10 Best Games Like Slime Rancher That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Slime Rancher

Do you enjoy Slime Rancher and are looking for a game that is similar? All the best games that are similar to Slime Rancher can be found here!

Farming and monster taming gameplay are combined with colourful open-world adventure in Slime Rancher, a popular indie game.

Here are some recommendations for Slime Rancher enthusiasts while Monomi Park is hard at work on the sequel, Slime Rancher 2.

There are a lot of great games like Slime Rancher to play in 2022, so we’ve put up a list of the best of the best.

We’ll be adding more games like Slime Rancher to this list in the future, so be sure to check back and let us know if we’ve overlooked any of your favorites!

1. Island Saver

Island Saver

A free-to-play action/adventure game with many parallels to Monomi Park’s popular ranch simulator, Island Saver, is our first choice for Slime Rancher lovers.

There are numerous islands in need of rescue owing to plastic waste and other trash objects that have washed ashore in the open world of the game.

Your character, like Slime Rancher, is armed with a trash blaster that works like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up adjacent litter and hazardous foes known as Litterbugs.

It is possible to buy enhancements for your character and the island’s facilities using the coins you collect as you go.

2. Bugsnax

Bugsnax’s delicious-looking critters, like the slimes they’re based on, are more complex than they appear.

Exactly what are you asking about? We’ll leave it up to you to figure it out, because a big part of what makes Bugsnax so fun to play is the element of surprise.

The game puts you in the shoes of a reporter entrusted with investigating the disappearance of residents on the enigmatic Snaktooth Island.

Your path is littered with tasty condiments, traps, and cute food-like critters who can be enticed into revealing new information about the world by offering tasty treats.

3. Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet

First-person comedy adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet has you stranded on ARY-26, a colorful alien planet, to record its animals and evaluate whether or not it is suitable for human settlement.

To go about, you’ll need to use a variety of gear, including a jetpack and a grappling gun, just like Slime Rancher’s platforming tasks.

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There are also a variety of alien lifeforms that might be friendly or violent towards your character, depending on their specific features.

Experimenting with different weapons, consumables, and objects is a fantastic way to learn about alien lifeforms’ reactions to diverse combinations.

4. Subnautica: Below Zero

A mere two years after the events of the popular first-person survival crafting gameSubnautica, you’re back on planet 4546B.

Your character discovers a new frozen location on the planet’s surface while investigating the disappearance of a rescue team and sets out to unravel its mysteries.

To stay alive, you’ll need to use the natural resources of the environment to build bases, submersibles, and weaponry, as well as to feed and hydrate your character.

You can create your own goals in Subnautica: Below Zero, just like in Slime Rancher, which offers an open-ended design that lets you choose what you want to focus on.

5. The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart

A lot of the best moments in Slime Rancher are spent sucking and re-releasing slimes into the environment with your pistol.

Like Pikmin, where you utilize these adorable critters to conquer various obstacles, such as an obstacle or an adversary blocking your route, this is extremely similar.

There’s an indie action-adventure puzzle game called The Wild at Heart that follows the adventures of two kids who discover a secret world inhabited by Spritelings, a race of magical beings.

In vast numbers, Spritelings can hold their own in battle and carry out difficult chores; in addition, you can sow seeds to hatch additional Spritelings and raise their numbers even further.

6. Supraland

In Supraland, the best features of Portal, Super Mario, and Zelda are combined with a few hints of Slime Rancher’s gameplay.

Red stick figure toys come to life in this game, and the world quickly descends into chaos as a result of a fight between red and blue factions.

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It’s just like in Slime Rancher, where the surroundings are portrayed as enormous, jungle gym-like structures that necessitate unique equipment and devices to cross.

There are a ton of intriguing mysteries and allusions to other games hidden throughout the game’s massive open environment, which makes it a great platformer to boot.



Slime Rancher is one of the few games that combines farming and monster taming as well as Ooblets.

This jovial life sim draws inspiration from well-known franchises such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon, but it also adds its own special brand of coziness and warmth.

While playing, you take charge of your own person in a world where people and cute creatures known as “ooblets” coexist in harmony.

Much to Slime Rancher, you can do a lot with your beautiful pets, such as send them into battle, have dance parties, and plant seeds in your own personal garden to create new ooblets variants.

8. My Time at Portia

One another great farming game set in a vibrant and colorful rural village, My Time at Portia, which combines life simulation and role-playing features.

Like Slime Rancher, the game’s gameplay is divided between farming, crafting new tools, and exploring caves.

While you’re here, you may also interact with the local NPCs and take part in side activities like fishing and caring for the farm’s animals.

Progress is similarly unrestricted, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy most and move at your own speed.

9. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Slime Rancher and Stardew Valley, despite their disparate visual styles, are both excellent farming simulations.

As a result, you’ll be tasked with bringing your grandfather’s ancient farm back to life one crop at a time in Stardew, a game heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series.

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As in Slime Rancher, the game’s day/night cycle encourages you to plan your activities in advance, whether it’s exploring mines, chatting with neighbors, maintaining crops, or just hanging out at the local bar, as is the case here.

Additional agricultural animals such as horses, chickens, cows, pork, goats, etc. can also be owned as pets.

10.  Astroneer

Astroneer is another open-world sandbox action-adventure game set in a charming and bright alien background, but you’ll have a harder time finding air..

As with Slime Rancher, the gameplay relies around scavenging the planet for fresh resources and bringing them back to your base to build and upgrade your arsenal.

You can terraform any natural surface while collecting surrounding resources in Astroneer’s Terrain Tool, which is unique to the game.

Getting about Astroneer’s procedurally created worlds with all of their perils is a challenge in and of itself, even if there is no fighting to speak of.

11. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, a third-person adventure game set in a vibrant and uplifted world that has fallen into ruin, is our final choice for Slime Rancher enthusiasts.

An evil toxin called Murk has taken hold of the country and it’s up to you to find magical creatures called Sprites that can help cleanse the world of it.

The game has a farming element, similar to Slime Rancher, and charming animal pals you can adopt along the way.

As with many of the games on our list, Yonder offers a relaxed approach to gameplay and progression, letting you decide which vocations and skills to focus on developing. Finally!