other for the player, who is the primary vocalist. Starting as a vocalist, the player aims to become a rock star in five years, giving forth his personal aspirations. This is followed by auditions for a drummer, as well as fellow band members like a guitarist and bassist. First, he must write enough songs so that he has enough of a self-list so he can begin playing songs. There are a plethora of levels, each with its own set of challenges. As the player progresses through the game, they will earn achievements and unlock new songs as they strive to become the ultimate master.

#16 Cosmophony

Developed by Bento-Studio and published by Frogames, Cosmophony is a fast-paced action, music, and arcade video game with an emphasis on shooting. Shooting gameplay created for gamers searching for an intensive and innovative music experience is included in the game’s collection of content. As a character in the game, you take possession of the fallen lord’s heart in a cosmos that is on the verge of extinction. Playing to a thrilling, base and drum music is the ultimate goal of the player in the game, which has a range of stages to progress through. Discovering a new and distinct gaming experience is pleasant throughout games. It’s up to the player to make their way through the gorgeous landscape and dodge obstacles, hurdles and more. As the player progresses, the game speeds up and new levels are unlocked. Core features like Constant 60 FPS, Synesthetic Design, and HD Graphics make up Cosmophony. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#17 Dark Echo

RAC7 Games created and released the single-player adventure, atmospheric puzzle, psychological horror game Dark Echo. As the player is trapped in the darkness of the game’s storyline, you are tasked with helping him or her get out. You have the power to shape the world around you through the power of sound. The fundamental goal of the game is to use the visual sound to direct the character’s movement through invading landscapes. In the course of the game, the sounds you make will bounce off obstacles and goals, revealing the structure of the surrounding universe. Horrific creatures devour both souls and sound in the world. If you’ve ever been afraid of red lines, there are more than eighty levels to conquer. At each level, it becomes increasingly difficult to play, and you must do so at any cost in order to escape. During gameplay, you’ll hear ominous music and embark on a wonderful journey. Core gameplay elements like puzzle solving and exploration are included in Dark Echo. Enjoy yourself while you’re there.

#18 Audition Online

T3 Entertainment created and YD Online distributed Audition Online, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online music and rhythm simulation. Players can choose from a variety of characters to enter the game’s environment, where they can interact with other players, engage in dance tournaments, and execute hundreds of pop and hip-hop dance movements by just tapping keys on their keyboards. Players are able to enjoy their second life as a superstar and make many new acquaintances in the game. It has a variety of settings, including Practice, Freestyle, Normal, and Beat Rusk. Complete various tasks to earn experience points and use them to get access to new content. The player can arrange each character’s room with a variety of accessories, furniture, and other stuff. To be declared the winner, the contestant must defeat all of the other participants, who are all real people from all over the world. A wide range of game play, socializing, familiar songs, and more are all included in Audition Online’s core features. You should give it a shot.

#19 Goodgame Disco

Goodgame Disco

Developed and released by Goodgame, Goodgame Disco combines a virtual world with music and single- and multiplayer gameplay. Using various accessories and objects, you can customize your virtual avatar in the magnificent setting of the game. Create your own nightclub, complete with celebrities and a great drink, and connect with other players in the game’s environment. You can listen to a wide range of songs. It’s your goal to amass as much money as possible in order to progress further in the game. To progress in the game, dance with celebrities and gain access to useful stuff. Time Management, Social Networking, and more are all present in the game. As you progress through the game’s levels, new features become available. Play as either a male or female character and enjoy the experience. A simple game with a challenging learning curve. Goodgame Disco is the best game to play and enjoy because of its excellent mechanics, addicting gameplay, and appealing music.